Monday, August 30, 2010

song of the day

You're better then the best
I'm lucky just to linger in your light
Cooler than the flip side
Of my pillow, that's right

Completely unaware
Nothing can compare to where
You send me, lets me know that it's okay
Yeah, it's okay
And the moments where my good times start to fade

You make me smile like the sun,
fall out of bedSing like bird, dizzy in my head
Spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile

Even when you're gone,
Somehow you come along just like
Aflower pokin' through the sidewalk crack
And just like that
You steal away the rain, and just like that

You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed
Sing like bird, dizzy in my head
Spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile

Don't know how I lived without you
'Cause every time that I get around you
I see the best of me inside your eyes
You make me smile

You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

at 1 month 1 week & 1 day

all i could say everytime i look at the ticker is - come on!! hurry up~ i can't wait any longer... ;p hehe...

i'm officially done with my preparation, insyaAllah. though if i think logically, a lot of things that other brides 2 be should have on their big day, i don't have...still, i keep myself calm and leave it to the above power - redha. =)

there are times i feel very depressed to see the amount of my bank account but a lot of time i feel so blessed that Allah never let me feel as if i'm completely broke. Alhamdulillah...

i know many of the b2b go through the same situation, the same experience that i do. that part makes me feels that i'm not the only person who is tested by Allah. i can't be hypocrete to say that i'm not envy at those who have been blessed with beautiful wedding or at those who are currently manage to prepare for their wedding very well. as compared to myself a lot of things i put into my so called wedding ckecklist have been pull out since the first day i planned for the day.and all i could do is to get mad at the world because i have the feelings that everything is against me. again, never ever let that thoughts lingers too long or it will ruin my morale. =)

and yes, people can easily missintrepreted me by saying i'm beig fussy & not thankful of what i have. well, honestly i don't have a lot of things that a wedding should have. people never notice that. and all they keep saying " janji selamat nikah sudah la" yes, i know that very well to the extend i believe my wedding is going to be very simple - simple is not that bad. so i adopt the idea. =)

at 1 month 1 week & 1 day before i could finally feel complete with everything, i'm not gonna lie that i'm currently feeling so worried if things turn out into disaster during the day. i'm so freaking afraid! i plan the whole thing on my own with occasional helps from my fiance. i can't rely on my family much because i completely understand thier situations and the last thing i want to do is put any burden on them. i just want everybody to be happy and not feel like they have the responsibility towards me. i'm glad, i do recieve some helps from a few people whom i consider angles. i'm happy to include as many people as i could in my preparation.

1 more month, and my life is about to change! i'm so excited! i love the process of my wedding. it's like being on a rollercoster, on top of a mountain and sink deep into the sea all at the same time! YAHOO I'M GETTING MARRIED!

Monday, August 23, 2010

lagi sebulan ++ - career wise

latest update?? nothing much to update since i'm a bit busy with work and juggling a lot of stuffs that come my way at a very last minute. i was given a task to complete before i go for my wedding leave. so i'm currently busy with politechnic project. tension ahhh! nak kawen pun still kena buat project besar2...sakit kepala~

apart from that, i'm also busy with classes. i'm trying to finish all the syllibus and topics with my students. so that when they come back after Hari Raya, i won't have to think of any topic that has yet finished. proudly to say, this week is my last topic for all my classes. yahooo!! kesian my students, they had to attend replacement classes every evening till buka puasa time pun some of them still stuck with me...sorry ya anak2 murid. (anak ka??) at least i have 1 thing to not be worried about. i will meet them 1 week after raya to settle the presentations. =) kalau boss i tahu semua ni..mati! gila kan i managed to finish everything 5 weeks earlier! ngeheheh...pasni i nak relax2. masuk kelas tak mengajar or batalkan ja kelas! huhu

assignements budak2 all will be checked as soon as possible. but everynite, mata ni banyak nak pejam dari membaca assignments...also actively chasing or rather hunting those who have not sumbmitted their assignments!! dah rupa mak singa dah i amuk tiap2 kelas...ada ja yang tak punctual taken the assignments so lah budak2 poli...*sigh*

in a nutshell, banyak laa keja yang nak kena buat...i can't wait to finish everything. but 1 lesson that i got from all these, the work will never has its ending! kerja! kerja! kerja! =) nak kawen pun kena fikir kerja lagi...aiyakk!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


we have decided to stick to cheque for my Mas Kahwin as well as my Wang hantaran for safety purpose. i have heard so many stories where the cash went missing during the event cos obviously our hantarans are up for display kan during the big day and it's almost impossible to guard them during the day. takkan la nak suruh orang tolong tengokkan hantaran2 kita sepanjang hari. penat la orang tu.

so, my sister came up with the suggestion of using cheque instead. selamat sikit, insyaAllah. ;) well, the groom will have to do another checque for Mas Kahwin. yang dalam gambaq ni mock cheque of my Wang hantaran given by the groom side the other day. my sis did the mock up for me before she tranfered the real checque to my account. she said maybe i would want to keep it for memory.haha...we recieved 2 cheques from the groom's side. ehh, bukan sebab banyak sangat tau jumalah wang hantaran i. 1 cheque is my hantaran and the 2nd cheque is actually groom's intention to combine the reception. remember, i'm having a combine reception kan. so yang tu memang groom's family bagi for us to manage. ( jumlah wang hantaran i biasa2 sahaja tau)

talking about cheque ni, i was told by my family that in penang, if u plan to use cheque for your Mas Kahwin, u'll have to clarify with the kadi first. it's basically because, some kadies do not accept this as a form of cash money. takot2 nanti dalam lafaz nikah tu groom terpaksa sebut "aku terimah nikahnya.....rm70 HUTANG!" that's what i was told. as for myself, my brother has clarified with the kadi and the kadi said it's OK ;)

for us, we feel that it's more convinient to use cheque instead of the cash. we're only taken the safety measures to avoid unnecessary incidents. i'm sure my family is going to be a bit busy entertaining the guests and the hantaran most probably will be out infront of the small pelamin. furthermore, we're having marhaban group and also a doa selamat kenduri later after the solemnization. so, i can imagine we will have a lot of people coming in and going out that day.

okay updates minggu ini? well, lawatan mengejut kepada tailor baju nikah telah dilakukan..hehe..macam garang ja i ni..i was happy this time around to see my nikah oufit which currently 90% done. and being a blurr me, i didn't know the baju on the maniquine was actually my baju. i asked, "baju sapa ni" and my tailor kata " baju u lah!" heheh...cemana la i boleh lupa rupa kain i seniri? but overall, i am pleased to see it. Alhamdulillah la...i feel like a bride already.

masa tengok my baju sanding, i was a bit depressed but this time around, dah ok. i can't wait to wear it! i hope my body won't balloon after raya ni...for me to lose a lot of weight is such a struggle.i have done everything but nothing really works. so i decided to just watch my weigh ja la..jangan naik lagi dah. gemuk pun gemuk la...pasrah.hehh!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Weekend yang Sungguh Produktif

of course produktif sebab i think we spent the day hunting for a few stuffs yang asyik dalam pending list ja. we headed to Sg. Petani as i requested to go to DIOS and Bringht Sail. i read about these shops brances in majalah Pengantin. siap bawak majalah lagi semata-mata nak tengok alamat. tu pun sesat skit cos the two of us memang tak tahu apa2 kawasan tu. tak familiar sangat. and the funny part was that fiance called the shop to asked for the direction.

when we finally arrived, the most lawak part was the sales assistants at Bright Sail thought we were bridal boutique owners coming to buy some wedding items. hahaha...kami ni layan ja akak tu...ya la i think jarang kot bakal pengantin masuk kedai2 yang jual perkakasan/peralatan perkahwinan kan? usually we would rent these items. yang lawak jugak akak tu siap kata, "tiang pelamin fesyen terbaru ada dik, tak mau tengok ka??" i was like...
" erkk...kak kami bukan nak beli barang untuk butik. kami nak cari barang kawen kami" hehe

we decided to buy a few stuffs kat Bright Sail sebab situ ada offer. for those yang tak tau apa tu Bright Sail, dia macam DIOS jugak, but i think it's way cheaper. boleh tengok kat majalh pengantin. selalu kat page depan sekali ada ads dia.

i wanted to buy alas dulang, rantai tingkat, butang baju melayu, and a few things lagi. but these are 3 main items yang berjaya di bawa pulang.

item 1: rantai tingkat. ;) i bought this because i think my kain nikah is very simple. no heavy beads so i thought, this rantai tingkat would enhance the look. hopefully. i bought it at RM60 after discounts. the actual price was RM250. i asked the SA why mahal gila? she said sebab it's silver plaited or something. but RM60 was actually my budget. tak tau la kot benda ni actually murah lagi ka. but it's not bad think and it has intricate designs. boleh la kot..


item no. 2 : ha apa ni? bukan veil..hehe.. these are my alas dulang. beaded net. i love it cos i have been looking for this for quite sometimes. it's simple. the reason i decided to buy the alas because if i were to rent pun. it would cost me the same price. i mean, kalau rent kat butik yang i tanya dulu2 they said rm15 sekeping with dulang. so i beli ja la..cos harga pun RM15 jugak for 1 piece. hehe...pastu boleh simpan buat deco apa2 kat umah kot. but at Bright Sail, if buy this a lot, they'll give u discounts. hmm..worth buying la jugak rasanya... =)

what else? hmm..

item no. 3 : butang baju melayu. fiance had chosen this on his own. i think when i look back, i kinda like it. it looks like diamonds. ni if i'm not mistaken RM30 saja...boleh la kan. ;)

beside these items, we manage to buy his sampin too...but i didn't snap the pic. we went to Jakel SP just to look around but nothing interersted us except the sampin ja. then we headed to Ariani to look for my tudung nikah. but too bad. they only showed me 2 designs. and those 2 designs memang bridal tudung. but the price was beyond my budget RM450! way...for a very simple tudung, i'm not willing to pay for that much price just yet unless i found myself desperately in need. at this point, i'm still keeping my options open. masih mencari but so risau where else to find my tudung nikah?? ;( i want to wear tudung with awning but for my tembab face, i have to find the most suitable awning..if not, i would end up looking ridiculous. kat Ariani tu okay dah but the price yang tak okay... ;(

then, we headed to Penang cos i wanted to attend my BFF convocation at USM. but before that we stopped at.... favorite favorite place everytime i go back to home sweet home..asal balik penang ja singgah SSF. mak mak kata tak abeh2 pi tempat tu...bukan apa i just love being inside SSF. tak beli pun tak pa. just enjoy the decorations. it was first time trip to SSF for fiance. and he said he loved the place since my fiance ni suka home deco stuffs. he said he could sleep in there. hahah...tengok, dulu dia kata i obsessed dgn SSF. look who's obssessed now uhh?

anyways, this time around SSF buat sales siap ada Happy Hour masa i pi. so i bought this bling2 decoration/jurai2 to decorate my pelamin nikah area. murah ja. 1 piece RM6. actual price RM11++ kot. so apa lagi..Happy Hour kan... happily bought 8 pieces of this thing.hehhhh ;p

hmm. tu ja yang berjaya menjadi tawanan..but i have a lot more to do but so little time left. at this point, i tak mau serabut2 kepala. at least i have all the essential stuffs. they are good enough for me. kalau tak sempat nak beli benda2 yang remeh temeh,etc... i think i'm okay ja. yang penting dapat kawen ja..heheheh...

i'm gonna go back to penang this afternoon to spend my weekend with my mak. nak bawak dia jelajah pasar ramadhan and eat home cook meal...seriously, makan sorang2 is not fun..sedey hari2 makan depan TV. layan cita GENG SURAU kat Astro...gelak pathetic...but the story is very comical..heheh

okay, selamat berpuasa ya! ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

some updates of my upcoming BIG day

i'm just having a very small and intimate wedding, so i don't really have a proper wedding checklist to follow. all i could say is that i jotted down eveything i should do unorganised kan? ;p

so today i looked up the so-called checked list and evaluated what have i completed so far.

Alhamdulillah, it's done and safely with fiance now. it took us quite a while to get it engraved, cos the SA forgot to send for resizing & engravement. i would say the best thing i have ever had so far. can't wait to get that bling on my fingger!

solemnization: the baju will be reading for fitting next month. nervous! as always. last weekend, fiance and i managed to go to Sungai Petani to do some accessories hunting there. and it was a successful trip as we managed to buy the things that we wanted. i don't rent the accessories because i find that the price of renting is jus the same with the price of buying them. so i decided to buy instead. at least i could keep them later or recyle.

reception outfits: Done!! but fiance has no time to do the fitting for his outfit just yet. busy memanjang. we're going to do the second fitting maybe next month too.

Done!! both for solemnization and reception. just hope that the make up will make me look alrite..cos i had a very traumatic experience with my engagement make up last time. i looked like a clown. i don't wear make up on regular basis. so it's very important for me to not look like someone else when i have been made up.

Done! but we have no time to take them from our vendor in Alor Star. fiance, as always BUSY ;( he promised to take the cards this week.

DONE! we hired nasirzin since he offered us the best price for 2 events. we're gonna have 2 photographers covered the events. as for videographer, i could only afford to hire for the nikah event ja cos i don't want to missed the moment during the akad. that is the most important thing to me. other moments, i may have to rely to my photogs to capture them.

both for solemnization and reception have been booked but from 2 different vendors and need to discuss the menus.

this is just for solemnization day saja. we booked arabian canopy completed with scallop and maintable decoration. but i don't have any expectation for the table to look exclusive or something. since i hired someone who is new in the business. at first i had no plan to do maintable and stuffs. but my sister convinced me to let the canopy people do the table as well. who knows i might have no time to do everything on the day before my nikah. takot tak menang tangan nak DIY semua. and honestly i'm just hopeless when it comes to creativity. so we decided to just let the canopy people do whatever they can. pasrah ja

the candle holders are good enough for me. so i just need to buy the candle to get the dramatic effect kot? hahah...

the items for the hantaran are settled but the decorations? we have finallized the designs and we decided to DIY to reduce the burden. heheh.

we have not ordered any buntings so far..we'll see how it goes first. but we have ordered a big poster last weeked at SP. we sat together with the person and desinged it together. just have to send it for frame. i think we may need a custom made frame since the size is big. i told fiance please frame it with the most simple frame and the cheapest frame that available. heheh...

unexpectedly, we have kompang group. heheh..taktau kenapa suddenly boleh ada dalam list minggu ni. safely booked and paid the deposit. ;) i'm not fond of the idea having a DJ during my wedding, so i'm just gonna play the CD ja...a compilation of favorite songs. i have asked a favour from my best friend Anna to help me with this part. i just hope the laptop tak kena reformat again and lose the songs. heheh.

okay, i think that's all as far i'm concerned. actually ada banyak lagi the sub2, and small small things that need my attention. like the hand bouquet, henna, spa, etc semua ni kena fikir2 lagi...

Penang Brides - finally, there's hope

lama blog ni ditingalkan without updates...susah nak dapat mood la nowadays...anyways, back to the title,
those who keep complaining about the how u wish to be somewhere near to KL so it'd be more convinient to prepare your wedding cos obviously around there, banyak wedding planners yang best2 kan? well, after a few surveys, i think i could safely reccommend 1 wedding planner in penang who is also talented and the products that they deliver are not that compared to other bridals boutiques around penang ni yang i think are outdated and so frustrating everytime we enter their boutiques...penah rasa frust tak?? ka i sorang ja yang selalu frust ni?hehe..

Hassan Wedding is the person you should give a try if you are planning a wedding. it is not like any typical bridal boutique around penang in my opinion, cos this person could provide you first hand wedding dress, some really beautiful decorations and also the up to date trends in wedding like what brides in KL areas and such are having now.i came accross this planner after reading the ads in magazine. trust me i was a bit frustrated i did't know him at the early stage of my wedding preps.

a very nice blogger nuwon once told me about him as she was so satisfied with his i checked him out and fell in love with his work. i mean at least he provided us with something different than what we have seen in penang all this while.

one of my dearest friend amy, who is currently planning her wedding talked to me how she also hated going in and out of the wedding boutiques in penang...and i suggested going to hassan wedding. and she said the meeting was successful and very happy. so good luck babe for the preparations! ;)

i don't dare to suggest her the person i hired for my wedding cos i have no idea of his performance just tak berani cakap banyak2.tunggu dan lihat ja la baru boleh komen.

i love the fact that at Hassan wedding, u get to pour your own ideas too...bukan cam sesetangah planner, asyik cakap faham apa yang kita nak tapi sebenarnya the have no idea at all. a few wedding planners ni ramai jenis sensitif tak bertempat. cakap professional, tapi sebenarnya emotional. tu yang tak syok.mangsa keadaan??? hmm...i kah?? hahahha..oops!

if u pay them good, 8K and above they'll give u what u want. but if lower than that, nasib la...lagi teruk dari butik2 pengantin biasa kita masuk tu.tu yang i alami la...cos my budget is very low. sedeh! cos a wedding is very sacred to many of us kan..kita nak yang terbaik, tercantik, terindah..but they treat it as a business only. tercantik, terbaik, terindah for me doesn't mean yang termahal. if they are truly professional, they will try to make you wedding as beautiful as they could for u based on your budget,kan? tapi bukan senang nak dapat semua ni...u have to do a lot of research and surveys.kena rajin skit.heheh

do hire somebody u think u could relly get along with. don't listen to others but do your own surveys just to be safe.=) as for Hassan wedding. u can check him out at the link given but the best way is to go and meet the person personally to see his current or latest designs.kat blog ni kadang2 jarang update kan!

for your information, i'm not hiring him for any of my wedding event. but i'm just sharing this for those who is still looking for a wedding planner around penang area.listening to a few comments from my friends, i think Hassan ni boleh deliver a good result base on your budget, insyaAllah...

sharing is caring kan! ;p

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Dearest all,

i'd like to wish HAPPY RAMADHAN,may this ramadhan brings us closer to Allah with His touch of blessing!

for those who wish to shed a few pounds during this blessful month, good luck! especially to myself.hehhhh!

all i could say is that i really miss home and i wish i could break the fast with my mak everyday. i hate to be alone every night during the breaking of fast ;(

have a great time performing our duties as muslim everyone!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Cake Dilemma

i'm in blogging mood today but i have no idea what to write ( as always ) maybe i should write something that has been on my mind for a few days's about the wedding cake. actually, i have never cared much whether i have a wedding cake to cut or not.honest! i just want to get married and take lots of pictures on that day...that's it! see, how simple my wedding idea has always been?? ;p..but, the cake didn't appear in the picture up until i got to know i'm recieving a free wedding cake by my pelaming maker/ dress maker...

so Alhamdulillah at least no need to spend for the cake kan...BUT, alamak..tetiba i'm having the urge inside of me...wanting to have a cute (ok silap) a beautiful cake to cut during the cam whoring session! hukhukhuk...the dilemma is that, i'm not sure how my sponsored cake will look like.if, i'm getting a fondant cake ok la kot...but if i'm getting a normal butter cream cake??? tak mau boleh tak?? i'm sorry, if u think i'm not being bersyukur or being fussy..but i think i want to order a wedding cake that is according to my liking...but i'm too afraid to ask the person the design of the cake that he's giving..macam takot sangat dia fikir i demanding nanti.cemana ha? that day i respectfully asked him the sketch of my pelamin, but he was a bit offended rasanya when he asked me back " u tak trust i ka? " i mean, i don't want any drama.and i'm the type of person who doesn't know how to stand up for myself sometimes. :( benda simple pun i takot nak tanya...haihhhh~

should i or should not i proceed with ordering my dream cake? cos i have already asked the cake vendor to qoute me a price for a 2 or 3 stacked cake that looks something like this.


kecil la pulak bila upload...anyway, something like this is possible. at least ada flowers and pearls look alike decoration should be do you think i'm being demanding? should i ask him what is the type of cake his sponsoring?? cos if i'm recieving a fondant cake, i'd be fine and just deal with it. but if buttercream cake, i want to order something else it too much to have 2 cakes at a wedding??? hmm...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's less than 2 months!

my gosh! time seems to fly super fast these days especially when it is less than 2 months i guess..hmm, nervous la! i still remember, when i put together the weding ticker above, it was at 6 months and i felt like i... still a long way to go...i guess it's not anymore ya'll!
maybe it's appropriate for me to say this "SAVE THE DATE!" ehh, bilakan datenya?? ehehe..come the counting~ ;p
p.s. tengok profile pic pun sudah mode!