Friday, December 30, 2011


indeed, 2011 is/ was the best year for me, Alhamdullih with so many blessings that came my way throughout this year. when i look back, woww...what a year!


i got pregnant twice!! one ended with a miscarriage at the beginning of the 2011. that was the saddest part but, we move on from there then i discovered i got pregnant again, heheheh... syukur... though, my pregnancy was not a smooth one as i was having a bad bad alahan throughout my 1st trimester and i had threatened miscarriage again with the 2nd pregnancy, i felt blessed that Allah protected my baby and i survived the 37 weeks with flying colors, i guess..heheh.. ;) Thank You Allah. 

throughout this year my main focus was nothing but to take a great care of myself and the baby inside, so the husband n me did nothing much but stayed at home and rested really well, and i am so lucky to have asuch a great partner who actually helps me from the beginning till now. all i did was rest and rest and rest until i ballooned to this extent! hahaha...


this year we have a new additional to our family besides Maryam, there is Aisyah Humaira who was born 6 monts earlier than Maryam. i was excited too besides my brother and SIL. she was their first girl. syukur Alhamdulilah, everybody was sooo happy for them and excited too. ssuch a cutie..

The rest is normal laa, nama pun family, sometimes we have our ups and downs too. i am also thankful to have my mother who is still strong and hardworking. she's been taking care of us so greatly till now, Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless my Mak and grant her with great health for many years to come, Amin. ;)

work wise

i had to take a month unpaid leave at the beginning of my pregnancy since i was adviced to rest and avoid stress and stuffs by my doctor, we didn't want to take any risk and decided it was the best to stop working for a while at least until the pregnancy was stable. Alhamdulillah, i went back to work with a new spirit and strenght. i taught 21 hours a week and i had no problem at all while teaching and doing doing office work...i was really really pumped up! full of energy. ;)  so, no problem with work or what-so-ever. in fact i managed to complete my work 3 days before i delievered. Syukur...

But, 1 thing i discovered at work was, after 4 years++ of working, i felt bored, unappreciated,more of a labour than a lecturer, hate many of stupid and annoying stuffs and people at work, and i wanted something new. i also miss my original friends at work who no longer working there. *work is no longer fun without them*

but, never mind, work is not supposed to be fun after all... especially when u re an educator kot? *pfft*

The Hubs!
throuout this year, he's been nothing but the best! from helping with the house chores and cleaning up my mess and my vomits, i am so lucky to have him. Alhamdulillah....May Allah Bless u babe. i hope i can be a good wife and mother to him and his child, that's all i could say. ;p because since we got married i i guess i never really cooked him great meals or proper meals because of my conditions at that time, and also because we were both quite busy with work too. by the time we reached home, both were dead tired. hahaha... makan luar ja banyak! (actually i yg tak tau masak)

1st Anniversary as HUSBAND & WIFE

no gift could ever be more precious than a give of love... i could not believe we actually made it a year this year! time flies these day... ;)


aahh...i can't start talking about her or i wont' stop! hahaha...She's  a blessing. ;) i am still learning sooo many great things about her and i am sure this very challenging learning process will have no end. i just hope i can do my best with her everyday. i am not an expert when it comes to handling baby like many of you out there, i still feel a bit of akward sometime, sometimes her diapers looks neat when i put it but many times her diapers are messy looking. tak kemas macam maktok pakaikan... i am still learning very hard, though. ;p

SORRY,it's poo poo time face~
Maryam, Thank You for being my baby, i love u soooo much cayang! mommy will try the best to learn everything about u and raise u. sooo excited!

soo, i guess that's all i can say about my 2011. may seem like nothing much, but oh my god! 2011 was a heavy year for me! (ehh ada ka heavy year?? apa maksud haa?? heheheh)

Hopefully, 2012 is another great year for us all, Amin... i can't wait for what in store for us~ Ya, Allah, do help us, guide us, and continue to bless us in 2012... Amin....


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY (diri ku yang masih GEMOK)

rasa cam nak cucuk bagi kempis ja... *arghhhh*

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Me & My Pumps : Warning, it's not about shoe!

Yeah, i wish i could write about pumps as in shoes but too bad, i am not that fashionista~ hahaha...

Hello folks! today i would like to do a bit of review on a few breast pumps that i am currently using through my perspective only ya!

For information, i am one of a few mothers who actually INDIRECT BREAST FEED my baby Maryam..phew,long story later la i cita in other entry, tak sedia lg nak cita *sedey*

As mother or mother to be i would really suggest anybody to buy a brest pump at the early stage of preparing your baby's stuffs before the baby a bit of RESEARCH before actually go out to get a breast pum. and PLEASE DO NOT BE A CHEAPSKATES! orang kedekut  dan tidak berfikiran positive sila jangan baca entry ini,sekian terima kaseh! ;)

Invest in a good quality pump as it will actually do u a lot of me...sebab? well, bukan semua ibu yang melahirkan berjaya menghasilkan susu at the first few hours upon the baby arriving. without enough stimulations susu tak keluar kot.sometimes u might encounter stuffs like:

  1. you are put to sleep by your doctor just after you safely delivered your baby and u don't have a direct contact with the baby for more than 12 hours ( cam kes i la)
  2. your baby might have a bit of difficulty to straight away suck your nipple,but then u already have breast milk to feed the baby.,
  3. baby takdak skill or kurang skill menyusu di awal kelahiran. (hmm, ni pun kes i jugak ni)
  4. your baby refuses to direct feeding. after a few days of trying and u don't feel like forcing the baby to your breast anymore (kesian tau), and u cannot bear to see the baby cries of hunger and so, u resolved to bottle feeding. (again, my kes jugak ni)
  5. your baby dah diberi susu dalam bottle awal dia celik mata lepas lahir ( ohh,my kes ni)
  6. your baby diberi minum through syringe once he/she was admitted into hospital just 3 days after birth. (laaa..kes i jugak!)
SEMUA INI ADALAH MY OWN EXPERINECE, so different people different story la kan. ;) that is why we need breast pump!!!

Okay, so dengan kekecewaan hatinya, i have to resolve to indirect feeding because i so want my baby Maryam to have my milk at the early stage of her development cos i know susu ibu yg terbaik no matter what. if i have to go the toughest way in order to feed my baby, so be it. i rela pump and put it in a bottle for her. i don't mind.

Okay, stop sekejap cita emosi i tadi tu, la ni i nk cita a few pumps yang i guna.

First of all, introducing my oldest gadget (hahahaha, old kah??) MEDELA HARMONY. this pump i bought at baby fair during my 32 weeks of pregnancy. it came with a lot of free gifts time tu, macam2 la dapat, nursing bra, 10 storage bottle from autumz,breast pads,cooler bag,ice packs dan banyak lg..because it worth my monye so i got it at rm320.berbaloi sebab free gifts dia terlalu banyak and i have calculated kalau amik pum saja rm246. nk beli benda2 cam i senarai kat atas tu might cost me more than rm320. so we got the pump. at baby fair semua barang rasa murah kan! ;)

The first time i used it, memang me n hubs had no clue on how to assamble benda alah ni, seriously tak paham instructions, kami bedal saja pasang and wallaaaa! boleh ja pump susu right away..

So it became a routine for me to pump the milk as often as i could masa 3 hari pertama berpantang tu. sebab Maryam was admitted into hospital sebab jaundice. at KPJ Hospital, rupanya depa tak kesah pun baby jaundice minum susu ibu or not sebab depa bg susu depa. mak aiii..sangat laa as advised by Maryam Paeditrician, i dengan gigihnya mengepam susu to send to her at hospital and  i did go to visit her and breast feed her every 3 hours or so sebab rumah mak i dekat dgn hospital. tapi selalu ja missed her feeding time sebab asal pi dia dh minum susu though the syringe. so i kena serahkan saja susu i asal dia minum sudah.

Secara umum, this pump is very good in terms of suctions memang tak sakit. ok sangat and production of milk pun memuaskan. i memang guna gila2 la benda ni SAMPAI ROSAK!! ya..betoi, i had no idea i dengan hubs tersilap pasang benda ni...after 2 weeks of using dia dah kaput. i memang bengang nk dah silap kami, the handle tu dh tak boleh pump lg. apa lagi? menggelabah cari pam baru sebab susu nak kena pam sebab dh memenuhi the entire breast. BENGKAK SUSU 1 hari sementara rizal keluar cari pam baru. but do not fret for those who bought this pump, just pasang elok2 ja, tengok betul2 cara dia k insyaAllah tak rosak. If rosak,Medela ada tempat utuk service pam. kat mana u beli, kat situ u hantar untuk service or baiki. no worries.

i love this pump so much and i really suggest new mom to buy this first before moving to an upgrade brast pump. sebab kita baru beranak, so our nipples need stimulations first to produce milk. i think if we sraight away use the electric pump for the first time, production susu tak meriah sangat. i have seen a few of my friends yang mcm tu. so lebih baik pakai yang manual dulu. susah sikit la tapi puas hati...susu keluar dengan banyak sebab this kind of pump it mimics the baby's suctions.


So, setelah pam itu mengalami masalah yg tak dijangaka, Rizal got me this new pum TOMMEE TIPPE. it might not look as stylish as MADELA but i LOOOOOVEEE IT! sebab i think susu keluar dengan baik and banyak skali. till now, i am still using it. tak akan stop guna! lupa pulak, it costs me RM199.serious, best! dia punya breast shield luas and selesa sesuai for mommies with bigger boops. ( alamak!!) MEDELA punya breast sheild kecik la for my size, so i kena beli saiz besar sikit. baru comfortable. hehhh~

Tapi i sudah lengoh mengepam manually after 40 days. ;) seriously, my wrist dh silap urat and semala mak bidan urut badan i dia kata tangan i dh silap urat sikit. ya laa, i mengepam every 3 hours for Maryam mana tak silap urat oi??? 


So, bila Rizal tengok kesusahan i, dia kata elok kita try electric pump pulak since susu i agak banyak and i am tired of manually pumped during the day sebab nak belek Maryam! heheh...malam i will use my manual pump...sebab keadaan lebih tenang. i boleh fokus pumping dengan aman.  So this is my latest gadget... TERIMA KASIH ENCIK RIZAL for this MEDELA SWING!!!

Baru ja guna, so apa yang i boleh cakap, Madela memang ok. it is very cute. yang bulat kuning tu boleh sangkut kat baju or bawak jalan2 cos it has dual functions. guna bateri and guna electric. so kalau keluar jalan2, senang sikit, boleh pakai bateri ja. :)  

No need to pump teruk2 sebab it has decresed my pumpping time. in just 20 minutes i have managed to pump 4-5oz as compares to manually pump, it doubles the pumpping time. 40 minutes ++ baru dapat 5 oz cemtu. kalau rajin sikit lg, lebih kurang sejam i will get almost 9oz of milk. Alhamdulillah, cukup untuk Maryam minum. ;)

Ohh MEDELA SWING will cost RM799 and after less RM719. 10% ja less, kalau kat fair maybe murah lagi kot. what else ya? hmm,it's portbale and lightweight, senang nk bawak jalan la.i beli ni ssebab nk bawak jalan. tak mau miss my pumping time jugak.

TO ALL MOTHERS, KEEP PUMPING THOSE MILK BABEHHH!! WHOHOOOO... Kuatkan semangat demi baby ok! ;) susu ada, jangan kata tak ada...awal2 beranak memang susu 1-2oz ja  tapi akan meningkat. trust me.and banyak tu ja pun baby perlu awal2 kelahiran dia untuk dia minum.

makin kerap baby isap susu directly,makin banyak susu kan.tapi kalau jenis baby "istimewa" tak mau isap direct ni nak buat cemana?? SILA LA PUMP KERAP-KERAP...

p.s: kalau swing ni buat hal,pam apa lak nk try ya..? hehe

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Alhamdulillah, baru sahaja selesai diurut menaikkan batu meriyan dan dimandikan mak bindan di hari ke 45. feeling soooooo refreshed!!! Maryam jugak dimandikan dan diurut and she seemed so relaxed after that... just look at her...

i just can't wait to take her out and see the world...(ehh??sebelum ni bukan keluar kah???hihi)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

today is DAY 44

Alhamdulillah,i have completed my 44 days of confinement. i should be updating about my experiences during confinement, don't you all think so? but i personally think i should do so on a peaceful day. Today Maryam banyak bejaga dari tido, so kena layan tuan puteri.but i miss writing something on my blog, so here i am. okay,as for today, these are some fresh pictures of Maryam Bahyraa at day 44 that i would like to share. 

i should stop here now, baby needs her momma~ ;)

day 44? why my hair doesn't grow yet mom?? NO PICTURES PLEASE....

i am not looking at you mom,so stop calling me. i want my hair back!!

i know it's day 44, who cares? i still want to sleep - sleep is good for my brain development.

i can see u snapping pictures of me mom - STOP ALREADY!

we had great time last weekend - i miss daddy ;(
ooh, for the record, i am still fat as  can be! oh no..kena sambung berbarut and bertungku lagi....pfft!!

p.s: sebab tu la takdak pic i kat sini...hahahha *okay,it's not funny*

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


one of my fav foto of Maryam ;)

Love at first sight is seeing your fall so hard you can never get up again...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Maryam Bahyraa: 1st Month Jab

Alhamdulillah, the 1st month vaccine was taken today at KPJ Specialist Hospital as we decided that it would be much more convinient for us to take the injection at private hospital rather than going to Klinik Kesihatan. not because we are apposing the public clinic but because i can't follow the schedule given by KK to us. Rizal pulak won't be around until weekend baru dia balik jumpa i and baby kat penang. Susah for me nk drive alone ke KK kalau nk pegi vaccine Maryam time2 i still in my confinement we have to wait for daddy to come back. hanya KPJ saja yang available for vaccine seperti yg ditawarkan oleh Klinik Kerajaan. sama ja jenisnya. 

As a first time mother, i was quite nervous to see my baby being injected.i thought i was gonna cry again as last time seeing my baby kena amik darah masa dia kena jaundice. but this time around, i was relieved. Maryam slamber saja kena jab...dia nangeh sebab doctor and the nurse dok pegang kaki dia bagi lurus. i know my baby well, dia sangat rimas orang sentuh2 dia or process dia. jenuh amok. but during the injection dia bunyi nangeh a few seconds saja and then senyap - pengsan / LENA balik... *maryam, maryam*

so, that was it, the second vaccine will be taken next month on the 14th January pulak. again during weekend. heheh...

For some who wonder how much is the cost to vaccine your child at private hospital, it's actually affordable.bukan beratus as some percieved., For maryam, 2 jenis ubat, 1 ubat demam, 1 ubat for Maryam's nappy rash, it costs us RM46. for specialist consultation, it is RM35.Not bad kan? and for me the most important part is my baby is being handled by a specialist paediatrician. so, if  i have any questions i could get a professional anwers. sebab i memang clueless bab handling my baby. i suka paranoid, so when i meet a specialist, at least all my worriness are deleted. ;) lagipun Maryam dah memang under Doctor Francis since day 3 she was born. so he knows Maryam's condition. senang skit.

so, let's see a few pics taken by Maryam's dad... hihi, anak dok bunyi, kami boleh dok snap,snap lagi...ntah apa2...

nurse has to pull her legs straight for the jab - time ni dia melalak sebab marah.

time ni masa Doctor Francis was doing some physical check up.

Alhamdulillah, Maryam today is 3.8kg already~ she was born 2,55kg ja tau. so, pat on the back mom...good jod for feeding Maryam secara gigih.

Why i said GIGIH?? well, Maryam since birth refuses direct breast feeding. she would scream as if i was torturing her everytime i tried direct breast feed her. sedeh gila la..i tak larat nangeh jugak sebab this happened to me. i so wanted to direct BF her cos my breast milk is a lot. jadi, tepaksa la i dengan GIGIH skali mengepam susu badan sebab i wanted her to have my milk no matter what. Alhamdulillah, so far she drinks mom's milk through bottle ja. i told her doctor about this condition and he gave me support and not to worry about it. direct or indirect breast feed, as long as she's happy he said.Hmm, betoi jugak~ nanti la i cita bab indirect BF ni. sebab for me it's an issue i need to address jugak.

awww...i love you baby girl!

So, bulan depan kita cucuk lagi ya cayang bucuk, bucuk, bucuk.... xoxo

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


 Facts About Maryam Bahyraa at 1 month of age :-
  •  She is about 3.6kg last sunday when we went to doctor ;)
  • Long legs, long finggers 
  • Banyak baju yang masih oversize for terpaksa shop round kedua baju-baju dia.
  • Cannot see mom's face, asik mintak susu saja..hahah. kadang2 tak sampai 2 jam nak susu lagi.
  • She burps like nobody's business - sangat kuat oii..satu rumah dengar.hahah
  • Skin color keeps making mom confused. sat cerah sat "tan" heheh...but most of the time dia ni sangat merah...that's what her maktok always says...budak merah padam~
  • Wajah 100% bapaknya - mom kiciwa ok! bila nak ikot muka mom sket?? :
  • love to be cuddled all the time
  • HIGHLY sensitive to sound. orang cakap slow pon boleh dengar buka mata luas-luas.
  • Sometimes tengah tidoq boleh dia gelak keh,keh,keh.
  • Kalau nangeh nak susu sampai  berair mata if mom lambat... 
  • kalau mengeliat - MasyaAllah..siap dengan sound effect!
  • tidur yang sangat lasak. bantai ke lain, dia ke lain... *cuteness*

i guess that's all kot yang i ingat setakat ni. :)

TO my lil' Maryam, mom hopes that you will always be happy and grow well cayang bucuk, bucuk & bucuk~ ;) I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH BABY! muahhh~
tekejut kepala sudah licin masa hari ke 11- ringan gamaknya

look mom, i think i could fly~ weeeee..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We Can Only Plan...

My baby was supposed to be delivered on the 23rd november 2011 according to her due date and i was so certain that the date was exact no mistake no miscalculate cos i was again so certain of my menses cycle. always noted in my BB. and the first visit to my doctor to confirm my pregnancy, it was accurate. i was 6 weeks pregnant that time. and i knew it already. heheheh... ;)

i didn't expect she would want to see the world at 37 weeks. i was surprised cos i always believed first baby would take longer to go into labour. so i kinda delayed a lot of stuffs especially arranging the hospital bags. gila la...hari ni kemas esok terus beranak kes i...naseb baik la sempat kemas...*phew*

i agak ralat sebab i forgot to put air zam-zam and kurma along inside my hospital bag. i had told my husband that in case i was put to sleep right after the baby came out, please give her some air zam-zam with kurma a bit...sebab sunah nabi kan. *aihhhh sangat2 terkilan bab ni* tu la bajet sempat besalin lepas balik dari raya haji sangat...tengok2 mlm raya haji tu nk teberanak dah!! air zam-zam dan kurma also my  minyak selusuh tinggal kt umah di Perlis. ):

Never mind...bersyukur saja la semuanya berakhir dengan baik dan selamat kan. Alhamdulillah.

I am still thankful dan rasa sangat hepi sebab keluar2 saja Maryam dari perut i ni, Doctor Annuar terus Azankan & Iqamat. Fresh2 macam tu ok. bukan itu saja, my doctor also syahadahkan baby, and bacakan doa sikit sambil tangan dia ligat memotong tali pusat before giving the baby to the nurse for cleaning process and followed by 2nd round og Iqamat by the husband. i saw that dalam mamai2 tu.

i guess because of that he has soooo many patients. i really suggest those from Alor Star & Perlis yang masih tercari2 suitable gynea or doctor pakar wanita, try him. InsyaAllah, u will be at peace. apa ja sakit u, he will make u feel calm. trust me. he's very relax. nak cari dia senang ja, he's at Putra Medical Center, Alor Star and his full name is Doctor Annuar Hussainy Hussain. VERY HANDSOME ok walaupun dah ada uban! ;) i selalu make up lebeh skit everytime nak pegi check perut tiap2 bulan. still remember ayat power Rizal dalam keta bila kami sampai PMC " ha tu dok sapu bedak tebai sangat tu, nak MENGORAT doctor Annuar la tu" i would reply everytime cam ni.. " MEMANG PON!" hahahahahha...sumpah!

tunggu turn jumpa doctor
after 2 weeks i gave birth, kena buat follow up check up with him, ingat biasa2 saja, rupanya doc nk cek luka. MAKKKK AIIIII....SEGAN!!! rasa nak terjun tingkap ja lepas tu..malu kat doctor hensem...padahal beranak kat dia tak tau malu pon...kwang..kwang..kwang..

*sigh* everything has settled. now it's time to move on with the new addition to our family. everbody loves Maryam sooo much, MasyaAllah, she's a blessing to us.

talking about blessing, now i understand why Allah decided she should came out and see this beautiful world earlier than her due date... 4 days after Maryam's birth, i recieved a call from Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi that i had to attend an interview for Master scholarship that i applied a few months before i gave birth and it was on the 23rd NOVEMBER 2011. Alhamdulillah... i managed to attend the interview eventhough i am still in my confinement. berjalan lah i dengan slow and steady ala2 pengantin masa tu...sebab mak keep reminding "jalan slow2, bentan sat lagi sapa susah?" hehehhe...

we brought along Maryam and she was a really good baby. really easy to take care of until now. Alhamdulillah, Maryam keluar awal from her due date maybe so that mom could go for that interview. :)

i don't really really care whether i got the scolarship or not, sebab depa tanya soalan during the interview macam nak bagi kami smua kena heart attack kot...perghhh...bepeluh menjawab beb!! apa2 pun i had gone through that toughest stage, the rest is again, i leave it to Allah. if i ever get that scholarship, i know it's Maryam's rezeki. so, i'm hoping for the best and i won't regret if i don't get it. tapi honestly, deep inside me, i soooo want it! oh my god...nak sangat2... hukhukhuk...okeh, tak mau pikir....wait and see.

it would be great to go back to university and study full timely. i could take care of Maryam at the same time. i have been working for 4 years going 5. and i guess it's time to take a break from the hectic world of working life and get back to study. my 2012 plan is to register for my MA class. insyaAllah. Amin.

Again, it is all in the hand's of God. we can only plan but Allah determines all. u never know...u never know... ;)

okeh, baby dah bunyi2 tu, mesti nak susu!


p.s: Entry ini ditulis secara berperingkat akibat si baby girl yg asik terjaga-jaga.