Monday, January 30, 2012

Final Week of Maternity Leave. *pfft*


pretty sure that's all i could do all day long at work, NEXT WEEK!! *sobs*

Thursday, January 26, 2012

susu oh susu...

Travelling companion for a couple of months... truthfully, i am almost giving up pumping since my Maryam refuses to direct feeding... *sobs* but i will try my best to keep going. bak kata pepatah, hingga ke titisan darah terakhir...

Friday, January 20, 2012


For someone with absolutely zero knowledge about handling a baby, this is just what i need. Love Heidi Murkoff's books. Previously bought her book entitled "What To Expect When You're Expecting" and found it very interesting & full of info. So today, i went out and bought another her bestselling. 

i have just started my reading an hour ago but had to stop cos my Maryam nak susu...terbantut seketika. So i thought of sharing this book with all moms & moms-2b out there. seriously worth buying sebab i got very very excited walaupun baru start baca. Also if u have no clue about being a first time parent like me. YES, i admit i only know how to push a 2.55kg baby out into the world but very little knowledge about taking care of her...*Pathetic!*

Hopefully, this would improve my knowledge! ;)

It's a comprehensive packed with down-to-earth,reassuraing and practical invaluable aid for all parents of new babies! ( ni i baca kat kulit belakang..ngehehe..)

By the way, it's RM49.95 can be found at Popular,MPH and Border.

p.s: at first nak beli buku resepi tajuk 1 Hari 1 Resepi tu, sebab tgh hot semcam buku tu kan..(maybe sebab para bloggers sekalian dok promote).tapi tengok beg duit ada rm60 saja...heheheh...tapi dok teringat nih buku resepi tu sebab selain tak tau jaga baby, i jugak tak tau masak. *AGAIN,pathetic isn't it??*

Thursday, January 19, 2012


hi all! actually this is a very long postponing entry. supposedly posted long time ago, but never mind, since baru teringat let's talk about it anyways. ;)

i am not sure when to stop putting on barut kat my Maryam sebab she's still wearing barut at 2 months of age and my mak kata only stop after she start meniarap.But her doctor the other day during her 2 months check up immidiately took off her barut and gave it to me.sempat cakap "mommy,u keep this,no need to put anymore" i was like...ERRR..BLUR. but i think i would still follow my mak's instruction. baby kena pakai baru lagi nanti masuk angin. ikot cakap doctor sangat pun susah sebab selamber sangat.hehhee..betoi!

Actually since birth Maryam tak pakai barut yang ready made and beli yang kat kedai baby tu cos my mak hates those kinds of barut sebab always ternaik ke atas or turun ke bawah bila baby mengeliat or moves. so she asked somebody to  tailor made barut for baby yg macam zaman dulu2 tu. white color with straps keliling dia. BUT!! i pulak rasa leceh nak pakai maryam. sebab i memang failed bab2 pakaikan barut maryam. MESSY!!

So after she hit 1 month old, i googled around and saw many blogger mom-2b/mom yang bought this BARUT ZAP online. yeayyyyy!! a solution for me~ cos this kind of barut is very simple and easy to put on and with a blink of an eye dh siap si Maryam. kalau nak pakaikan barut biasa dia tu, adoi...laaaaama sungguh i nak bubuh, then nak kena ikat tali2 dia...pastu i lak takot terikat ketat sangat kang tak selesa pulak my baby or worst i could actually hurt her little tummy! seriously i memang tak pandai pakaikan barut dia...*sorry baby*

so i ordered these at just like many of the moms out there. at first tak tau nak order cemana, since one blogger Sarah told me to sms Kak Mazlin the owner,to ask for suitable size. lebeh senang camtu dari dok tekulat2 fikir what size fits the baby...and Alhamdulillah, Kak Mazlin sangat baik, and melayan many smses from me. heee...* i kan suka blur*

so ini la hasil dia...BARUT ZAPP ON! comey kannn?? she advised me to buy mix sizes sebab baby cepat besar i dengan blur confusednya asked her to choose the size and the designs...hehehe sebab banyak sangat.

Basically all baruts boleh beli per pair or per set. i choose per set senang skit. one set is equal to 5 pairs. harga? alamak..lupa...but never mind. just log on to her website and see for yourself. ;)

barut flannel zap on bercorak - actually Kak Mazlin gave 1 extra to me cos i ter banked in extra money.heheh..

barut flannel zap on colorful

sample barut. ada lengkung kat belakang so that tak kotor barut if baby poop or shee shee.

boleh contact & order through the web as well. ;)

 VERY SATISFYING because jahitan dia AMAT KEMAS and very2 cute designs. i suka zap on ni sebab it makes my job easier kot. heheh...dah pakai  banyak kali pun and basuh tapi still pelekat dia kukuh. a job well done!

The owner is sooooo very friendly so no worries if we have too many enquiries, she's there and ready to answer.

okeyh, that's girl needs her mom!!

sudah ngantokkkk....

Monday, January 9, 2012

So i ALMOST turned 30 today

BUT!! not quite just yet.... i am only 29 today...hahaha... great i feel old. So at 12am today i turned 29 years YOUNG & FABOULOUS! hihi... Alhamdulillah... No BIG cake, NO fancy gift but sangat bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.. :) i only recieved a very cute Chocolate Brownies instead... since i am EHEM on diet... if Rizal got me a cake, i would have finised it by now kot...sooo..i said no cake please... heheh..

 And what would be the best present ever???? u guess it...  




My Darling Maryam!! mmmuahhh~
With that, i think i am a happy & contented 29 years Young GIRL.... (oiii melampau)

i do look YOUNGER than my age right?? i believe so... tudia perasaaaannnn~ tak caya?? nampak tak kesan padam kat no 29 di brownies atas tu?? Rizal silap informed nombor tu...dia bagi tau nombor 18 kot...hahahah...ANYWAY, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER...CEEEEWAAHHH! nak bagi sedap hati

Happy 29th Years Old to me!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Maryam Bahyraa : Month 2

yeayyyy!! she's 2 months today, Syukur Alhamdulillah. she's a happy lil baby & healthy.Thank You Allah... ;)

well, i love doing facts about Maryam according to her age. so today let's see what else has she accompleshed so far..hahaha kemain lagi guna perkataan "accomplish". Anyways, i am not gonna share any facts on what a 2 months old baby should be like, cos i believe every baby is different like their DNA kan.. tak sama... so let's start:

  • She loves to make a lot of sounds in the house..hahah...she coo at people basically
  • soooo impatient when it comes to feeding time, she would scream at the top of her lungs, and make mom nervous! hahaha
  • very active - hands and legs movements are so out of control when she gets excited or angry!
  • She would turn her head towards people or anything that catches her interest.
  • i think she has imaginery "friends" as she would smile and chit chat on her own if i put her in her playpen. she would turn to the left and smile bila tengok siling. yang i heran it is repeated act.asal letak ja dia mula gelak2 n  senyum2 cakap2 bahasa dia la kat seblah kiri tu...last nite had to take action, sebab dah terlalu lewat malam almost 4.30 dia dok sembang sakan, so i took her out of the playpen and bagi tidur kat bawah. DIAM & PENGSAN SAMPAI PAGI. risau mak nak oii..
  • ohh, air liur skang meleleh2 and loves doing that - keluarkan air liur. jenuh lap
  • SIANG MENGANTUK, MALAM BEJAGA - sampai pukul 5 pagi! every nite since birth..adoi Maryam Bahyraa, please be a good girl and sleep at nite baby...HELPPPPPP!!
  • hates when i try to doll her up, put some powder and stuffs, habis dia sapu or amuk sebab tak suka! ehh kita perempuan la baby, kena cantik2...
  • Suka la jegil mata luas2...haihhss 
  • Hisap puting cott! cott! cott! kalau nak tidur, dan luah bila mata dah nk pejam....cuteness~
tu ja la yang mak dia ingat spontaniously ni, nanti teringat i update lagi, aci kan! hahah...
By the way, These are a few pictures taken yesterday to commemorate her 2nd month on earth. heee...

HELLO IMAGINARY FRIEND! aaaa...mak takot bila dia buat camni sorang2...huuu

 talking to her "friend"

 still talking to "The FRIEND"

Alhamdlullillah, i am a healthy baby!

haa jegil mata!! takot tak???

And today, selamat menerima second vaccine at 2 months of age! good girl never scream~ that's my girl..relax ja kena cucuk! bunyi sikit saja....good!good! heheh..

She's 4.9kg anyways..haiii laa Maryam...i thought u were 5kg la baby...ish.ish...never mind, keep drinking more milk ok! hahaha..padahal dok minum tak hengat..begelen2... *okay over mak dia*

baby, i love u soooo much! be happy & healthy, that is all that matter to mommy ok!! mmmuahhh!! HAPPY 2 MONTHS OLD MARYAM!

  • ohh ya, just rememeber 1 thing, her pillow size has been upgraded to a bigger one...bantal baby2 tu dh kurang sesuai...*besaq dah anak mom*

Monday, January 2, 2012

idea for baby room

Hello all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

*sigh* how tie flies these days...pejam celik dah almost 2 months i dok umah, having fantastic time doing nothing much....but early next month, time to get back to work, AGAIN....halamaakkkk...

So, the hubs and i have been planning to go back to our house (well not really our own house) for cleaning proces soon since we have left the house for quite sometime now, i am currently staying with my mak in Penang and Rizal is staying in Alor Star with his parents since he works there. The house in Perlis is left empty....err..EMPTY KAH?? entah2 dah ada......hishhh!! tak mau pikiaq laahh!

Rizal went back to Perlis today to take a few of my documents at the admind and he dropped by at our house and said it looked horrible as expected! hahaha.... but on the bright side, we have been talking about baby room already, how to start decorate it...Rizal is the most excited. i on the other hand, not really sure whether Maryam will be sleeping in her own room once we are back in Perlis. Kesiannya Maryam kalau tidoq sorang2...

nevertheless, there is a room for her there which we never really occupy, we put a lot of our stuffs there.that room has become more like a transit room for our shopping bags,lugages,etc. since we have baby Maryam already, he said why not we make a room for her. good idea!

so, sekarang my brain ligat berfikir how to deco that room..hmm...completely zero idea.. but i like something simple and very child frenly looking. tak mau laa elegant2 room for baby...tak sesuai!

okay, have to google some more....and berangan more!! ;p

idea bilik baby di show house for Kelisa Residance - sweet!

By the way, this is a picture that i snapped the other day during our visit at show house in Butterworth, Penang for our house hunting here, look, how serene the deco is, kan??? bukan taste i nih, taste i kena banyak colors sebab people said it would stimulate the baby brain kan??hehehe...yang ni terlalu elegant i must say, but definitely a nice choice for those who want simplicity. makkk aiii,..dah macam jenama make up lak i cita..hahahha..

okay, tata~

p.s: kata nak something simple, tapi nak banyak kaler..apa punya turr??