Thursday, December 24, 2009

money matter

i've settled all my bills off this month..syukur...but the killing part see the balance of the bank account...*sigh* suddenly i recall a qoute from my officemate in my brain " kita ni keja makan gaji ja jangan harap sangat la nak cepat kaya unless ada extra income outside" well, whatever that she said is true if anybody can claim that he or she is happy and well off with the salary recieved every month... it's either that person doesn't have a car, debts, doesn't give some to parents, bills to pay, memang kaya raya, or that person memang ada orang yang sponsor dia la every month kan..( husband tanggung la ) hmm,.. bad news is...the normal people like us..we do have many responsibilities that come in a "package hutang" with every Ringgit Malaysia that we earn every month kan.. i mean the salary that we get is not meant to be in the account forvever la..dapat ja gaji terus bayar segalanya, right! so the balance that remains satisfies u or not?? u do the math..

i love tips provided by CIMB clicks, i find their tips relevant and easy to follow.. but today i'd like to share some of the bad news regarding our financials..

5 Signs You Are In Financial Trouble

Peer pressure and lifestyle demands can put a considerable pressure on your finances. So, how do you know when to pull the brakes? Here are 5 tell-tale-signs that your finances have plunged into the danger zone:

1. Savings of less than 5% – You are supposed to save as much as 40% of your net earnings each month. When you see your savings shrinking to just 5%, it’s time to buckle up & make some dramatic changes before it’s too late!

2. Rising credit card balance – When it comes to credit card balances, try limit your balance to a max of RM2,000. eg. Once you hit the limit, refrain from using that credit card for the time being until after you have cleared all outstanding payments. Always try to pay more than just the minimum so that you don’t end up paying more interest than you had originally intended.

3. Dwindling cash pool – If a large portion of your monthly salary goes to paying loans & bills, you are likely to have gone over the edge. Anything beyond 30% of your gross income meant it’s time for some investigation as to why your bills are costing you more than it should.

4. Drowned in too many bills – Do keep an eye on your net income after deducting all your loans & utility payments obligations. If you find your remaining cash pool shrinking, it’s time to take action: cut down your expenses.

5. Sacrificing emergency funds – When you find yourself digging into your personal savings or emergency funds to pay for a purchase, it’s time to evaluate your spending & re-access your finances. Chances are you’re spending beyond your means & depleting your saving funds.

source: cimbclicks

so?? did any of u out there find yourself guilty of any of the list?? hihi...ok, i admit..i'm gulity no.5 ( sometimes ja ok!).tak heran la skang ramai betul buat online business lah, jual makanan kesihatan la, promote this and that to us.. YES, i find it a bit irritating when peole approach me to buy their products.. but if i think logically, i understand why many people nowadays tend to look for side incomes...this is their way trying to survive the world. a very demanding world, i must say...=)

p/s: i'm off to penang in the evening for the whole week and be back in 2010..hahaha macam lama ja bunyi 2010 tu.i hope to relax at kampung and recharge myself for the new semester! so have a great time everybody!! ohh, be safe.. =)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

shikin's wedding

ok, after ct's engagement, the next day was my high school mate's wedding pulak.. her name is shikin. well, our friendship started way back in 2001 when we met in BM High School and did our Form 6th. we were in the same class for 2 years and after completing STPM we went to different uni. she went to UNIMAS and i went to USM. but we tried to keep in touch trough phone every now and then. lama gila tak jumpa shikin ni. lepas sekolah and uni we never met at all until last august kot we accidentally bumped into each other dalam kedai jam kat Queensbay. i heard somebody scremed my name, tekejut tengok2 dia! so kecoh la skit kedai jam tu. she was buying watch for her hantaran she said and at that point i realised she came with her fiance (now her husband la) and i was with my bf (now fiance.hihi) she told me she was getting married on december and the next day she gave me a rang asking for my address to send the invitation card..

excited gila to go to her wedding cos i think ini lah penutup wedding of this year for me la. and we did talk and exchange our views on wedding and she and her mother was so kind to recommend me her wedding planner. i mean she and her mother ,they are very helpful and baik sesangat. they know that i had no idea how to start my wedding planning and shikin was so kind by giving out all the deatils about her tailor, her pelamin dewan, her mini pelamin, etc. so i rasa syok and very motivated to start my wedding planning next year..insyaAllah. ( year pun lagi beberapa hari dr sekarang)

so back to shikin's wedding.. all i could say is...beautiful! from the beginning to end. her wedding was last Saturday, 19th December 2009 at the Dewan Tapak Expo Seberang Jaya, Penang.

initially i planned to go with finace cos shikin kept telling me to come together and see whether we would like what we see cos if we do, then she will hook us up with her wedding planner. but fiance had to go outstation in KL for 5 days.. so i brought my mak along.

when i first arrived, shikin's mom was also excited to see me and before i left he mom asked again how was everthing? suka tak? i said " suka makcik! cantik betul semua...!" heheh.." haa...kalau suka nanti bagitau lain..mai nak tolong recommend" huhu i was so touch by he motherly words..and sincerity...terharu sebab ada yang bersungguh nak tolong.

ok, enough blabbing.. enjoy a few pics that i manged to snap.remmeber i'm not the person who would capture the moment but rather...the type of person who enjoys the moment maybe tak banyak pics kat sini sebab i dok melantak segala macam foods yang ada...huhu...sedap! macam2 ada..dessert dia pun best.

the beautiful bride - shikin ( muka dia ada iras2 zizie ezette kan)

the lucky dude - Firuz Abadi
the view from our table

besarnya kerusi..ingat kerusi Mawi Ekin paling besaq..rupanya kerusi Firuz Ekin lagi besaq!

semuanya lelaki, malu lak nak mencelah. hihi

from the side
unfortunately tak sempat nak bergambar dengan pengntin ni cos i had to rush back and had oteher plan afterwards..frust sangat tp nak buat cemana... =(

to shikin and Firus Abadi, CONGRATULAITIONS! semoga kekal abadi... =) cepat2 dapat baby!

Monday, December 21, 2009

especially for CT

my dear friend Siti Nurhasliza has finally gotten engaged with her dearly Syafiq on Friday, 18th December 2009 at 4.30 pm ...CONGRATS ya ct!! setelah sekian lama...huhu..
anyway, here are some of the pics that i promised her to upload on my blog.. heheh..layan!

happily engaged girl

sister in law to be had the honor to slip the ring

suap! jangan tak suap!

bersemayam di atas takhtanya..hehe

her DIY mini pelamin that she managed to pull off at the very last minute! the giant pomander balls


ehh tarian apa kah ini??

lat tali lat tali tam plommmm! haha..

light! camera..action!! me.... ;p
ok2, just want to say here that i love her majlis which is sweet and all of us got a lil' crazy on that day and ended up having tons of fun!! though there was a tiny lilltle drama but,..hell we don't care..we're a bunch of "slamber" people.. syafiq her fiance only arrived after the rombongan had gone back and pretty much after everything was done...dah penat2 posing and nak balik umah baru dia tak dapat lah capturing his pic. then, they resumed the photog session with the photographer. for more pics...they are now available on our Facebooks and i'm sure we will have extra fun commenting on each other!
ohh, her make up and her baju all fabulously done by our friend fuzah who owns a bridal boutique and her business in booming right now! well done! u can visit the web here well,.i'm not good at blogging about the details of the majlis cos i took the pics that will only commemorate the event not every single detail on the majlis like some people do...honestly, i tak pandai nak amik semua cos i'm the type of peson who likes to enjoy the moment not capturing the i think many bride or bride to be would appreciate the privacy i decided not to include too many pics in here... =)

to ct, i can't wait to be at ur wedding day pulak and we're so happy for you babe! sekian, wassalam..

ehh..ada lagi?? ;p

Thursday, December 17, 2009


well, the best part of a working life for me is during the day we recieve our gaji...excited!! i mean eventhough the gaji in not in yet but when we got the pay slip of the's the best feeling in the world..hehehe...

this month is a good month i must a civil servant i'm sure most of us have got that extra bonus in the bank today!! yabedabeduuuuuuwww!! i really need that extra money so desperately ok... cos i haven't started saving for my road tax next year ( it's in april..still road tax kan mahal if u're using new car kan..)

okeh..i have jolted down evertything i need to put aside for this month on a piece of paper...tengok..sungguh unprofessional kan..main tulis ja budget of the month.. hmm..i need a good diary to do my budget properly in future la..hahah padahal nak dekat 3 tahun dh keja!

ok..i have a lot of reponsibilities like all of u guys out there everytime we get our gaji so nak tengok ka skit2 what i do with my money every month?? particularly this month!

1. give to mak my car
3. life insurance
4. credit card (arghhh!)
5. Astro bil
6. Electrical bil (well ususally i dun pay cos my bill is always less than rm20..last month it was only 20 cent!! betul ke TNB nihh?? ahaha..rezeki)
7. water bil
8. PTPTN (warghhhhh!! tense...manyak gila! help!! sometimes i pay but most of the time i fail to pay!!)
9. go back to hometown..( hukhuk..this is the depressing part..i can only afford to go back once a month)
10. service my car
11. aerobic class ( i serious?)
12. erkk...banyaknya benda kena bayar...belum masuk minyak and foods lg ni...aiyaakkk!

ok..after i calculate everything..i find that, it's still impossible for me to buy my dream kain nikah yet... ;-(
knowing my style, i won't settle for second best..or buy something for the sake of to say that all the preparations have to be postponed until the money in my bank is ready...hahah..bukan i yg suppose to be ready tp duit pulak kena ready...

so friends,..bersyukurlah dengan apa yg kita ada walaupun sedikit..and work hard for everything that we not wait and rely on others too much..this is what i always keep telling myself everytime i feel so down and see other people's preparations..buying this and that..having this and that..while i'm on the other end, having nothing just yet..but then again,.i'm sure my time will come..until then i just have to remain positive and be happy and excited for everything that is going on in my life at present...kan!! =)

p/s: forgot to include my phone bill... =(

yours truly,

Monday, December 14, 2009

desperately in need of a good vacation

entered my office this noon today after a long lunch outside with another lecturer...i was surprised to see some chocolates and a little gift on my desk from a collegue who just came back from a word vacation makes me jump up and down in my heart a little...i guess this is a good time to finish up all the annual leave since the new year is approching fast.

the atmostphere of the office pun a bit suram since many of us are gone for holiday or gone back to respective kampungs..bestnya! what the heck am i still doing here in the office?? ngeheeeee... i still have 10 days annual leaves which i have no idea how to finish and definitely it will be burnt just like that this year (like always!) =(

i desperately want to go some where for a break. but i have nobody to go with to enjoy the places and go crazy...and be goofy... sheshhh!! still wishing all my besties are not married yet.., *sigh* i wish i'm married! hahah...erm, also i really wish to bring my mak somewhere nice where she could shop and see new things but i'm no street wise...i could only bring her around penang, and still get lost in the middle of it..hahaaa...maybe in the near future la kot.. i hope we could go some place nice away from penang a little beramai-ramai..

well as off for now, how do i plan to finish at least half of the balance of my annual leave? i have got a few wedding invitations, engagement invitation and nikah i plan to take leave and be at all the events!hahah...syok jugak tengok orang kawen kan? ohh! go jalan2 with finace too...hihih..jadi la kan..nak pi jauh2 tak buleh.. *wink*

p/s : a lovely friend from FB asking to join her on Star i'm thinking...

Friday, December 11, 2009


I'll sing it one last time for you
Then we really have to go
You've been the only thing that's right
In all I've done

And I can barely look at you
But every single time I do
I know we'll make it anywhere
Away from here

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you, dear

Louder, louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak,
I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say
To think I might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbyes
I nearly do

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you, dear

Louder, louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak, I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you, dear

Louder, louderAnd we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak, I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say Leona Lewis!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

having a panic attack for ur big day already??

pic source: google

why do most of us ( i mean girls) get panicked easily when it comes to things related to our engagement & wedding ya?? i don't know how to describe it but the feelings we have when the date is nearer is so overwhelming...and all of suddeng u become so concious about the whole thing and all the negative thoughts seem to run accross your mind...we have all these questions of " WHAT IF...." ok example:-

1. what if the make up turns out bad?
2. what if the day rains so heavily?
3.what if the dress can't be buttoned/or the zip won't zip?
4 what if the foods won't be enough for everybody?
5. what if the pictures won't turn out good?
6. what if we look so damn fat in the pictures?
7. what if the guests think that this is one sucks wedding/engagement?
8. what if....
9. what if.... and the list goes on

hahah..i mean when all of these "what if.." thingy keep rulling your thought u will definitely feel like screaming or maybe crying cos u don't get the comfort words that u are supposed to get. for a start, i think it is normal to be panicked ok.. cos if u don't panic at all, kering betul hati u la... huhu (oops!)

well, i'm writing this entry specifically to address the issue that many of us seems to care a lot about the things that we couldn't control during our big day.. i mean, yes there will definitely be a few glitches here and there cos nothing perfect but Allah. but to be so worried about the whole thing is certainly unnecessary indeed...yes, we can't help but wanting the best for everything that we have planned so long and there is no space in our mind to just let anything goes in a wrong direction during the day...but then again..we can only plan but Allah determines just chill and let go of those negative thoughts...the most important thing is segala-galanya selamat...yang bertunang selamat ditunangkan & yang bernikah selamat dinikahkan... i mean in the end, that's the only thing that matters, rite??

i'm also writing this entry with hope to comfort a friend who is going to have her egagement day by next week, insyaAllah...hope she's reading this and keep on being positive and stop caring about what other people minght say cos obviously, those people opinions are not important...ok =)
and to anyone who's preparing and waiting for the day to happen, remember it's just inside your mind...stop thinking too much. just go with the flow...have a great time preparing and tawakal & redha for anything and everthing! only then u will be free....

p/s: memandai ja nak comfort orang,..hihi


Friday, December 4, 2009

health concious?

preety soon i will be turning 27 years young (ehehe)... next january to be time flies extra fast nowadays..tak rasa langsung...sekejap ja dh towards the end of the year 2010 is approaching fast i'm very sure that many of us will start to make the resolution for the new year or maybe to carry forward the resolution of this year...hehe...well as for myself i rarely have any resolution cos i'm just bad at keeping it... =p back to my age i'm turning 27 next year i hope for nothing but bless with good health...i remember when i was in school, 24 years old is considered old according to my mental vocabulary..let alone 27!! lagi lah tua kan..hahah..yet i guess it's true when people said that age is only a u guys actually feel that u are 24 ka, 25 ke, 26 ka, 27 ka, 28 ka??? i mean i don't...i feel the same since 4 yars ago...nothing change much in term of health and mind...i hope it's a good thing though..since my yearly medical check up turns to be ok everytime.

well, although i consider myself fat as a cow in the previous entry i just want to justify here that i always make sure that i eat healthily by avoiding too much greesy things and cut down the rice intake..i only eat a lot if i go back to my hometown cos..i can't resist the temptations ok..mak's cooking is awsome..(well, all mothers punya cooking paling sedap di dunia kan!)

my only problem is that i do not have time to excersize...i work 8-5 basis and most of the time when i reach home i have no energy to do anything but lay down...i guess when u are mentally tired after long day at work it effects you body as well...i mean i get tired gila..

i discover the detoxifying programe through my reading as i had all the symptoms mentioned after i took the detox test. so i tried juvanex for a week. works like a mechine,..hahah..for those who have tried it the should understand the phrase.. for some the effect might worst cos a friend of mine did try but she couldn't handle for me it works it! it's been long since i last tried juvanex and since it's almost the end of year i plan to detox myself again as recommended..

currently just to give my body some nutritions i'm on green fit!

i don't know how i finally gave in to persuations by an officemate..i thought it would give no effect but i did and still continues to do so...i love it! soooooo delicious... and wangi. i drink it every nite now.. i first tried it a month ago for 2 weeks...and after a while this product becomes a hit among my officemates now..semua pakat minut green fit..
so,..let's get healthy friends!! ohh...must exercise...i know..i know...
anyways,..have a great weekend everyone! =)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

emotional wreck! i being paranoid??
well, at first i was happy to learn that finally fiance decided to have his own Facebook after a long waiting and a long persuading...guess what?? suddenly it srtuck me hard...

~ what if ada awek mengorat dia kt page dia?

~what if he spends a little too much time facebooking?

~what if he got too caught up like i did when i first time opened my FB?

warghhhhhh!!! napa i macam paranoid gila nih?? i was deep into this topic till i couldn't sleep well on the nite i opened his FB...WHY? cos the fact that he didn't change his status on FB from IN A RETIONSHIP to ENGAGE to me really drove me crazy and i was so upset i gave him a silent treatment that nite...i mean who wouldn't rite? dah tunang tapi napa nak guna "in a relationship" kan? penat ja FB cipta term "Engaged to"...i thought mesti something fishy goin on... =( so i was so damn angry then i bambarded him with SMSes...he didn't reply and went straight to bed...GERAM!! arghhh...
but when i woke up this morning i opened his FB and i saw the status has been changed to Engaged to me...i felt relieved and a bit guilty for nagging at him..and we're cool now since he pujuk2 a bit...cair la..ngeheheh..after all i pun malas nak drag things too long and waste my energy gaduh and majuk lama2...yes, i used to be that person who would sulk for more than a day..and we would have a long argument over stupid stuffs cos i was being silly and dragged him into that...but i think, i have changed a lot these days...hmm, maybe beacause when you're in a serious relationship like this we tend to give and take kot...and of course we feel a lot secure and comfortable to move to this stage ( i mean gettin hitched!) =)

meanwhile, we have do have plan this weekend. yippppy!!! the 1st date since we got engaged! lama tak kuar where to this time?? jln2, makan2,movie and to look for a dress maker in penang kot... i still keep this person's business card and been to her shop..i want to go and check her out first...last time we went there my fiance did most of the talking and i was passive cos i had no idea what to ask and look for...hmm...hopefully this time around i'll be more chatty. hahah! but i won't get my hope too high though,..this is just a start of my journey to survey for my nothing serious just yet. =p

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i feel like throwing up...
for the last 2 days i have been dedicating my mind n soul marking my students' already half way through... but honestly said.. it ain't easy...cos i really really really have to focus...after a while it really weigh me down...penat otak! and inside my brain i couldn't help screaming at those anwer scripts...and occasionally i blurt out some cursing words.. i wish to strangle my students cos they could not answer a really simple question where the anwer is just right in front of their freaking eyes!! READ!!! they don't read!! arghhhh....i need to stop marking for a while cos i really am not in a stable state of mind where i could mark peacefully...i thought of not blogging for the whole of this week cos i wanted to keep up with the time that is running so fast...i have to key IN all marks by friday! GOSH!! what did i do to keep my mind off blog hopping?? hahah..i turn off the PC on my desk and take off the wire and stuff...hahaha..still i miss my blog and many other blog that i indulge every single day and i surrender to an evil whisper that keep pestering me to write something on my blog today...*sigh*

ok..what to write?? honestly, i have no idea.. maybe i should share 1 thing that i have in mind since a few weeks ago...well, check this out


i fell in love instantly with it the first time i laid my eyes on it...i thought how sweet the dress looks not so formal yet not too casual for a i rite??

well, my fiance and i kind of decided of having a small ceremony on his side like an evening tea or nite gathering of close families and friends to replace a typical wedding feast like normally we have in our mind...on his side we wanted something small yet full of wedding would be small and hopefully it would not turn out like a birthday party pulak!! ngeheheh..since i'm not gonna wear the typical wedding baju, and since the majlis won't be like a typical majlis kahwin, so i thought of not having any baju sanding, sanggul,or things related to it..but still i want to feel like a bride by choosing something like the above..but my 3 major concerns are...1st, will our family accept this concept?? (not having a typical wedding) and 2nd, I'M AS FAT AS A COW~! anyone normal know that i would fit into this!! my body won't look flatter in it unless i loose all the weight that i should :'( and lastly, where on earth could i get a tailor that could make my dream dress???? gulp!! S.O.S

btw, sorry about quality of the pic yang kurang jelas itu ya..cos that's the only pic i manage to grab from the web.. i just love the cutting and the overall's so simple and sweet and sopan..i mean takdak la over sgt kan for majlis yg kecil pada waktu petang or i wish i could have this...well if im blessed with lotsa money i would definitely go straight to the designer of this dress see if he could figure something out for me...unfortunately...NOT!! hahah...