Monday, March 24, 2014

20+ books at Big Bad Wolf Penang With RM0 spent! : my humble review of the event

budak paling banyak buku.

yeahh..that's how amazing shopping should be when u spent ZERO ringgit and brought home almost 30 books. hahaha.... it's a true story okay.

Alhamdulillah, tercapai jugak hajat hati menjelajah the BIG BAD WOLF edisi Penang which is now still going on until 30 March 2014. selalunya dengar dan baca review Big Bad Wolf in KL the penangites kali ni i rasa serbu kaw kaw jugak weekend hari tu. we went on Saturday and i think, the Venue in Times Square Penang is approriate. the place is crowded and the air-cond was functioning well and temperature was great inside. i was worried we would have to suffer with heat inside the place since a lot of people in there. but, no...sejuk dalam tu! good! good!

well, let me tell ya the reason why i spent zero ringgit, i am a student remember? i made full use of the BB1M voucher that i received. at first agak cuak sebab takot2 kalau certain books saja they allowed to use voucher, it turned out that all books can be paid by the BB1M voucher. so thankfully. ;) i had to pay nothing for the amount of book i took. itu pon i bukan spent the whole RM250 of the voucher tau.

well, sorry tak sempat nak capture the moments and the atmosphere inside the venue of the Big Bad Wolf sebab i was too busy looking for books. i found that the children section was the BEST since the variety of books are enormous! i literally went crazy taking the books for Maryam, Happy lah makcik tu dapat buku 20 ketul! the children section, again!

buku2 yang i beli semua beteween RM2-RM20 sahaja. i managed to grab Annabel Karmel's book which ran out very fast that day. hehehe...

But, i must say that the other selections of books were not that suitable to my taste. again, i might be wrong here, it depends on what kind of books that u are looking for at this kind of book fair anyway. so it didn't really appeal many of the genre to me. but i think the teenages would benefit the most since a lot of books were fiction.. i must say that at the age of 31, i don't really go for novels and such. i prefer the self improvement and parenting books mostly which i found lacking in the Big Bad Wolf Penang. tak berapa best sangat buku2 genre macam ni kat sana. sorry.

still i managed to grab a few books yg i bekenan. My husband bought 2. satu tentang cara2 nak jadi kaya. LOL...and another one is a traveling destination book. okay's book i think. ;)

overall, i love the experience. u know dragging your own box and filling up books into your box. but, i think next time i should bring a small trolley. yang macam trolley isi ikan bila pi pasar tu...letih tau angkat kotak. i admit at one point i memang tolak kotak i pakai kaki ja masa berbaris nk bayartu..

ohh, the line...a very longggg que. but very efficient cahshiers line walaupun 1 saja barisan. they had a lot of cahsiers spots and i think, waiting to pay for 20-30 mins in line is still acceptable by looking at the long que that had to bear. i memang time how long my que was. sebab i beratur panjang gila..from one end to the other end gitu..luckily Maryam was sleeping masa nak dekat2 balik tu. daddy dia bawak dia pi lepak kat  luar while waiting for me to que up towards the cashier.

so, i think the penangites should take this opportunity and experience the event themselves la kot..orang lain maybe lain perspective dia. but, seriously the price of the books are crayyyyzyyyy cheap!

ok last kopek, gambaq Maryam. hehehe

Monday, March 10, 2014


My thoughts & prayers are with each and everyone who is involved in this incident. and my sincere Doa for all of them and may Allah S.W.T grant the family members the strenghts to be strong during this difficult time. Ameen.

Cukuplah Allah menjadi Penolong kami dan Allah adalah sebaik-baik Pelindung. 
(Ali Imran: 173)

 Tiada ada daya dan kekuatan kecuali dengan pertolongan Allah semata-mata.