Monday, June 24, 2013

Masuk Keluar Kelas pun bermula lagi

welcome new semester for all polytechnics in Malaysia...

Friday, June 21, 2013

macam-macam lah!

hello blog... as always, it has been a while... LOL

check this out... this is a normal scenario when u are raising a little Miss Diva at home... mommy's lipstick is also considered hers. haru jugak dapat mommy yang sangat cuai seperti mommy Maryam ni... *sigh* i was in the car just now, thought of applying a bit of lipstic, to my surprise, the lispstic was ruined! waaaa..... sebak! i am not the type of person who wears make up. to me a tint of lipstick is the only make up i wear on a daily basis if i go out. looks, like i need to buy a new lipstick again.... huhu... ohh, yess this is not the first time my daughter played with my only "make-up"

 so, how is my lil' Miss Diva now? oh, syukur Alhamdulillah, Maryam is doing great  these days... lagi banyak akal dia ada laa... and i must admit that personally i think rasing a toddler is such a fun activity. hahahah...noooo i loveee babies. but i never expected that having a growing up toddler is sooo much fun. i mean, i love to see her copying what i say, i love seeing her trying to sing with her own cute language and definitely love to see her when she is at her best mood. *semua orang suka kot hoi*

 ohh, nowadays i see that my baby takes certain orders well, so i kinda "bully" he a bit...haha... how fun it is to have a person who is willingly help u when u ask for it.. seriously...seronok suruh anak angkat dan simpan toys seniri...and the best thing is to see her waking up in the morning and straight away bringing her milk bottle to the kitchen for me to wash without asking...'s so rewarding to see her doing that every single day...yeah, i am one proud mom here. i'm sure other kids act the same too. kan! ;)

i think i should consider to send her to a kindy by next year, insyaAlla as i can see that she loves people. i mean, she is a friendly lil' girl. she is comfortable around strangers. which i have to be very careful jugak some time...cos she will say "hi"  and "babye" to just about anybody. suara pun boleh tahan kuat...huiiii...

ohh look there's my husband who have lost a lot of weight with Herbalife... see that flat tummy? trust me he used to look like a pregnant more.. hahahah...

mei 2013

and that's me, ok this was taken last month.. .ok laa i lost weight too...wanna see my old picture? i am sorry as i am not comfortable to upload these pictures in a bigger size. it is kinda personal to me. and being that fat was tough for me. tak tau nak explain apa perasaan i bila tengok gambar i when i was around 91kg -95kg early this year.depressing i guess.

january 2013

 ha..ambik..besaq kan kak tonnnn? this was taken in early january this year. ada beza skit kan with the pictures above?? i have been struggling with weight issue ever sinve i gave birth.. and syukur Alhamdulillah, although i have not achived my ideal weight weigh just yet, at least i am losing weight these days..slow and healthily.. and the best part is, i feel more energetic and always in a happy mood... Alhamdulilah...dengan izin Allah. ;)i am not a big appetite kind of peson. i don't really eat much. i even had gastric previously because i always skipped my dinner. but i gained weight so rapidly even though i didn't eat much. now, i am doing well, no gastric and losing weight quite easily and now that i am losing some weight it feels good again. ;) Alhamdulillah.