Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Look Maryam!! You were inside mom's tummy!! cool huh??

Monday, February 20, 2012

Maryam First Day At Nursery

...and she was the first baby to arrive..hahahah...mak excited tak sabar ka hapa? huuu...

 I AM A FIRST TIME MOTHER & DOING EVERYTHING FOR THE FIRST TIME. so i put everything that my baby might need in a BIG baby bag! hahahha...rupanya mak2 lain bawak beg kecik cinonet saja oiii!

On top of that. i FORGOT to write MARYAM BAHYRAA's name on her stufss...sabar sajalah. Aku memang blur

 i sent my baby to the day care center with perasaan yang sangat la berat. i am sure all mothers would understand this feelings. when u have been with the baby since birth, for 24 hours, 7 days a week, for 3 months and suddenly u have to send the baby to a place where u know your baby is not gonna be at the center of attention anymore cos there are other babies as well. *sigh* again, like i said previously, IT BREAKS MY HEART *sobss*

i can only pray to Allah to protect my baby from any harm.

okay, sudah laa bercerita tentang keluhan rasa yang akan membuatkan energy2 yang negatif terpancar. let's focus on the positive part instead.

Well, at least she is placed very closed to my office, i can always cabut lari dari opis go and see her. hahhaha.. very important aspect.

My baby is the type of baby who cannot be alone. seriously. she would not be at peace if she sees nobody around her. at least at day care, there are a lot of people around her. hopefully she would be excited. for me it's important for her to be able to adapt with situations where there are many people around her.

i heard a lot of people said that babies who stays at a day care center are very independat babies, socialable babies, less fussy babies. in other word anak tak la "Peqak buih" or manja sangat sampai bila tengok orang tak dikenali nak nangeh tak tentu hala or susah nak beramah mesra dengan orang. all depend jugak kan? tak semestinya...BUT if it's true i hope my baby will be one. at least dia tak la melalak tengok orang yang dia tak biasa. susah tu sebab i don't want my baby to be clingy...asik nak begayut dengan i saja..

The reason Maryam is placed at a day care center is that i cannot find her a good baby sitter around here. a good baby sitter to me means somebody i can trust. that's all. It is very important for me to find  someone that i could trust. if i could not find one, so it's better for my baby to be at the nursery intead. at least at nursery, their job is mainly jaga budak, bukan memasak,membasuh,mengemas rumah,etc.

i have heard so many stories around here where most of my friends' BS always ambik
cuti without telling them earlier. susah tu, kita ni keja mengajar. kalau kita tetiba ja cuti tanpa inform students, hmm..pening la nanti nak pikir class replecements and stuffs.

IF i could find a somebone yang i percaya untuk jaga Maryam, definitely i tak hantar Maryam to a nursery. but, i can't find one. i dunno anybody kat sini. beruntung lah sesapa yang ada BS yg memahami antara satu sama lain.

okeh, sudah la tu senarai2 points untuk menenagkan hati ini..i hope i am doing the best so far and the rest i leave it to Allah.

Ikot hati mau ja benti keja jaga anak sendiri...haihhhss..sabar saja laa~ hati seorang ibu, hanya ibu2 saja yang tahu.. bapak2 belom tentu akan tahu...kan?? ;p

Semoga Maryam selamat di situ, happy, ceria dan selalu dilindungi Allah. Amin...

i miss u already baby *sigh*

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

cucuk 3 bulan Maryam Bahyraa ku...

Amazingly, she didn't cry not even the "eekkkk" sound. her doctor was surprised a lilltle. mom?? like i said, was amazed...apahal anak aku diam ja?? i swear i was waiting for maryam to scream or something and i was ready to grab and soothe her if she ever cried. i was there behind the doctor during the shot. siap tolong baca Bismillah dalam hati...but, she just lay there and gave us her toothless smile, the brightest eyes..cuteness sambil pot pet pot pet bahasa german dia. hehee...

 Maryam, mom is sooooo pround of u baby! mmmmuahhh!! She's currently a 5.5kg baby and 62cm long. panjang kan! ;) other than that, she's is one happy and healthy baby. Alhamdulillah.

BUT, at 4pm today, i notice paha KFC maryam was swollen a little. and she was crying out of pain...what to do? terpaksa gave her ubat yang dibekalkan..and Alhamdulillah, she was ok after waking up from her sleep an hour later.dah ceria2 kembali. adoi...panic seketika tengok anak nangeh...rasa nak gantikan rasa sakit or tak selesa dia.

Her Paed didn't gave her the Pneumococal vaccine this month. it is sheduled for next month check up together with the Rotavirus vaccine.

At the beginning i thought of only giving the Pneumococcal, but her Paed asked us to consider the Rotavirus as well. Seeing the cases reported on the media lately about the virus, i immidiately said YES, let's give her that too...

Too all parents, please, please, consider giving your child Pneumococcal and Rotavirus vaccines...InsyaAllah, tak rugi apa pun kita bagi anak2 yang terbaik. After all, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. ;)

ohh lupa, The price for the vaccines at KPJ Specialist Hospital,Penang: -

Pneumococcal : RM 228
Rotavirus         : RM 150 

The price is for one injection. Pneumococcal must be taken for 4 times and Rotavirus for 3 times. but not every month. your baby's doctor will schedule the vaccine for you.

ohh, lupa lagi, Rotavirus vaccine is given orally while the Pneumococcal vaccine is through injections.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maryam Bahyraa is 3 Months, & mommy first day at work today!

Ohh cepatnya masa berlalu! Alhamdulillah, today 7th  Feb. 2012, my lil' darling Maryam is 3 months old... and today is MY 1st DAY AT WORK. okay, kepala i still ting tong, so i tak leh focus nak masuk kelas mangajar lagi, so i stay put at the office looking at the pictures of Maryam!! huuuu...

As for tha cake, dun be's actually othe ordered that i made last saturday to "cure" my obsession over the Rainbow Cake. sangat teringin nak makan sebab kek tu cantik & warna warni. uishhh....SEDAPPPP!! so i figured, what to write on top of the cake...why not put MARYAM BAHYRAA IS 3 MONTHS kan..since sabtu lepas tu i pun dah cukup 90 hari on meternity leave. ;)

Today masuk keja, buat selamber lagi la..get the mood first, boleh?? actually i have sooo many to do but dunno where to start. *uwaaaaa*

Anyways, layan dulu la a few pics..


 she's at home safely with my mak looking after her, naseb baik mak sudi ikot kami balik ke perlis ni sementara nak bg baby & i adjusting to new life... so just now i went  for my 1st session pumping. i'm not sure wheter i could still supply her with a lot of BM since my work requires me to teach in the class and i am very sure i cannot comply to 3 hours pumping every time...ntah la..too many things to consider at this point. bukan mudah menjadi exclusive pumping mom...seriously, SANGAT MENCABAR! setakat mana la i boleh pump saja without the direct feeding...T_T but, i have done the best i can, i hope no one will judge me. and true enough i really envy those who can successfully breast feed their babies...but i always calm myself, maybe Maryam wants to be independent. i have tried the gentle way and the almost forcing way too. but she seems to be happy with the bottle intead. dah la, i malas nak focus cita ni, it breaks my heart sometimes...but i will only focus on the positive part saja laa.. ;) which is, Maryam masih minum susu i... ;)

okay, i am still PHAT!! sekian...


how do i loose all the weight that i've gained??tell me? huhh!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The person whom i love the most. 
The responsible person that has been taking GREAT care of me & my baby since day 1 i gave birth to my lilttle darling, Maryam Bahyraa.

I can never repay all her deeds.

She is my MOTHER! ;)

...and soon it is time for me and Maryam to go back to where we are supposed to, and i am sad thinking of separating both Maryam & my mak. Cos, seriously these 2 are best buddies! she can recognize her maktok already...


okeh, sambung packing!