Friday, March 26, 2010

off white it is..

=) i would say i'm a true white and pastel colors lover.. even my car is white in color.if a person goes through my stuffs, she will notice that my things revolve around soft colors and white and lots of shdes of pink.tapi baju pi keja colorful la takkan hari2 masuk kelas mengajar baju putih and pink ja kan? actually, mata i ni macam tak reti tengok warna lain la..pi mai pi mai tu jugak warna yang i nampak. if u ask me about my wedding theme color i'd simple say white wedding!cos i dun know what else that looks great..that's what i really really hope my family and friends as well as my wedding planner to help me with the color coordinates..tak reti la...

regarding my wedding dresses..i was having a bit of trouble of deciding what color of dresses that i wanted to wear... for nikah, i just can't seem to agree to wear other than white baju it's's gonna be white and pink themes..all white nikah outfit...but the thing is takkan la i nak pakai putih jugak lagi kan?? boring pulak nanti tgk album awat semua putih kan? then luckily my wedding planner reassured me that it was still okay if i like white and he suggested that we settled for an off white wedding happy to have somebody to help me make up my mind cos frankly speaking, i'm the type of person who is constantly needed of some kind of "reinforcements"..maybe solely because i'm always unsure of what would look good on me and what would look at least okay for the whole wedding..can't help it, i dun really know much about weddings.. ;(

so, talking about my wedding dress, i was expecting to just rent the oufits and save our small budget for something else..but, my wedding planner wanted to do a whole new baju sanding for me and fiance...wahhh, i can't describe the feelings..rasa macam excited sangat la..and hearing his advice that off white is a beautiful color and very classic and evergreen just make me feel very secured..rasa macam thankful sangat ada orang tolong buat keputusan untuk i, sbb i mmg tak reti...sengeh2 ja tau la..ehehhe...

i'm supposed to go back to penang today for our first fitting since he wants to buy the kain soon. but too bad fiance n i are very busy these days. jumpa dating pun sebulan sekali ja sejak2 kami mula kerja. ;( what to do....

honestly, the whole idea of fitting and stuffs makes me so loving this experiece of planning my wedding...rasa minat sgt2 walaupun tak pandai...i swear i've had lots of dreams on my wedding time tidur malam..gila kan??
sometimes it felt so real..and i would wake up feeling upset sbb rupanya mimpi...hampess...hahaha~

and i feel very happy with my wedding planner ni cos the fact that my budget is very small he still would do us a brand new baju.i can't wait to meet him again to see the designs and the type of kain that he chooses...i just hope that everything will be beautiful and soooo romantic...that's all..hihih...

baju kawen J.LO dulu2...(off white silk & chantilly lace) lawa kan?

p/s: yang paling penting...need to lose a lllllot of weight! aiyakkkk~

pp/s: what the heck is chantilly lace?? sungguh saya tak reti~

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

vendor attitude that turns me off

i managed to spend a week long break at my sweet hometown with a few progresses successfully made..well, for a start a week break seems so short these days kan?? tak dan nak buat apa tengok2 it's time to pack n head back to work.. =( but overall i managed to settle some important things that i wish to. like menu for the guests. for my reception the caterer has already confirmed so i can just move on by focussing on other stuffs.

talking about catering service, i had a few incidents yang agak tak syok untuk didengar but still apa salahnya i kongsi sikit kat sini, rite! hmm, i don't have the intention to screw up anyone's reputations here tau..just that i was a little frustrated with the first caterer that my family and i wanted initially. basically the way they treated us like we were a poor unworthy customers..seriously! when we went to discuss and told that our guests tak ramai sebab we are having a small reception ja..around 700 guests..when the manager of that caterer heard that we was so arrogant towards us all of the sudden! apa ni?? mentang-menatang my kenduri tu sikit ja guests dia terus kata " alah 700...kami dok buat selama ni beribu, setakat 700 orang ni apa lah sangat" i was so shocked! amboi...mentang2 dia susun keta mercedes depan rumah dia, pelanggan2 yang tak mendatangkan untung ni tak layan la?? it got me thinking...benarlah kata2 Dr. Mahatir, "Melayu Mudah Lupa"

maybe it's hard to be humble when you're the best...but a little decency would be nice.cakap la tak, tengok orang pun dengan muka yang boring macam nak suruk kita cepat2 blah ja... aduh! sedeh la dengan sikap orang lagu tu...

but luckily managed to find another caterer who are willing to provide everything that we hope for later after that which i reckon is way better in terms of the price, menu, services inyaAllah.but the moral of the story here is that, as a civilized human being, anybody deserve to be treated equally and with respect. jangan la sebab budget you sikit, ciput, maybe tak menguntungkan bisnes, kita just disregard macam tu ja...bukan semua orang buat kenduri besar-besaran..bukan semua orang punya budget yang tinggi..tengok mat salleh buat wedding reception, ada ka buat sampai 1000 orang?? tapi tetap elagant jugak.( err, sorry, perbandingan yang kurang tepat)

but, my main concern is that if a person's style of doing business hanya untuk buat untung semata...untungkah?? carilah keberkatan disamping itu..bukankan lebih baik and insyaAllah, tuhan sentiasa melimpahkan rezeki seperti air sungai. janganlah memilih customers sangat kan...nak tangkap jerung besaq ja...padahal diri sendiri dah rupa jerung ganas.huhu..kalau macam tu lah, orang yang nak buat kenduri yang bajet terhad, tak dapatlah nak kahwin?? haru nak kumpul duit sampai mampu buat yang besar2, extravaganza segala...and i wonder, if we have a small budget aren't we good enough to recieve a good service?? not fair then~

hmm..nevetheless, i will always assume my experience with that particular vendor as bukan rezeki ja lah.maybe orang lain can afford to hold a big reception but not me. my wedding is 100% financed by my fiance and i. the both of us have a limited budget. we're not from well off family or lucky to be sponsored by anyone but we're very happy and satisfied to be doin this all on our own without any help of anyone. sangat happy mampu buat wedding yang humble...
p/s: instead of booking for 700 paxs...dah add sikit for 800paxs.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

two is better than one

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life
And I thought hey
You know this could be something
Cause everything you do
And words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And I am left with nothing

So maybe its true
That I cant live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much timeTo figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
I'm thinking two is better than one

I remember every look upon your face
The way you roll your eyesThe way you taste
You make it hard for breathing
Cause when i close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
I'm finally now believing

Then maybe its true
That I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
I'm thinking two is better than one

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my lifeAnd i thought hey

Maybe it's true
That I cant live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking
That I cant live without you
Cause maybe two is better than one
But there's so much timeTo figure out the rest of my life
But I've figured outWhen all is said and done
Two is better than oneTwo is better than one

Friday, March 12, 2010

gone home for a relaxing break

i have only been teaching here in the polytechnic for almost 3 years and just got my letter of confirmation...the thing is...i am almost burnt out. i love teaching but nowadays i feel more like a labour then a teacher/lecturer.but on the brighter side i'm glad that i'm not the only person who feels this way but many of my co-worker too..maybe because we have to handle so many classes and a lot of tugas sampingn that need our immediate attention and the shortage of lecturer kinda influence our moods at work place...again...what to do~ sabar ja lah...

can't wait to go back to penang today after work..yeay!! i'm gonna be taking a long break since the students are off for their semester break as well,..tadi masuk kelas mengajar boleh tengok muka bebudak semua muka nak balik kampung!hihi..
just a quick one...a few things that i wish to settle during my break:
1. meeting my wedding planner/pelamin maker
2. meeting with the tailor for my baju nikah
3. discuss the menu with the caterer since i have paid the deposit but never had the time to sit
and discuss the menu yet so it's time to bring mak and let her decide the menu..yummyy...ada food tasting!! hihi pantang jumpa makanan
4. start hunting for hantaran deco...
okay friends, seems like this blog will be silent for the next 1 week..i will miss your blogs and reading your stories okay!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


and the award goes to.... ME! hihi., i have just discovered that i have been given this sweet award by fellow blogger ElyaElmo this morning while i was applying my compact powder in front of my PC. hehe...THANK YOU so very much babe! i never knew this blog is award material. but i really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart..( do i sound like an oscar winner already?? haha)

seriously, i enjoy writing my thoughts in this blog. i'm not a good at giving out ideas and creating articles and stuffs cos of my lack of experience. but i find that this blogger world so fascinating..though i was not sure of starting a blog in the first intention of starting this blog is non other then to have a comfort place where i could just pour all of my emotions and thoughts regarding everything but suddenly i found myself blabbing on my wedding preparations more than anything else...hahahha..and tak sangka jugak ada yg membacanya. sebab i didn't expect that...ingat i syok sendiri ja.

ok,ok, based on the rules and regulation of recieving this award, i have to pass this beautiful award as well and do the following: -

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award.
2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award.

4. State 7 things about yourself. 1 done! =)
so the 15 bloggers that i want to pass this award are as follow:

1. nurulhuda
2. aween
3. xora
4. jasmin the bridezilla
5. cik belle
6. yanie
7. miss X
8. Riena
9. narz
10. faratul
11. ash & ann wedding gallery
12. naddynad
13. bubble's bundle
14. hana yorie
15. to any blogger who stops and reads my blog! =) aci kan?

seeing my blog list pun u anybody would know that i dun have many and kadang2 tak sempat nak hello2 other blog and link others.. in a way i never really expose my blog to others so that people are aware of my presence...but to me, apa2 pun everyone is beautiful and fantastic!

the 7 things about myself ekk?? alamak susahnya macam nak exam lak..hahah..well, i try to list 'em ok.
1. a bit paranoid ( err...sangat paranoid sebenarnya)
2. desperately want to lose weight but always fail and subcum to the temptations of foods!!
3. i want to have twins..heheheh...
4. can't spell very well..ada ja silap ejaan
5. i would freak out if i couldn't find my handphone or have my handphone in front of me!
6. i'm a last minute person...tak suka buat keja awal2...lagi stress lagi best buat keja...
7. i cry very easy tapi cepat2 lap ayaq mata takot orang nampak..malu! hihihi...
alright people,..let's spread the beautiful award to everyone in the blogger world!! jummmm~

Monday, March 8, 2010


yeay~ sorry if i may be too overjoy with today's entry....seriously i'm sooooo damn happy! ok, ok, ok,..what could be the most happiest moment then getting a diamond ring?? ehehehe ...( sorry tau, jangan kata i show off pulak ye..hihi)

YES!! suddenly everything feels sooooo real now! yesterday we managed to buy the wedding ring...despite the fact that the wedding is not happening but 6 more months to go kan..i know that iniatially we planned to get the ring 3 months before the wedding but, we are just a bunch of two people who couldn't resist! hahahah....

i'm so happy and could't be more happier..syukur sangat2 berjaya jugak! yes, we managed to get the ring that we want.i feel so blessed despite of everything.honestly, masa dulu2 bila jalan2 tgk cincin selalu i pesan dengan fiance, i dun't mind whatever ring that he buys i tresure it.. walaupun berapa harga dia.i mean i dun't mind at all. but, yesterday everything changed.he said to me let's choose something that i like and suits me..don't think about budget too much. and i was like,.."are u serious??" hahah...

i must say that the sales assistant did a pretty good job by guiding us through on how to choose a good piece of diamond. we did't feel as if we were forced to buy it at all.hehe.. and i can guarentee that the sales assistant made a good sales yesterday...and the fact that i got my dream ring just makes the whole thing seems so overwhelming now...*happy*

so, what is my dream ring?? okay, i won't literally reveal it here of course, tunggu lah 6 bulan lebih lagi kan..hihi..but i'm giving out some sort of ideas to leave people guessing. ;p.. basically i love something that is not complicated, or has too heavy design on the ring...i love a classic style that is timeless looking. i mean if i show it to my children and grandchildren later, i hope they will still think that it looks fabulous for the next 3 generations..(melampau pulak)

i mean, seriously my ring is the simplest..bukan la harga puluhan ribu tau!but i can assure that it's timeless looking..i love he fact that it's rare bukan design yang sama dibuat banyak2 pieces.i'm no expert of a diamond. we didn't buy the ring based on the cut, clarity etc,..but, we got it because we love it and when the sales assistant asked our range of expected budget, my fiance said no specific budget but we are looking for something we like... =) hmm, the ring is sent for resizing and engraving our names inside it..for a fat girl like me to have a slimer fingger made the sales assistant betul2 pelik..hahah..she said "miss jari u soooooo kecil laa" and i replied "i know,..odd isn't it since i'm fat" ;p

i'm so sorry if today's entry agak over the top but seriously, those who knows what me and fiance are going through, cemana susahnya kitorang cari duit to finance our weddind without any help of anyone, kekadang memang sedey sangat2 sbb takot we cannot afford it cos we both baru ja kerja and at the very first stage of starting a life after completing our studies.. so, bila berjaya dapat apa yg dihajati, i feel sooo damn satisfied..though it's not that big of a deal to some people.and betul jugak kata orang, jika niat kita baik, insyaAllah, tuhan at this stage, both me and fiance feel that, everything is on it's track..harap2 semuanya ok~ Amin..

p/s: To fiance, i didn't say thank u to u but i'm sure u know how thankful i feel to have u.sepanjang jalan i tersengeh2 macam kerang busuk and he had to remind me to stop giving him that silly smile! TQ BABE for getting me that ring i tak sangka sangat i'm gonna be the proud owner of that rock!hihih...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

balloon as centerpieces

the trend of today's weddings in Malaysia in my personal opinion has really changed a lot and many of us the bride to be have so many ideas on our head to somehow incorporate the western weddings in term of their decorations and style into our normal malay wedding. i mean many blogs i've read so far love to have some sort of centerpieces on the tables as part of the decorations. i have always thought that having a centerpiece would just do a horrible damage to my bank accont..ya la, bunga la, pasu la, reben la, etc..tak ka pengsan??
but, i have leant that it doesn't necessarily have to spend like a king to have a beutiful wedding but just some intelligence ideas to manipulate our budget so we won't end up bankrupt..hahha..

at first i don't really fancy the idea of having centepiece segala cos takot lari bajet but since i discover the beautiful decoration of using ballons, i totally changed my mind. i would love to incorporate balloons as part of the deco somehow cos when i see the result memang cantik..if i want to deco the hall with flowers i don't think i can afford that.
Balloons tell guests that something very special is taking place.Balloon decor can totally transform an otherwise ordinary hall (even an ugly one!) into an elegant and lavish magical fantasy environment.Balloons themselves don't cost a lot of money. In fact, balloons are cheap!
yes, if we think logically betul jugak kan?? berapa sangat harga belon.i've googled to get some ideas on how to include ballons in my wedding and i find that having ballons as centepiece pun not bad =) jum tengok hasilnya??


cantik kan?? =) ajaklah anak2 sedara ka, adik2 ka tolong tiup belon banyak2...and ikat la belon tu kat batu ka apa ka so that dia tak balut la sikit batu tu dengan kertas balut hadiah ka apa it would look even sweeter...kan?? i forget where i got these pics from..? forgot to save the address..but credits to the pics anyways!

betul ka i nak buat balloon deco nih??? huuuuu~

Monday, March 1, 2010

Very Important People's gift & Best Friends' gift

let me just go straight to my point...i dun know what gift would suit the VIP guests as well my friends...i want to give these people something a lilttle extra just to show my appreciation towards them..but something extra doesn't have to mean something pricey and bombastic and over the top gifs..(sorry, i sound kedekut..hahah). we have been meaning to cut our cost by not giving out the goodie bag to all guests during the reception..i wish i could give away the goodie bags to everyone who attends my majlis =( but i hope the thught that counts kan.yang penting keikhlasan kita. we have made up our mind upon the door gift for the guests but not yet for the VIP and my best friends..

i really hope for any suggestion rite about now..though i do have some rough ideas but KIV la dulu kot unless i really have no idea anymore then i use that idea...i've seen some bloggers gave fruit jams to their guests and i really thought the idea was fantastic!and a friend of mine is also using the same idea for her guests during her reception a few weeks from now..hmm...what should i give??

i have the idea of giving shawl as part of the gift to my best friends as many of them are wearing it...shawl pun murah and lawa nowadays...with just around rm7 dh boleh dapat sehelai if i buy through pemborong la.but would it be too much??? after all my bestie pun bukan ramai mana kan..

pic source: