Monday, April 21, 2014

Another Haircut

pegang botoi Upin Ipin sambil merenung naseb rambut.
This was her 3rd haircut this year. the 2 previous haicuts were more like a trim to her fringe and a little bit at the back. but this time around we went further by cutting it short. like way shorter than usual. huhu...this is actually her Maktok's wish. cos Maryam hates to have her hair all tied up in pony tail and such. so that left us with no choice but to snip..snip..snip... i particularly was a little sad to see her curls gone. ;( i love her curls so much. that was her trademark all these while. we don't really know where she got the curls from cos both me and my husband are naturally straight hair. i even asked the hair dresser whether we could maintain her curls, she said no bubbye... 

on the other hand, i think i love loking at Maryam with short hair version. looks so cheeky... ;) and i'm so proud to see her maintaining her cool during the haircut session. no drama. #happyMom. 

one big girl.

ohh, for that 5 minutes session, we had to pay RM15. pheww... i still rember, when i was little, my haircut only cost my mak around RM2-RM5 only...hahaha...