Wednesday, July 28, 2010

centerpiece for guest tables on nikah day

at first i wanted to have flowers arrangement as centerpieces..all of the ideas that i gathered from wedding blogs and sites seem to change as for now on since i have found a simpler way to reduce my time of doing the flower arrangement. i went back to home sweet home last week and managed to find time to do some wedding stuffs hunting. the centepiece or rather a candle holder that i bought looks appealing to me. i love the shape and everything..but the most important thing the price suits my budget.i bought 10 pieces of the candle holder cos i'm only be having 1 canopy for my nikah all 10 pieces will be on the guest tables. As for the main table, we will figure somethng out.cos my sister is going to handle that here is the so-called centerpieces..heheheh. biasa ja tau! ;)

i bought it because i love the dangling crystal and the love shape handle as well as the love shape dangling..sorry tak tau nak pangil apa benda yg goyang2 tu..heee. showed that to my sister kak dilla, she suggested that we improvise this candle holder by putting a long candle yg boleh beli kat Ikea tu. and we will wrap the candle with lace and stick it to this candle holder...voilaaa! a centerpeice!! heheh ok kan?? i love my sis punya idea..she is a very detail person. she sees things very creatively.unlike me. all i could think of was just to put a pink rounded candle ja.

okay tak benda ni?? hopefully jangan ilang dah la balik from masjid pas nikah, that's about it! my vey humble centerpieces to be.kawan2 yg mai hari nikah nanti jangan la u guys tekejut lak..maybe dalam blog it looks great but in reality biasa ja pun...seriously biasa ja ok! =)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HIV test - entry hampir basi

fiance and i did the test together cos we had the intention to do wedding stuffs hunting later. little that we knew, the HIV test took us almost 3 hours to complete.why?? cos we went to the wrong place which is the hospital lama Alor Star which turned into a clinic. i didn't know anything about it since i trusted my fiance would know best...the clinic was like a centralized clinic where all kind of illnesses are first consulted there..i mean kat situ la nak check sakit jantung, kat situ la nak check darah tinggi, kat situ la nak check kencing manis, ect and kat situ la nak buat HIV Test!! the same doctor pulak tu...
penat tunggu turn. i even lost my temper because i knew we way were behind schedule..but the most horrible thing for us was that the treatment given to us as if we were stupid! the staffs were sarcastic and the people at the counter were very rude.i don't want to elaborate cos it was 2 weeks it's in the past.

for me, i blame it to ourseleves cos the two of us were clueless about the places that we could go to do the test. since i'm not familiar with Kedah in general so i just followed what fiance had planned. he, on the other hand, didn't know much about it and we went there cos it was suggested by his friend..hmm, i still remember we had to wait for 103 people to finish their turns before we could go and get the freaking signature from the doctor!! goshhh...i was hungry and grumpy all at the same, that explained the long face.
the test took us less than 5 minutes but to get the doctor signature was a challenge...lama gila lah..menyesal buat kat situ.tapi dah selamat pun semuanya..just wanted to blog about it..ehehe
i think they should improve their system.they should separate the HIV Test from those who come to get treatments of their was totally a waste of time and energy.and i could see that they need more doctors to shorten the waiting time..tapi Malaysia ni memang kekurangan doctor kan? kesia la tengok doctor2 ni...when i was finally in the room, the doctor asked "ramai lagi ka kat luaq tu?" i said "raaaamai lagi!" and she was frustrated to hear that of course.kesian jugak.
our HIV test was done at the 2nd floor of the building the we had to go down to get the number, and after we got the number we had to go to another counter to get the stamping/cop apa tah then we had to que again at another section of the building to get the number to see the doctor! huhhhh...penat tau. 1 bangunan pusing abeh la~

masa isi borang ni boleh tesalah lak...aduhh kena marah

kaunter cucuk jari, 2nd floor

final result?? of course HIV -ve!!

earlier, on our way to the clinic fiance said to me if the result is positive, he would still marry me...awwww... he's such a sweetie.but i said to him on our way back from the clinic i would marry him too...sah2 la dah tahu result dia negative baru i cakap...tak baik kan!

p.s. tadi i cakap nak buat next entry esok..tapi tak tahan..dah gatal jari..nak jugak la type tumpang ada masa terluang ni...hihi

interview with pejabat agama

it's done! i can safely sa that i'm now waiting for my big day only...Alhamdulillah. for those who is still puzzled about interview's only compulsory for certain states in Malaysia and penang is included. the insterview was not like what i imagined it would be. i woke up early morning of yersterday and headed to Pejabat Agama Daerah Seberang Perai Tengah to submit my documents and go through the interview before they could issue me the Surat Kebenaran Nikah. what are the Questions?? alahai...not worth my time studying..seriously, the ustat who interviewed me did the interview in a v-e-r-y- r-e-l-a-x condition! this is the "interview" or rather a conversation between us.hehhhh~

ustat: hah...dah sedia ka nak kawen ni?
me: hehe..insyaAllah
ustat: betul sedia ni?
me: insyaAllah ustat
ustat: bukan mudah nak kawen ni..bukan main2. betul sedia?
me: ya la.tak berani kata 100% sedia..tapi insyaAllah dah la.
ustat: muda lagi nak kawen ni!
me: ehh, ustat saya tak muda dah...dah 27 tahun ( dalam hati agak hangat..awat dia ni tak tanya soalan pun?)
ustat: lahh ya kalau suami kata duduk, awak duduk dak?
me: (puzzled) er..duduk!
ustat: bediri?
me: berdiri!
ustat: berlari?
me: er..lari la ustat!
ustat: haa...bukan mudah nak buat semua tu..bukan mudah nak patuh cakap suami..
me: (clueless)
ustat: ( checking my documents) pensyarah ka?? awat tak habaq?? ishhh..pensyarah mana ni?
me: ajar kat poli ja...
ustat: hmm...baca doa qunut skit dengan tahiyat akhir.
me: (baca)
ustat: boleh la ni kawen..(signing and ticking) tahniah la no...kawen elok2.
me: tima kaseh ( dalam hati..biar betul ustat ni)


selamber kan!! aduh..i spent a few minutes revising the topics that the pejabat agama list down but non of it were asked!(of cos kena revise okay..i ni darah gemuruh..cewah) just a very basic thing...but, apa pun syukur Alhandulillah...i can get married la pasni kan..the kebenaran nikah will be ready next week. and from there my family will take it and deal with the tok kadi. =)

okay, that day i promised to share the questions list and so here are the questions. harap nampak la ok..sorry i tak type.

there are 24 questions all together but 2 out of the 24 were asked to me..heheh~

hmm, quick update! i think so far all the major stuffs have all been settled and i am now at a stage of counting down for the big day. i want to spend this 2 months looking after myself pulak kot...i have to take care of my health and i have to get rid all of these stress that i'm having and just focus! kenapa stress? well, i'm not stressed about my wedding much, seriously! i'm stressed of my work basically. ok, dah tukar tajuk lak ni..okay la, i will stop here and write more tomorrow, insyaAllah! bye~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

updated version

huishh...seminggu tak jengok blog ni! as always, i have no better reasons but i blame my work loads aci kan? =)

while busy with teaching and million other stuffs, on top of that i have to settle a lot of things regarding the wedding since it's almost around the corner.Mashaallah..cepat sungguh masa berlalu i still wish i could have more time to prepare.nevertheless, a few important things have finally settled which is THE NIKAH DOCUMENTS! all that left is to submit them to the pejabat agama back in penang which is next week. on top of that i'm currently preparing myself for the INTERVIEW! yep...Penang pengantin wajib interview..tak lulus tak leh kawen depa kata...ehehhe. i'll share the questions that the pejabat agama attached in my forms later because i just realized that the questions are ralatively different according to daerah2 in penang.still, the questions are basic things that we as a Muslim should know of..nanti la i share. ;)

though, i said they are basic, tapi hatiku tetap nervous ok.hehe..ya la the last time i went on an interview was the interview untuk sahkan jawatan interview untuk sahkan i boleh menikah ka dak...penting tuh! and i was so jealous that fiance is not going through it since he's not a penangites!! dia, isi borang and hantar ja..selesai! at first, i thought nak kawen kena sama2 interview..turned out to be i'm the only person yang kena interview.hihi.. on a lighter note, takkan la ustaz pejabat agama tu nak interogate i teruk2 kan? so keep a positive mind ja la..

WEDDING CARD! yeahhh...success!! berjaya di tempah dengan happy. i mean, fiance and i had the time to sit and select the one card that suit our need and budget. we went to Alor Star and glad that we found so many choices there compared to my place back in seberang perai. i was touched with my FFIL effort when he took the time to write us a qoute to be include in our wedding card. usually when we were to order the wedding card, we would just choose the Hadith strips that the card vendors prepared kan? i decided to replace the Hadith strip with the qoute written by FFIL. *happy* cos seriously, i felt that the saying couldn't be more perfect...suit us and fit us like a glove...cewah! hope he's happy when he found out.

so today, fiance will go to do the proof read ( wahh macam buat tesis MA lak) and tengok the master copy...i hate the fact that i can't do that on my own cos i admit i could be a bit of a control freak sometimes. i just dun want any mistake on the card. that's i gave fiance a simple checklist for him to do while doing the proof read tu...i specifically told him, to follow my very simple checklist! so darling, no mistake ok. ;p

HIV test?? ohh, DONE!! but full of drama..also, i write about it later..just to share my not so good experience!

hmm...a lot of things have been settled but a whloe lot of other things that need to be settle~ i admit i'm actually on the verge of having melt down and such! but, apa2 pun...again I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

can't get over it

i believe we can't always get everything that we want and hope for...yes i know that. for god's sake, i am no where close to being fuzzy..but this is a wedding that we are talking about! a wedding! my wedding..why can't i have something, just one freaking thing that for once is going to make me a happy bride??? i don't get it when u keep insisting me to pursue your idea?? it is not your wedding, damn it!! so NOT yours! i only want to make this one thing right..just this one! the rest...I DON'T FREAKING CARE! got it??
i just want to be happy..i hate it when i'm not ( well who doesn't) please understand me. i'm not asking for much.i never ask for a grand thing. never.. but i just want that one thing to be perfect.just one perfect thing! is that too much to ask?? O.N.E
please.... ;(

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ni pun about unprofessional bridal boutique & planner - huishh..

this morning i read a few bride to be blogs regarding the unprofessional wedding planners...seriously my heart felt for the victims and reading their entries about how unsatisfied, devastated and miserable they felt make me so afraid too. i'm sure everyone has read those entries from b2b blogs especially reyna , nurulhuda, and many more..tu jala yg i sempat baca di awal pagi ni..selama ni pun banyak cerita2 b2b that i read throughout my preparation of my wedding. i'm like each and everyone of u girls, i pray nothing bad to happen to my wedding too. * amin*
kita hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan menentukan.
the one thing i notice about wedding planner around my place, memang ada perangai tak professional langsung up to the point i dah fed up nak deal with these people. what they promised in the beginning turned out to be a completely different on the day of the event...this thing happened to me and a few of my friends during the engagement and the wedding day. i remember my best friend's wedding turned into nightmare for her when her make up person ( tak boleh panggil MUA sbb dia bodoh) didn't do her job well sampai my other friend step up and amik alih tugas si MUA bodoh tu sebab she was so damn late..masuk butik dia penuh dengan manusia macam sadin butik tu - penuh dengan brides and dia seniri bepeluh make upkan semua manusia yang dia janji nak make up hari tu...gila sgt! jerung yang tamak i must say! yang paling lawak i tengok dia make up my friend tak sampai 20 minit and she was done..padahal kami tunggu dekat2 3 jam turn make up..kesian jugak my friend. benda dah terjadi.
another thing many of the wedding planners ni i notice jugak their sharp tounge..they are very sensitive if they recieve not so good comments from us. they are very offended. clearly not unprofessional! kalau ditegur or kita pendapat kita, wahhh melenting yang bukan2..meroyan! walaupun comment yang diberi berkaitan hal biasa2 seperti kita kata tema warna tu bukan tema warna kegemaran kita..well, i know a wedding planner will always claim that they are the professional and they have all the experiences but if a wedding planner cannot make a client happy, what's the use? kan! lantak la if the client nak buat tema warna macam badut sekali pun, if that's what make the client very happy, as a "professional" u kena la ikot jugak kehendak clents..kan?? jangan la pulak u as a professional, maki2, kutuk2, marah2 clients u kata si client ni BUTA SENI! bongok betul..i have came acrross these situations a few times during my survey for my wedding preparation...siap ada yg kutuk2 previous clients unprofessional okay.
also another aspect that needs more improvement from a wedding planner & boutique is the fact that they take the Quotation Request from the clients so lighly. i mean banyak tempat i pi if we kita mintak ja quote harga items yang kita nak mesti dia round off terus harga. langsung tak tau nak quote harga per item...ape kahhh??? main assume ja everything is for example RM12K...apasal tak tunjuk bukti 1 per 1 apa benda yg RM12 k tu?? still i sendiri tak friends cakap ni teknik2 memanipulasi customers. dosa kan!tapi ada jugak yang baik hati sanggup bersabar and hantar qouatations yg diminta...tapi tak ramai la..seriously i tak tau napa kat penang macam ni.
as a wedding planner,the only goal u have to score is to make a customer happy no matter what the circumstances are! a wedding planner should never be an ego maniac, look down on others, also being unfair..that's what i believe.
in my point of view, a customer is always right. and if a person can't accept that due the biggest ego and also due to the aim of making profits only, u will not survive long in the bridal business world..lambat laun balasan tuhan akan turun jugak..dalam bentuk yang berbeza2...Allah Maha Berkuasa.fikirlah, sekiranya kita menzalimin seseorang, Allah akan menzalimi kita balik and ingatlah balasan Allah jauh lebih besar dari apa yang kita mampu buat..kan!! ;)
ohh. i love the fact that kita ada Consumer Protection Act 1999 & Tuntutan Tribunal Pengguna Malaysia as stated in the blogs that i mentioned above, so as a consumer, if we think we have been conned, jangan sekali2 bediam diri and redha ada banyak benda lain yang kita boleh redha tapi bukan benda yang sampai membuatkan kita stress.kena berani memperthankan hak.
p.s: hopefully the same thing won't happen to me...kalau jadi mesti i sedih gila macam mangsa2 yang lain...sori panjang pulak i berleter!

Monday, July 5, 2010

my reception dress...

i went home as i said in the previous entry to do my 1st fitting of the reception dress..well, some of the pics taken and revealed to my close family and friend...i got some mix reactions regarding the dress...

many of the comments i recieved were about how my tummy look so obvious when i wore the rite now i have no idea how to go about it just yet...fiance has not seen me in the dress yet cos he cud not make it that day.i went with a sister ja..if peole ask me about how i feel...seriously i dun know. luckily they are willing to improve the dress a little so i don't look like i'm pregnant.

i'm a normal girl having few problems with body. im not a model like figure, and my belly is definitely not flat as a pan the one thing that i really want to avoid during my reception is a comment " wow..dah pregnant kah?" so this is making me uneased la...

i'm not complaining or what-so-ever i like the whole look of the dress. so simple..but many said too simple rather..they said i look too stiff in the dress..Ya Allah napa i recieved all these comments? and the worst, they linger at the back of my head..i woke up last sunday and cried cos i was not happy..i need to move on and wear a dress that make me happy and doesn't matter what people are going to say i will make sure i wear something i'm happy in. i can't be in dress that i'm not comfortable, rite?? and i dun want people to think i'm pregnant!!

this is my very very very simple dress...sorry ya, i blur everything. the guy at the back..tu la sofi...cute okay!! :-) i love the long veil..makes me feel so romantic. i dun care if it doesn't suit me..i love it long.

taking the picture sambil menahan nafas...hahaha ;p

actually the dress is not 100% done..still need some finishing..butang2 kat tangan belum include nampak tangan tu menggelebeh sikit sbb unbottoned yet..

i'm still considering other options at this stage to wear or not to wear, that's the question :)

fiance said " if i'm not happy, then i should do something about it. he said we could still rent other dress if that's what make me happy..after all it's my wedding..i want to feel beautiful..i want to feel like ratu sehari...for once in my life...besides i'm not having two receptions as normal pengantin..this is the only chance for me to feel and look beutiful. i hope people understand this.

the dress that caught my attention as i entered the place...also a dress of sofi's other client..funny i thought it was my dress cos i couldn't remember a thing bout the sketch of my own take note ya b2b lain...make sure u remember the sketch of your own dress.hahah..malu tau masa i kata.." yang tu ekk my dress" kwang...kwang..kwang..btw, lawa kan dress full of elegance i must say