Thursday, July 8, 2010

can't get over it

i believe we can't always get everything that we want and hope for...yes i know that. for god's sake, i am no where close to being fuzzy..but this is a wedding that we are talking about! a wedding! my wedding..why can't i have something, just one freaking thing that for once is going to make me a happy bride??? i don't get it when u keep insisting me to pursue your idea?? it is not your wedding, damn it!! so NOT yours! i only want to make this one thing right..just this one! the rest...I DON'T FREAKING CARE! got it??
i just want to be happy..i hate it when i'm not ( well who doesn't) please understand me. i'm not asking for much.i never ask for a grand thing. never.. but i just want that one thing to be perfect.just one perfect thing! is that too much to ask?? O.N.E
please.... ;(


Xora said...


Anonymous said...

pedulikan mereka noRr!!

mysarah said...

i selalu alami benda macam ni u.. but what to do, wedding harus diteruskan.

cheer up girl! =)

nizabeba said...

u have the right dear!! huhu~
hopefully u get what u want..

A W E E N N Y E said...

go go go

NoRr said...

TO ALL : tima kaseh ya kerana memberi semangat...=) sometimes it's just too hard to make people turunkan keeogan mereka and cuba faham situasi kita..kan! hukhuk