Tuesday, July 24, 2012

salam ramadhan

Salam to everyone,

pejam celik, pejam celik...Ramadhan datang lagi and it has been 4 days already... # time surely flies fast# 

i just had to take this opportunity to properly  wish to everybody my Ramadhan Wishes since i have not had enough time to reply those smses through the phone, FB etc. 

Last year, we may have not welcomed the blessed month of Ramadhan well. So, this year, let’s seize the opportunity and welcome our Ramadhan appropriately and bid it the farewell it deserves.

Ramadhan ends the moment it starts. Let’s ensure by the time it passes, we don’t regret for wasting any moment of it.

HAPPY RAMADHAN  to my family members, friends (online and off line..hehehe), bloggers and reader of this blog. and i just hope that you guys HAVE A BLESSFUL RAMADHAN AND MAY THIS RAMADHAN BE BETTER THEN THE PREVIOUS..

p.s. make sure jangan gain weight pulak since there are soooo many marvellous choice of foods this time aroung hehhh! ;p

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Never knew that i could be so glad & relieved to see the one line appeared.... hahhhh!! i finally got my period  today after almost a week of delays..i guess Miss P got stuck in traffic jam or something... i was so nervous to learn that the period this month seemingly not coming. gila laa..rasa huru hara sekejap jiwaku... my period has been regular and on time ever since anak dara. perfect 28 days cycle. but suddenly when it didn't appear after the complete 28 days i was scared... i told Rizal about it and guess what?? he was happy!! yeayyy another baby he said.... gila!! he is living a few hours away, i am handling Maryam here without his help at the moment and the idea of having another baby after 8 months of having Maryam is.... A WRONG IDEA!

i actually had all these imaginations IF i got pregnant again i am pretty sure i would be in a big mess... and poor Maryam... she has to share my love another baby... adoi!! banyak laa..i was thinking of the worst thing that could happen if i ever got pregnant again - ... unplanned #jenuh#

But the silly part was, i sempat fikir...well, not bad huh setahun sekali produce baby... rezeki tuhan jangan ditolak if it really meant to be kan...also how fun to get to wear the maternity wear again! hahaha... best jugak kan??

i am not ready for another baby at this point of time and life actually. this is a year for me to focus on my career pulak until at least Maryam is big enough to understand about having a baby sister or brother around. until then, i just want to pamper Maryam to the max... not spoiled her okay... ;)

Honestly, i am not on any pill perancang or anything related to safe / precautious sex. hahahah.. there you go... i just told the whole world about it. sebab we ( the hubs and i ) believe that the natural way of family planning is the ideal way for us. and hopefully there won't be any "big accident" in the near future. hmm... now it got me thinking... should i take something to avoid the accident??  i mean so far we have been doing fine the natural way... after all, it's not like we do it all the time... huhu..

Whatever it is.....better be more caustious next time.... #phew#

p.s. i would love to have another baby girl in the future *wink*
p.p.s. i take it as STRESS is the major factor that contributes to the delay of my best friend Miss P this time. SPA anyone??? ;)

Friday, July 6, 2012



if anybody notices all my previous entries were nothing but consist of WORDLESS WEDNESDAY or just a simple sentence and that was all. the best i could do with this dear blog. well, i hope it clearly pictures how busy i was juggling too many things all at the same freaking time! *phew* seriously i was busy with too many things a few months back. busy with moving out, moving in and work commitments and balancing everything. i really wanted to write, in fact there are a few things i wanted to record here but i guess i was too busy (kalah YB pulak).

For a start, HEY I AM FINALLY BACK IN PENANG FOR GOOD! syukur Alhamdulillah, after almost 6 years of staying and working in Perlis, i managed to  "meloloskan diri" hahahha... i never expected when i filled up the transfer form i would get the transfer just like that! huhh...menggelabahh laa kami anak beranak... because my husband never prepared to be transfered yet, currently just Maryam and myself sahaja berpindah ke Penang while he is still waiting to join us two hopefully after raya. *keep my fingres crossed*

ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW STRESSFUL I AM BEING AWAY FROM THE HUBS OKAY...! aduh... it really hards..that's all i could conclude. i am not gonna elaborate anymore..too depressing.

But, this is the decision i had made after i gave birth to maryam, i told myself  that i had enough of Perlis and everything about it. hahaha...macam teruk ja bunyi kan? Well, i do firmly believe that in order to move up, you just need to move out. ESPECIALLY when u have no job satisfaction at your old place anymore. i felt that i was becoming a dinosour there. and i hate the fact  i would remain stupid forever if i didn't make a move to change ... the enviroment there was not right for me anymore. i have my own ambition, vision and mission.Again, i don't want to be a dinasour!

How about the new place?? have i found my job satisfaction here?? well, for a start all i could say it;s a refreshing experience here...new working enviroment, new collegues, new perspectives and new working culture. i am loving the differences already... because i am apart of a team that is soooo well-organised and i have no opportunity to being unorganised anymore.hahahah...dalam maksud tuhh!! basically, i fit well at my new place. people are so helpful and great teamwork from top to bottom. and i also feel i need to perform here which i never felt at the old place.

Alhamdulillah....but there is no such thing as a perfect organisation and i am fully aware of that. so i don't expect much just a new place to start and grow again. hopefully, i could contribute something here.

enough about work. now..family... *sigh* where do i begin?? hari-hari rindu sama suami oi~ walaupun dekat saja still, we are not seeing each other every day. it broke my heart to see Maryam was not her usual self when we first moved here. she was very quiet and not enjoying herself. and that was enough for me to broke into tears for a few days after we arrived. i could sense that my baby was feeling down  without her daddy to play every night like it used to...but baby are well adapted human i guess...slowly and gradually Maryam could accept this changes and she's doing ok now. after all she's turning 8 months tomorrow... big girl now..

oh my goodness, she is soooo active and loves being independant. belagak macam dia tu budak besar ja gaya...she wants to break free...tawaf satu rumah sambil beguling2. and she would be under the table or the bed kalau nak cari dia sekarang sebab tu memang tempat lepak dia...hahahah... macam2 hal la sebab makin aktif and makin suka bermain.

she's 8 months tomorrow...and i just want to stop the time from flying so fast...boleh?? sometime i miss her being a newborn. haihhh...the next thing i know it is time for her to go to school already....cepat sungguh masa Ya Allah.

she has 2 teeth now!

what's new in term of her development ya? hm...i am so thankful that she's healthy. heathier than she's ever been before since we got here. Alhamdulillah... she's very active, so clever in her own way and loves foods. ;) 

i guess i can safely say that at her 7 months of age she manages to eat almost what a 7 months old infant could eat. i found that the websites and baby food groups on FB really help me so much in term of preparing her nutritious foods and homemade. i am so pround to say that until now she eats everything homemade including her biscuits. all made from scratch laa by mom. *wink* except on certain occasion i do let her take some baby bites on the counter like the teething biscuits and such. kadang i tak sempat beli buah or while travelling far i would let her eat the ready made snacks. in term of her staple, i do prepare it myself or my mother would help no matetr how far we travel bubur+puree all are homemade. i really make sure of that.

always munching~
jalan2 pun mesti nak mengunyah juga mulut tu

okay, i think i can be at peace now for writing something after soooooo damn long of being quiet from the blogging world... trust me, i am very busy woman once i strat teaching. everything is moving so fast in Penang as compared while we were in Perlis. hahahah.... (busy la sangaaatttt)

till i write again.. much love from me and Maryam Bahyraa all the way from Penang.

ohh, my baby Maryam,..happy 8 months old tommorow...mommy love you and daddy too..

Maryam & Mom