Tuesday, July 24, 2012

salam ramadhan

Salam to everyone,

pejam celik, pejam celik...Ramadhan datang lagi and it has been 4 days already... # time surely flies fast# 

i just had to take this opportunity to properly  wish to everybody my Ramadhan Wishes since i have not had enough time to reply those smses through the phone, FB etc. 

Last year, we may have not welcomed the blessed month of Ramadhan well. So, this year, let’s seize the opportunity and welcome our Ramadhan appropriately and bid it the farewell it deserves.

Ramadhan ends the moment it starts. Let’s ensure by the time it passes, we don’t regret for wasting any moment of it.

HAPPY RAMADHAN  to my family members, friends (online and off line..hehehe), bloggers and reader of this blog. and i just hope that you guys HAVE A BLESSFUL RAMADHAN AND MAY THIS RAMADHAN BE BETTER THEN THE PREVIOUS..

p.s. make sure jangan gain weight pulak since there are soooo many marvellous choice of foods this time aroung hehhh! ;p


bunga daisy said...

salam ramadhan to u too

NoRr said...

thank u...same goes to u ya.. ;)

iietamalek said...

Salam ramadhan awak...

NoRr said...

hye iieta, selamat berpusa noo.. ;)