Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Syawal Datang Lagi~

pagi2 bikin spoil laa.. sudah marah2 anak ini kepada bapaknya~

petang pi beraya. i am huge!! *&^%#@

seriously i don't have proper family picture on the first day of raya morning. all of the gambar memang horror dengan ank i buat hal lagi amok2 rimas pakai baju kurung segala so that evening of raya we went out to take a proper pictures at one wedding gallery phothograpy boutiqe which i ended paying like RM500++ for a session! ciss betul  to commemmorate the special occation. and Insya Allah the photos will be ready in a copule of weeks... can't wait for it! cos i think i looked polished in the pics. LOL~ (worth every penny la)

anyways, just wanna take this opportunity to wish all SELAMAT HARI RAYA & MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. i hope u guys had a lot of fun cos i really did... *bejalan sungguh* hehehe...

wish i could write more but my time is so limited ( as if i sorang ja busy. cehhh) especially after work. after anak tidoq baru lah boleh buka lappy. tu pon buat keja. tsk tsk tsk...

i shall update again, soon. InsyaAllah.


girl with an attitude. hahaha

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lil' Maryam is 9 months & Big Daddy turned 30 this month!

salam to all, hope everbodeh is fine and trying our best to upgrade our ibadah inthis blessful month. ;)

so yeah i am a pround mommy to a big girl who turned 9 months today! HAPPY 9 MONTHS OLD BABY GIRL!


well lama la i tak update Maryam punya milestones kan! it's fun to share with everyone what our babies can do sometimes. hehe..not to brag or anything but as mothers we love to share a few small things that our babies can do i think.

so as off 9 months what Maryam is all about? let me think as i write this slowly ok..hahahaa..

  • she is a small girl with big appatite. seriously! no kidding... my mak cakap budak ni tolak batu dengan kayu ja.. but i think if i give her batu and kayu pon dia still sumabt masuk mulut jugak kot. hahahah... she eats breakfast, big lunch, big dinner and a few snacks in between. so it is very important for me to select her foods carefully. sepanjang Ramadhan ni never once she missed to join us beriftar. dia suka makan okay... she would be quiet if u give her food. and she won't bother anything revoleves around her. hahahha... 
caught eating again!

  • she can say "BYE BYE" but not that precise.. it's more of "BABABAbyeee" with her cute hand waving at you. actualy she just learnt to wave and we've been very consistent to teach her how to wave and Alhamdulillah she got it. now i balik kerja and pegi kerja  tak larat wave and say BYE BYE MARYAM because dia suka wave and say babye tak henti2... but she wouldn't do to any stranger la or orang yang dia tak biasa.
  •  she could clap! adoi..kelakar... kalut semacam when i say " CLAP" ini pon baru 2-3 hari ni dia dapat akal how to clap. probably because i always sing to her and clap clap clap.. kot..

  •  of course like any baby at this age they know their name. so does Maryam. just call her she'll turn at you. :)

  • she loves cat but i wouldn't let her gets to nearer laa. because she has had history of a bad acute broanchitis and almost had astma. so it is to prevent her from any infections. the cutest part is she would call the cat by making her cute voice to call them. i always call the cats by saying "meow...meow.." but she cannot say that just yet so would make her own sound to call the cats. so..memang precious... ;)
kucing betul cannot. kucing jadian pun okay laa...

  • other than that, at 9 months she can crawl very fast and would try to get up. dah mula memanjat and nowadays memang tak boleh tinggal dia sorang2 main. sebab dia akan memanjat and cuba lepaskan tangan..dah jatuh tehantuk a few time already...but never give up trying. that's my baby! hahahah...

  • ohh  her teeth are 7 the last time i counted. 4 bawah and 3 di atas yang baru muncul all at the same time... patut laa menggigit sakan...

  • sangat penggeli akan corak seperti animal prints on baju or seluar. especially corak kulit harimau and snakes... yeay! she is like me. finally 1 benda yang sama macam mak dia. ahhaha.. we discovered that when her aunty wore seluar yang ada corak macam harimau. her aunty was trying to lift her but all of sudden she screamed like nobody's business and tried to release herself from her aunty's arm.. kelakar gila! tak padan dengan kecik...and aunty dia cuba datang dekat dengan dia pun dia dh jerit sebab tengok seluar harimau tu sampai kena tukar seluar baru dia nak aunty dia dukung...lawak gila tengok gelagat.

  •  hmm..sangat sangat sangat active. asal buka mata ada saja kerja nak buat...bukan kemas rumah okay...tapi tolong buat semak. segala majalah ka barang apa ka tak boleh dah letak within her reach. kalau tidak sedar2 rumah dah mcam tongkang pecah. pukul 3-4 pagi orang tidur dia sorang2 pusing rumah buat keja...adoii...tak dok diam.

  •  i guess other than that she is just an angle to sis kata ada potensi jadi budak manja but tak tau laa... i memang manjakan anak at this point pon...ehehehee cos i think she's too small for me to be too serious...

okay, cukup la cita tentang anak dara ni yang pastinya takkan habis... moving on to next storey.. yesterday, 6th August was my husband's birthday...and we didn't go out to celebrate but we had a mini celebration after berbuka puasa with  my brother's family. nothing fancy, just a cake cutting and then off we went to home and slepts. hahahaha... ohh, he is now officially turned 30... TUA! hahahah... okay lahh i gelak tahun depan i pulak 30!! ambikk..

so here's a family picture to share..more in the camera which i malas nak transfer ke laptop. so pakai gambaq henfon cukup.

a simple chocolate brownies made bought with LOTSA LOVE! heheheh...

happy birthday dear husband!! you know i always love you no matter how old and wrinkled you get kan! heheheh...