Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Syawal Datang Lagi~

pagi2 bikin spoil laa.. sudah marah2 anak ini kepada bapaknya~

petang pi beraya. i am huge!! *&^%#@

seriously i don't have proper family picture on the first day of raya morning. all of the gambar memang horror dengan ank i buat hal lagi amok2 rimas pakai baju kurung segala so that evening of raya we went out to take a proper pictures at one wedding gallery phothograpy boutiqe which i ended paying like RM500++ for a session! ciss betul  to commemmorate the special occation. and Insya Allah the photos will be ready in a copule of weeks... can't wait for it! cos i think i looked polished in the pics. LOL~ (worth every penny la)

anyways, just wanna take this opportunity to wish all SELAMAT HARI RAYA & MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. i hope u guys had a lot of fun cos i really did... *bejalan sungguh* hehehe...

wish i could write more but my time is so limited ( as if i sorang ja busy. cehhh) especially after work. after anak tidoq baru lah boleh buka lappy. tu pon buat keja. tsk tsk tsk...

i shall update again, soon. InsyaAllah.


girl with an attitude. hahaha

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