Monday, July 22, 2013


redha ja la rambut kena cantas.

orang lain mesti busy fikir baju raya during the weekend kan? i was busy thinking to trim my girl's hair... yeah, it was her first ever experience at a hair salon. we went to Loreal. see?? i even brought her to a professional to deal with her messy hair... rambut anak i bukan laa kategori tebal or banyak or terlalu panjang...we just had a good trim of her fringe ja cos she looked very uncomfortable whenever rambut dia menutup it's not cute.hahahha...

so, how was the experince? well, did i ever tell you all that i have a VERRRY active and can't it still child?? hahaha...the hair cut that she had at the salon was very calm,smooth and very easy moment for the hair fact i was surprised to see how well behaved  Maryam was.*insert a very proud mommy here*

she basically, followed the instructions well although she didn't really understand...i was worried she would turn her head left to right. or worst she would scream like crazy! but no, she sat there still with no movement...hahahah...tegelak2 mak! it was definitely something new for both of us.

and after she finished her session the hair stylist lifted her and dukung for a while and took pictures...was soo cute moments.he asked me how many kids i have, i said she's the only one. and he said "no need anymore child, u have a good one here"  ;) sweet kan!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcoming Ramadhan 2013

Wishing all Muslims Selamat Berpuasa & Beribadah during this blessing month of Ramadhan. Let's embrace the spirit of Ramadhan and may this Ramadhan is a better one for us than the previous ones ;)  Ameen.

p.s: i hope to lose another 5kg during this full of blessings Ramadhan. ;))