Friday, April 30, 2010

should i be panicked?

i'm feeling a lil' nervous seeing other brides to be whose weddings are more than 5 months aways managed to settle their baju nikah already..basically tinggal nak pakai baju tu ja masa hari nikah. i'm on the other end, kain pun belum beli2 lagi...i mean should i be panicked? i know i'm being silly...but everytime i read entries regarding brides baju nikah i feel like..alamak i have not done anything with my baju nikah pun. kadang2 perasaan TAKOT mula timbul...and i hate it! ;(

i blame it on my work completely cos i plan to go to KL to get the kain as advised by many friends...nowadays, it's final exam season di IPTA, it makes my life a little more hectic than usual..nak check assignments students la, nak mark paper la...busy! =( so i have to wait till everything has subsided and plan my trip to KL. luckily i have family there to help me during my shopping spree...banyak benda nak buat after this~ tekanan hampir dirasai..heheee

hopefully, my baju nikah will be there when i need it this october! ( apa punya statement nihh? )

okay, got to stop now...more marking & more grading to be completed~


Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale
I wore a dress
You wore a dark grey t-shirt
You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess
Today was a fairytale

Time slows down when ever you're around

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale
You've got a smile that takes me to another planet
Every move you make everything you say is right
Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale
All that I can say is now it's getting so much clearer
Nothing made sense until the time I saw your face
Today was a fairytale

Time slows down whenever you're around, yeah

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale

Time slows down whenever you're around
I can feel my heart
It's beating in my chest
Did you feel it?
I can't put this down

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale

fairytale untuk sapa ya? ramai yg kawen hari ni & weekend ni...including a few friends of mine...tetiba rasa nak nyanyi lagu ni~ heard it when i was in my car driving to the office..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

penang brides' dilemma - from my perspective

as the bride to be from the north, i find it very frustrating when it comes to wedding vendors.. what i mean is i don't really have many choices here. unlike u girls from KL etc. i don't know about other northern brides to be and how they search for their vendors around here...ada ka yang bagus2?? susah nak jumpa yg talented, creative and professional. balik2 itu ja la yang ada.


kat penang JAKEL pun takdak tau! the nearest is in Sg. Petani...again,i'm so frustrated with their kains...even the sales assistant told me to go to KL to buy my kain nikah..cos apparently, they said the kains there were the "left overs" from KL. ( yang mana tak laku depa hantaq pi sana..apa punya turr?? ) even my wedding planner bought our kains for our wedding outfits in KL...but, again it all depend on own preferances..maybe in my own eyes i hate it but maybe when others see it, it's the most beautiful kain they've ever seen. so i'm okay with th fact that i have to buy my kain in KL instead. kalau yang busy terpaksa tangguh2 bukan senang nak ke sana kena plan betul2, kan? my wedding is 5 months away but i have not bought my kain nikah just yet..funny, my baju bersanding dah settled. ;p


next, it's about the bridal boutiques pulak...there are a lot! no doubt about it. but to find a "decent" one is quite a challenge...BIG CHALLENGE for me though. eveytime i enter a boutique, i find the same styles,same colors and same attitude among the assistants...which is, they can't really understand our need..they keep insisting that we accept their ideas only, which i find sooooo lapuk ditelan zaman. ( excuse my french..ehehe ) and kalau yang jenis bagi idea ni okay la kan walaupun idea dia kita tak suka sgt, at least there's option given to us..but many of the assistants have no idea at all. i mean, i get a lot of silent stares and instead of me asking the questions, they would ask me what i want..if they don't have what i want, then bad luck for me i just have to move on and look out for more least give me some options & suggestions..dalam 7 butik i pi depa semua jenis macam ni...tak paham i~ lack of communication skills or something..or maybe boss tak bayar gaji?? wallahualam~ but, overall, i seriously feel that many of the boutiqes are out of trend...very hard to find the latest wedding stuffs there. though i'm not that trendy person but i know to diffrenciate what's in & what's out~


about make up now, well..sadly to say i was one of the victims to bad make up which left me feeling traumatic already...i don't want to say that all of them are bad cos at that time i was so clueless about make up...i see the samples and the previous works only and based on that alone i decided to let the person do my make up on my engagement...takpa la...pasrah, benda dah jadi. but attending several weddings around my hometown, all i can say is that, the make ups are very very very thick! tebal gila...and the brides look so diffrent...kadang2 takot tengok..yes, bila dalam gambar nampak cantik tp in reality...malas nak cakap long as the brides are happy...

so, i really hope for fresh talents in penang cos we all do want to follow the current trends.because of my not so good experience, i lost hope and decided that i don't want to go to any of the boutiques anymore..Alhamdulillah, i have found somebody fresh & talented...ooh and young too..hehehe..i can't say much just yet, we'll see how my wedding turns out first yaa??! ;p


wedding photographers pulak! well, there are so many up and coming photographers i think but again, it all depend on our is subjective to individual...tepuk dada tanya selesa...the price range are standards i guess..many that i asked so far would qoute me almost the same thing betweet RM2000-2550 for 2 events with outdoor shoot as well...but, my photog are from Kulim, Kedah..yang penang punya mahal sikit la from my budget..eheheh..

i just hope these photographers will continue to sharpen their skills...i love many of the works from photographers that are based outside penang too..but i can't hire them cos of the extra charges that i have to pay. so at the early stage of photographer huntings, i have decided to just focus on what we have around penang, kedah or perlis the northern brides all i can say is keep looking cos many of them are good!=) don't fall for the pictures that you see on their websites only...but it's better for you to go and meet them personally.

okay, that's all i have for now...maybe will be a continuation later... =) ohh, for those who think my opinions stink...i hope you understand that this is just an opinion from a person only...again, i'm not the pro here...a lot of things that i don't know much...

Monday, April 26, 2010

photographer - CHECKED!

if i had some extra budget in hand, i would want to have DANIEAL ZAIN to capture all moments during my wedding day..but knowing that i could not fork out more than what is within my budget i resolve to NASIR ZIN...eheheh...okay, please don't ever get me the wrong way...i'm not saying Nasir Zin is not the best or the second best..he is one of the earliest photographer that we met during our photoghrapher huntings...and seing his actual works is the only reason we have decided to book him...because we have met many stupid photographers during our surveys who are doing the job for the money only by not taking into account the art behind it.

but, maybe i was stubborn at first, i said to fiance that i wanted to survey more but all my hard works never really paid off..semuanya i tak berkenan. also i don't want to spend too much by hiring photographers that are not based in the north part...flight tickets & accomodations bukan free kan... =) plus i always come back to Nasir Zin punya work everytime i want to compare other photographers' works in finally, last Friday we reached to our final decision to not turning back anymore. so abg Nasir & the gang i really look forward to your great art work... =)

this is actually the first picture he showed us when we met him & the gang at the studio in Kulim, Kedah...time tu, they just finished this particular shooting and i was amazed by the foto...kalau nak macam ni dia kata kena shoot awal2 pagi to get the effect huh!

kalau i nak pose macamni...mesti i bantai gelak ( malu~)

camni okay kot...selalu dah berlatih...ngeeee

i think many of us hire our vendors based on the impressions they made during our meetings with them kan?? for me, personally i like the guys cos they are very funny bunch of people and they are willing to tolerate with our budget, kira dah ok la..but, apa2 pun bab wedding photo is now done...harap2 semuanya berjalan lancar nanti...* keep my fonggers crossed*

creadits to for the pictures

p/s: jerawat kat muka nampak ka haaa dalam gambar??? uwaaaaa~

Friday, April 23, 2010


i know i could never look like Grace Kelly ( ahahah...keep dreamin') but sofi, if u happen to read my blog..please, please...make me look beautiful & graceful on my wedding! heeeeee~ ;p

so worried that i would never success to get rid of the fat!! i think i have only lost 3kg & it kinda stops there..that's it! and with workloads and stress instead of following my diet plan..i think i eat more & more... and so worry i won't have the confidents to face the guests like what i went through on my engagement when the make up had turned me into one of the actresses of opera cina and the baju was all wrong from head to toe...hadoii..i just want to look beautiful for my wedding..ehh, who doesn't?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

selecting veil

learning from my not so good experience during my engagement, i think i become a lilttle bit fussy about certain things. things related to my wedding dress and the accessories are the most important things in my list..during my engagement, i didn't have enough source to help me and guide me through on what i was supposed to do with my dress & accessories...basically because things that are related to wedding etc were very unfamiliar to me and no one was there to help me in terms of the dress etc.i didn't know much about wedding ( not to say that i know a lot about wedding now, but i think i have improved a lot kot for the past 5 months..hihi) honestly i dun really like my engagement..especially the dress and the veil ( well apart from the make up la...alamak macam banyak ja i hate about my engagement hahah)

i have been thinking a lot about veil these days and i think i'm at the stage of buying my own veil instead of renting..a lot of things that we need to consider when it comes to small thing such veil..

For some, the veil has a sacred sheen. For others, it’s a fashion accessory. Either way, many brides choose to top off their bridal attire with the transformative power of the wedding veil. But not every bride knows how to go about choosing one. and i'm one of them! =) You only wear a veil once, so make the most of it and enjoy it! so i googled around to find some info and here it goes the tips about veil:-

1. Remember that the veil is an essential part of your bridal attire — not something plonked on your head as an afterthought.

2. Try lots of different styles and lengths of veil in different fabrics to find the one that best complements your outfit.

3. Don’t have a heavily patterned veil with a very ornate dress. One will ‘fight’ the other.

4. Your guests should say ‘you look stunning.’ Not ‘your outfit looks stunning

5. Don’t have a veil that cuts across detail at the back of the dress. Let the veil finish below the decoration. Silk tulle is sheer enough to allow your beading, embroidery or ruching to show through
6. Are you petite? Don’t have a veil that swamps you. It will only make you look smaller.

7. Think of adding color (such as colored embroidery) to your veil, to harmonize with your bridesmaids and/or bouquet.

8. A veil can transform the simplest dress into a stunning bridal outfit.

9. Don’t forget to take your veil with you when you have your hair trial.

10. Don’t wear something because you think you should. Wear what you want.

11. Don’t make a decision about whether to wear a veil or not until you have tried several on with your dress. A long veil can create a wonderful ‘aura’ around you.

12. Don’t forget you can have a veil made-to-measure just as you can a dress. You can have the exact length and ornamentation that you want.

13. If you are shorter than 5'4" you should select an elbow-length veil (30” long). If you are taller than 5'7" you should select a fingertip-length veil (36” long). If you are in between these heights, you could go with either length depending on your personal taste.


what color????

WHITE: This a bright (stark) white color. If your dress is called "white", this is the veil color you need to select.

DIAMOND WHITE: This color is just barely off-white. It was made for silk white gowns which are not a stark white color. It is usually the best choice for "candlelight" or "antique white" gowns also.

IVORY: Our ivory color is a very soft, light shade of ivory with subtle yellow undertones. If your gown is called ivory, this is usually the best choice for you.

CHAMPAGNE: champagne colored veils with a slight brown overtone to match champagne or dark ivory wedding dresses.

Helpful Tip
If there is any color variation between the dress and your veil, you always want to choose a veil that is a shade lighter (versus a shade darker) than your dress


p/s : tip no 13 tu macam i tak suka sgt la.i still hope for a longer veil somehow..mana puas pakai pendek sgt kan..heeee

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hunting for a perfume set was a job that i had to do on my own since i knew it all too well that i would take hours to decide which one i'd like to buy. that is the only reason i didn't go with fiance cos i didn't want him to stress out..hahah~susah gila nak cari yang berkenan di hati..

i remember i spent hours talking to the sales person and ended up paying a deposit for Daisy by Marc Jacobs too..ehh boleh deposit??? ya boleh! di Megamall Penang ya. i love the place for the variety of perfume sets..gila banyak..the whole of ground floor! and i didn't know they accepted deposit too. after i decided to put my deposit on Daisy, i went to my favourite hair saloon to cut my hair.. during the hair treatment session i was still thinking nak beli terus ka or nak datang lagi sekali...after a long and deep thinking i decided to just pay the whole thing....pakai kad ja la..BUT! suddenly, at the very last minutes of talking to the SA, i didn't know why...i switched to...

persenting LOLA by Marc Jacobs! phewww~

funny after a long discussion about something that i thought i really gonna buy, in just a split seconds i decided to buy something else...just after i saw a glimps of LOLA and tak bau lagi pun~ tgk botol ja terus tertarik..i must say i fall in love with the shape of the bottle that is sexy and flirty, i guess.. and it matches my hantaran theme - roses!
see the cap of the bottle is a shpe of a rose kan...very sweet looking to me indeed. the scent is what i always go for an EDP - floral + fruity = fresh ;)

so the perfume part is done...( actually many of my hantaran items are done. just a couple more) i think i made a really good customer that day since the SA gave me some free stuffs like YSL lipstic (soooo cool) and miniature Lola to be kept in my handbag so whenever i feel sexy n flirty i could just put it on..hehehe..

image source : google

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The term RSVP comes from the French expression "répondez s'il vous plaît", meaning "please respond". If RSVP is written on an invitation it means the invited guest must tell the host whether or not they plan to attend the party / wedding.

personally, i think the term is not that widely used in our society just yet unless you are having the weding in a hotel or some other fancy place which means the host needs a definite head count for the planned event, and needs it by the date specified on the invitation. it would be a termendous waste for the host who has not recieved the response from the invited guests. waste of foods, doorgifts, etc.

i still remember a wedding i attended a few years ago where i needed to answer the RSVP. i felt a bit awkward at first sebabnya tak pernah dapat kad kawen yang guests kena indicate nak datang ka dak..and i was complaining it to my friend..napa lak kena bagitau nak pi ka dak..bukan kenduri ni tak payah bagitau ka semua tu? heheh...later i slowly undestood why is the RSVP is so damn important...bayangkan lah if u have to pay at least RM80 per head, and your invited around 500 people. but the turn out is only half of the number...MEMBAZIR kan??? that is the first thing that we should avoid when it comes to wedding...membazir sahabat syaitan..

but, being in a society that is still not used to the RSVP term is quite a challenge i guess cos orang2 kita mana lah layan segala RSVP ni sangat mau tak mau we, the hosts terpaksa jugak la order extra foods, doorgifts, dan sebagainya...if terkurang masalah..if terlebih pun still masalah jugak kan! especially yang ada bajet yang perlu dituruti.

but i think, in future i would really love to see more of RSVP in the invitation cards. An incomplete list of respondents can cause numerous problems for a host including difficulty in planning food quantities, issues relating to minimum guarantees with catering halls, uncertainty over the number of party favors and difficulties in planning appropriate seating, among other things.

in an event such as wedding, i firmly believe that the bride and the groom are the people that we celebrate not so much on celebrating the as the guests we should at least care a little with a prompt reply to RSVP...just a thought! =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

wedding dress - checked!

as planned, yesterday (sunday) we went to see the kain and the design and measurement..we went to KOMTAR to do all of that. meeting the tailor was a great experience. i saw he sketched the design of our bajus from A-Z. i jadi perok buih seketika~ seriously this is the experience that i think every bride should go through. ohhh, the kain....Alhamdulillah, totally beyond my expectations! despite the small budget, i still can't believe my wedding planner bought us the best quality. i wish i had snapped the pics of the kain and the lace as well as the sketches..but i was so excited i forgot everything! again...being perok buih lagi sekali... ;p

all my worries were nothing and such a waste of time! from now on i can just relax and trust my wedding planner. he proves to me that he is a very professional person and i love all of his ideas..this guy has great taste i can assure that. i tak pernah rasa so sure like this. i mean i feel so safe already knowing that he would make sure everthing is the best for me and my wedding..insyaAllah.

dia bawak my fiance and i to the tailor and he did all the talking and show him (the tailor) the samples of designs and the what his expectations....which are to make me look taller and slimmer! i think i can just ditch all my diets kot??? since dia kata nak sorok lemak2 semua~hahaha...the tailor hismself was great..he gives some suggestions enhance the design..i talked to fiance after everything was settled that actually the design of the dress was what i have always wanted and kept some samples. so cemana i tak excited bila my wedding planner keluarkan his samples sbb they are almost alike~ =)

i want to share the designs of our bajus and hopefully the next fitting i could reveal them here...
to be able to see kain itself makes me sooooo can't wait to wear the dress. the material that he bought and showed us were the Bride Satin..the beaded lace and he said he would include shiffon as well...after the discussion with the the tailor..but i saw the bride satin and the lace...i love them already! =) tak puas hati betul sbb i tak snap any pics so i could share in here.. so sorry.

insyaAllah, what i have always wanted for my big day is just a simple English theme. i dun have a really high expectation on the pelamin but i believe he would do the best he could for me.. i was so surprised he said he would give us the cake and meja potong cake as well..again..that was so not what i expected! syukur~ i memang tak sangka dia sungguh thoughful. betul lah kata my friend that he is sooooo fussy and he would try to make things as details as possible.

i tahu i puji dia melambung kat sini but my wedding is 5 more months to go and anything could happen..still i dun want to think any negative stuffs cos i leave it to Allah...but today, I AM ONE HAPPY BRIDE TO BE~

perok buih: slang utara..tak reti nak explain cemana kat sini...heeee

sample of fav design.. idea taken from wedding by Sher.(all credits go to the blog)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

feeling nervous

how do i start this particular entry...susah betul nak cari introduction..heeee ;D kan i was so crazy and excited about having 1st hand baju sanding kan when i wrote the previous entry tu...well cemana i nak cakap haaa?? okay, actually i got to know about this particular wedding planner through a good friend when she introduced me to the planner. i was so fascinated with my friends's baju sanding and pelamin so i asked her who did everything. and at the beginning of my conversation with my friend, i asked the the price of the whole thing (pelamin.baju sanding, pelamin mini) and she said casually"alahh murah jaa..aku spent 5K ja" and i was shocked!!

for that pelamin and baju sanding 1st hand yang sungguh cantik plus mini pelamin lagi..5K?? sapa tak teruja kan??susah nak percaya..and so i asked her to hook me up with her planner..end of story..the planner now becomes my wedding planner...soooo happy! we have met once to discuss the quotation..alhamdulillah..semua ok, though at the beginning we had some hiccups..

later i talked to my friend asking her experiences and she told me everything was great BUT...korek punya korek the secret i found that she actually spent more than 10K for the baju and pelamin...makkkkk! again i was shocked! napa la hang tak bagitau rupanya bajet kat situ ja hang bayaq dekat 10ribu??? if i knew the real story never in a million years i would be so confident to hire the planner...huukkk..i termalu.

cos obviously i don't have 10k for baju and pelamin alone..hello??? and to make me feeling even more intimidate was the fact that this wedding planner actually had done many of the VIP weddings in penang such as yusuf taiyoob punya family and it was aired in NONA 2 weeks ago...alamakkkk i malu lagi sekali...sebab my budget is sooooo ciput compared to many of these people...

Alhamduluillah, my sis said..maybe ni lah agaknya rezeki i dispite the tiny lil budget that i have..the wedding planner is willing to accept me..honestly,i rasa budget yang i bagi tu celah gigi dia ja...tak tau la balik modal ke tak...i'm so bersyukur..he would do us the new baju sanding and pelamin...i couldn't be more happier.still, i'm a bit segan with him to demand..i'm handling all things regarding my baju n pelamin to his creativity to design and i really really hope that the bajus will turn out good on us walaupun sikit ja yang kami bagi..

so far, he's been so kind towards us and i can't wait for go and see the kain that he bought, the design and amik measurements...honestly, in my heart i'm so freaking nervous and keep asking the questions " ok ka ni??bajet kita kecik tu ja..apa lah rupa baju kita dengan bajet sekecik tu? depa bayar baju sahaja 5 ribu lebih...!jangan la baju sanding kita jadi baju kurung ja"

but i think i need to relax and see how it goes first..and i have to trust him to do his best for me..
cos i dun want to go thru the boutique hunting anymore since i had bad experience during my engagement..and i think i have covered all the boutiques around my area and none that i like..
i feel so relieved to get to know this person and seing his previous works i must say he did an awsome job.

i hope he will continue to do the same for my wedding...

p/s: baju dah nak ukur ni...badan still tak kurus jugak..cemana? ;D

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Al - Quran sebagai hantaran?

i read my email this morning and somebody forwarded i thought i'd share it here...=) agak panjang..but worth reading!

"Sayang, tengok nih. Cantiknya AlQuran nih. Warna keemasan. Sesuai untuk kita buat hantaran" pekik Jamilah kepada Nabil..

"Sini pun cantik juga. Warna unggu keemasan. Mana satu kita nak beli nih" balas Nabil.
Mereka sedang asyik mencari bahan-bahan untuk dibuat hantaran. Tinggal satu lagi yang masih dicari-cari iaitu AlQuran yang bakal dijadikan hantaran.

"Tapi, yang ni lagi best, ada terjemahan arab" keluh Jamilah. " Ala , awak bukan reti pun bahasa arab" jawab Nabil. Tergelak Jamilah. Berbahagia rasanya dapat calon suami seperti Nabil. Prihatin.

Apa yang saudara cari tu. Nampak seronok saya lihat" tegur pakcik berbaju putih.

Jaluran baju ke bawah menampakkan lagi seri wajah seorang pakcik dalam lingkungan 40-an. "Oh, kami cari AlQuran. Nak buat hantaran. Maklumlah, nak bina masjid" sengih Nabil... Jamilah ikut senyum tidak jauh dari situ..

"Oh. Bagus lah. Adik selalu baca waktu bila?" pakcik menyoal sambil tersenyum. "Aa.. aa.. lama dah saya tak baca, pakcik" teragak-agak Nabil menjawab. Jamilah sudah di sebelah rak yang lain.

"Kalau gitu, tak perlu lah beli AlQuran kalau sekadar hantaran. Kesian ALQuran. Itu bukan kitab hiasan, dik" tegur pakcik berhemah.

"Alah, pakcik nih. Kacau daun pulak urusan orang muda. Kami beli ni nak baca la" tiba-tiba Jamilah muncul dengan selamba jawapannya.
"Oh, baguslah. Kalau gitu beli lah tafsir ArRahman. Ada tafsiran lagi" cadang pakcik.

Mukanya nampak seperti orang-orang ahli masjid. " Ala , besar lah pakcik. Kami nak pilih nih. Kiut lagi" senyum Jamilah mengangkat bungkusan AlQuran warna unggu keemasan. Saiznya kecil.

"Jangan lupa baca ya" pakcik dengan selamba sambil meninggalkan pasangan tersebut. "Sibuk je la pakcik tu" Jamilah mengomel.

Nabil kelihatan serba salah. Mungkin 'terpukul' dengan kata-kata seorang pakcik yang muncul secara tiba-tiba.

Hari yang dinantikan sudah tiba. Mereka sudah bersolek. Hari nan indah. Terlalu indah buat pasangan teruna dan dara yang bakal disatukan. Nabil dan Jamilah tidak sabar-sabar menantikan ucapan indah tersebut. Pak imam baru sahaja sampai. "Assalamualaikum semua" ucapan salam Pak Imam bergema.

Nabil bagai mati hidup semula. Dirinya terkejut. Jantung bagai gugur serta merta. Mungkin tidak percaya apa yang dipandangnya dihadapan. Ahli-ahli keluarga berebut-rebut bersalaman dengan Pak Imam. Mukanya berseri-seri. Janggutnya putih. Jubah putih.

Rambutnya ada yang berwarna putih. "Inikah pengantin hari ini?" tegur selamba Ustaz Saad. "Pak.. Ustaz.. kabar baik, pak... usta.. ustazz.." jawab Nabil mengigil. Jamilah juga terkebil-kebil melihat kelibat orang yang dikenali di kedai buku 2 bulan lalu

"Oh, sebelum tu, saya suka mendengar bacaan adik Nabil. Mudah-mudahan kita dapat mengambil manfaat dari bacaan pengantin" cadang Ustaz Saad. Kelihatan orang ramai mengiyakan. Maklumlah, ustaz Saad merupakan antara orang dikenali oleh ahli-ahli sebagai penceramah tetap setiap hari Khamis selepas maghrib.

Nabil menelan air liur. Baginya inilah saat paling menyeramkan bagi dirinya. Peluh membasahi baju melayu satin berwarna putih. "Ss.. su.. surah apa ustaz?" Nabil cuba mengagahkan diri. Jamilah masih melihat dari tepi tirai. Memegang kepalanya. Seperti mengagak benda yang sebaliknya berlaku.

"Oh, ayat yang mudah ja. Baca 3 ayat Surah ArRa'd" kata ustaz Saad sambil menunjukkan baris giginya yang putih hasil bersugi setiap solat mengikut sunnah nabi. Surah Ar Rad Surah Ar Ra'd

"Apa benda nih" detik hati Nabil.

"Bismillahirrahmaanirrahim.. ALL..MAA.. RIII ..!!" berlagu Nabil. Kelihatan gemuruh satu rumah pengantin perempuan. Ada yang keluar dari rumah menahan gelak. Ada yang mengeluarkan air mata menahan kelucuan. Ada yang menggeleng-geleng kepala.

Ibu bapa Jamilah merah padam wajahnya. Jamilah entah ke mana, mungkin berpura-pura ke tandas. "Baru ustaz tahu ada kalimah almari di dalam ALQuran.

Adik Nabil, cara bacanya seperti begini : A'uzubillahiminnassyaitaanirrajim.. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. ALIF.. LAMM.. MIMMM... RAA.." kedengar suara gemersik Ustaz Sa'ad. Orang ramai kelihatan ingin mendengar lebih banyak lagi alunan irama ALQurannya.

Nabil berasa seperti kilat menyambar kepalanya.

"Nabil, kamu jangan merendah-rendahkan kitab petunjuk iaitu AlQuran. Ianya hendaklah dibaca bukan sekadar dijadikan hantaran. Malah lebih malang perlakuan seperti ini seolah-olah menghina ALQuran. Beli ALQuran kemudian menaruh di tempat-tempat tinggi seolah-olah ianya sudah cukup bagi seorang muslim" tazkirah sudah bermula.

Orang ramai memang senang cara penyampaian ustaz Sa'ad. "Tinggi mana pun kamu belajar, tiada gunanya kitab yang tidak berubah ini tidak mampu kamu baca. Kitab ini pasti begini rupanya, ayatnya tetap sama, kedudukannya tidak sama. Malah, ketahuilah Allah akan menjaganya sehingga hari kiamat.

Nabil, kalau kamu tahu orang-orang yang mengaku kitab AlQuran sebagai kitab petunjuk kemudian diabaikan dia pasti dilaknat oleh AlQuran itu sendiri. Tetapi beruntungnya orang-orangnya memanfaatkan AlQuran setiap hari, membacanya, menghafalnya, mengamalkan menjadikan hati terlalu tenang walapun dia bukannya seorang yang tinggi pelajarannya, kaya hidupnya dan sebagainya.." penutup Ustaz Sa'ad sudah dikagumi orang terutama yang mengikuti ceramahnya.

bersabda : 'Bila seseorang lelaki itu mati dan saudaranya sibuk dengan pengebumiannya, berdiri lelaki yang betul-betul kacak di bahagian kepalanya. Bila mayatnya dikapan, lelaki itu berada di antara kain kapan dan si mati. Selepas pengebumian, semua orang pulang ke rumah, 2 malaikat Mungkar dan Nakir, datang dalam kubur dan cuba memisahkan lelaki kacak ini supaya mereka boleh menyoal lelaki yang telah meninggal itu seorang diri mengenai ketaatannya kepada Allah.

Tapi lelaki kacak itu berkata, Dia adalah temanku, dia adalah kawanku. Aku takkan meninggalkannya seorang diri walau apa pun. Jika kamu ditetapkan untuk menyoal, lakukanlah tugasmu. Aku tidak boleh meninggalkannya sehingga aku dapati dia dimasukkan ke dalam Syurga.'

Selepas itu dia berpaling pada temannya yang meninggal dan berkata,'Aku adalah Al-Quran, yang mana kamu membacanya, kadang-kadang dengan suara yang nyaring dan kadang-kadang dengan suara yang perlahan. Jangan bimbang. Selepas soal siasat dari Mungkar dan Nakir, kamu tidak akan bersedih

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said: 'On the Day of Judgement, before Allah, no other Intercessor will have a greater status than the Qur'an, neither a Prophet nor an angel.'

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said: 'Pass on knowledge from me even if it is only one verse'. 'Sampaikan pengetahuan dari ku walaupun hanya satu ayat.'

May Allah bestow this favour on all of us.