Monday, April 12, 2010

wedding dress - checked!

as planned, yesterday (sunday) we went to see the kain and the design and measurement..we went to KOMTAR to do all of that. meeting the tailor was a great experience. i saw he sketched the design of our bajus from A-Z. i jadi perok buih seketika~ seriously this is the experience that i think every bride should go through. ohhh, the kain....Alhamdulillah, totally beyond my expectations! despite the small budget, i still can't believe my wedding planner bought us the best quality. i wish i had snapped the pics of the kain and the lace as well as the sketches..but i was so excited i forgot everything! again...being perok buih lagi sekali... ;p

all my worries were nothing and such a waste of time! from now on i can just relax and trust my wedding planner. he proves to me that he is a very professional person and i love all of his ideas..this guy has great taste i can assure that. i tak pernah rasa so sure like this. i mean i feel so safe already knowing that he would make sure everthing is the best for me and my wedding..insyaAllah.

dia bawak my fiance and i to the tailor and he did all the talking and show him (the tailor) the samples of designs and the what his expectations....which are to make me look taller and slimmer! i think i can just ditch all my diets kot??? since dia kata nak sorok lemak2 semua~hahaha...the tailor hismself was great..he gives some suggestions enhance the design..i talked to fiance after everything was settled that actually the design of the dress was what i have always wanted and kept some samples. so cemana i tak excited bila my wedding planner keluarkan his samples sbb they are almost alike~ =)

i want to share the designs of our bajus and hopefully the next fitting i could reveal them here...
to be able to see kain itself makes me sooooo can't wait to wear the dress. the material that he bought and showed us were the Bride Satin..the beaded lace and he said he would include shiffon as well...after the discussion with the the tailor..but i saw the bride satin and the lace...i love them already! =) tak puas hati betul sbb i tak snap any pics so i could share in here.. so sorry.

insyaAllah, what i have always wanted for my big day is just a simple English theme. i dun have a really high expectation on the pelamin but i believe he would do the best he could for me.. i was so surprised he said he would give us the cake and meja potong cake as well..again..that was so not what i expected! syukur~ i memang tak sangka dia sungguh thoughful. betul lah kata my friend that he is sooooo fussy and he would try to make things as details as possible.

i tahu i puji dia melambung kat sini but my wedding is 5 more months to go and anything could happen..still i dun want to think any negative stuffs cos i leave it to Allah...but today, I AM ONE HAPPY BRIDE TO BE~

perok buih: slang utara..tak reti nak explain cemana kat sini...heeee

sample of fav design.. idea taken from wedding by Sher.(all credits go to the blog)


faratul said...

baru nak tnye meaning perak buih tu..NoRr, len kali harus ingt, amik picas byk2! pasni practice eh..even u beli socks pon kne share tau!hehe..(perumpamaan saje)

NoRr said...

hahaha...socks fara??? hokay...insyaAllah, segala perkara akan di details-kan dalam blog ni when the time comes ye~ i faham, mesti kita tak puas tak tgk pics if baca blog sesapa pun...kan! =)

NoRr said...

ohh fara, bukan perak as in negeri perak payah nak cari simbol fonetik berkaitan~ sapa org penang tau kot.heeeee...