Wednesday, April 7, 2010

feeling nervous

how do i start this particular entry...susah betul nak cari introduction..heeee ;D kan i was so crazy and excited about having 1st hand baju sanding kan when i wrote the previous entry tu...well cemana i nak cakap haaa?? okay, actually i got to know about this particular wedding planner through a good friend when she introduced me to the planner. i was so fascinated with my friends's baju sanding and pelamin so i asked her who did everything. and at the beginning of my conversation with my friend, i asked the the price of the whole thing (pelamin.baju sanding, pelamin mini) and she said casually"alahh murah jaa..aku spent 5K ja" and i was shocked!!

for that pelamin and baju sanding 1st hand yang sungguh cantik plus mini pelamin lagi..5K?? sapa tak teruja kan??susah nak percaya..and so i asked her to hook me up with her planner..end of story..the planner now becomes my wedding planner...soooo happy! we have met once to discuss the quotation..alhamdulillah..semua ok, though at the beginning we had some hiccups..

later i talked to my friend asking her experiences and she told me everything was great BUT...korek punya korek the secret i found that she actually spent more than 10K for the baju and pelamin...makkkkk! again i was shocked! napa la hang tak bagitau rupanya bajet kat situ ja hang bayaq dekat 10ribu??? if i knew the real story never in a million years i would be so confident to hire the planner...huukkk..i termalu.

cos obviously i don't have 10k for baju and pelamin alone..hello??? and to make me feeling even more intimidate was the fact that this wedding planner actually had done many of the VIP weddings in penang such as yusuf taiyoob punya family and it was aired in NONA 2 weeks ago...alamakkkk i malu lagi sekali...sebab my budget is sooooo ciput compared to many of these people...

Alhamduluillah, my sis said..maybe ni lah agaknya rezeki i dispite the tiny lil budget that i have..the wedding planner is willing to accept me..honestly,i rasa budget yang i bagi tu celah gigi dia ja...tak tau la balik modal ke tak...i'm so bersyukur..he would do us the new baju sanding and pelamin...i couldn't be more happier.still, i'm a bit segan with him to demand..i'm handling all things regarding my baju n pelamin to his creativity to design and i really really hope that the bajus will turn out good on us walaupun sikit ja yang kami bagi..

so far, he's been so kind towards us and i can't wait for go and see the kain that he bought, the design and amik measurements...honestly, in my heart i'm so freaking nervous and keep asking the questions " ok ka ni??bajet kita kecik tu ja..apa lah rupa baju kita dengan bajet sekecik tu? depa bayar baju sahaja 5 ribu lebih...!jangan la baju sanding kita jadi baju kurung ja"

but i think i need to relax and see how it goes first..and i have to trust him to do his best for me..
cos i dun want to go thru the boutique hunting anymore since i had bad experience during my engagement..and i think i have covered all the boutiques around my area and none that i like..
i feel so relieved to get to know this person and seing his previous works i must say he did an awsome job.

i hope he will continue to do the same for my wedding...

p/s: baju dah nak ukur ni...badan still tak kurus jugak..cemana? ;D


A W E E N N Y E said...

psl badan takpe, stil boleh fitting nnt..happy for u when u find what u want =)

NoRr said...

TQ i dah excited pulak!heeee