Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LESS WORD on Wednesday

1st timer: wajah2 seorang anak yang pertama kali naik troli.

Pumkin Lover : macam2 resepi dah try so far~

Eating out : she eats whenever we eat.

yougurt: mommy needs to be more adventures with this. pi balik dok buat smooties saja. boring~

Friday, September 14, 2012

gambaq raya kami

official family photo on the first day of the Eid 2012.

FINALLY.... we have proper family raya photo this year... *lega semacam* yeah, i felt relieved to have this picture to commemorate our first raya as parents to the lil' one. hehehe... 

i really wanted to have a photo session. a quick one since Maryam is the type of person who is not at ease with strangers. so i really malas to go through the drama with her crying and all. so it was very important for me to choose a professional photog to do this. cewahh...hahaha...but ok la, we had this session done within 30 minutes lebeh kurang.

We had our family foto taken at the Star East Wedding Gallery. i didn't know that the wedding gallery nearby our place had  a promo for raya. i found out about it through a very good friend amy. she and her whole family also had a session there earlier on the same day ( raya pertama). and she posted on her fb that she was having family photo taken there. so i msg her asking about the place and price and the next thing i knew we were there already. that evening of raya sebelum kami tukaq baju.hahahah...

i had my make up done there too and it cost me rm60 only for a simple do. best jugak...and i went to beraya later with that make up afterwards. hehee...tahan pulak tu sampai ke malam...produk apa la amoi tu pakai...

anyway, look at my Maryam..she was all chearful looking kan? and look at the mom and dad lak...kejung! hahahah... actually it was quite a challenge to get this shot ok. they had to
make a lot of noise and put a some toys to attract her..bepeluh okay i menunggu bila laaa nak ok nih...hahhah..yang bapak Maryam asyik2 pejam mata...aduh...letih!

throughout the process Maryam was not in her best mood. she was hungry and grumpy...sian kat dia...

she refused to look at the camera

i think i am quite happy with the outcome because i was so desperate nak ada gambaq cos we didn't have any foto di pagi hari raya tu...sebab was busy with a lot of things. biasa la hari raya, i really want to make this as a must event every raya starting now. every raya must go and take picture somewhere... 

who know, this raya bertiga, next raya berempat? hahaha....

Dalam semua gambaq, i guess this one i look like i just had botox...serious...pelik gila muka i dalam ni... overedited rasanya ni...

all the pictures will be hung at our crib later...i actually had a few pictures framed by them as well.. nice jugak.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

an over excited mom

My baby is turning 1 year in about 2 months time. and being a person who loves to attend makan2 events i think i would love to throw my baby her very FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! InsyaAllah. if everything goes well, we might have her birthday celebration not on November but December la instead. because i would be glued to exam papers doing my usual routine, marking, keying in marks, and all the headaches with my students's affair  la. Zaman la ni i think budak2 exam, pensyarah yang big headaches! hui.. and because of that i don't think i could focus doing the planning or arranging things related to party.. i think December is good time to have a party and ada school holidays some more, so boleh la sepupu2 and kawan2 seangkatan Maryam datang her birthday party sebab mak2 cuti kan. ;)

Back to the story. i am now almost confirmed with the birthday theme and i think i could slowly plan the party kot. remember it took us (the ex-brides) years to plan our wedding kan?? now i am planning for my baby's party pulak...the feeling is...overwhelming kot? hahhaha... biasa lah...bab2 anak ni memang mak2 yang selalu over the top kan...

And for the record NO... i am not throwing a big party. i actually planned to have a very small celebration. just the three of us. Maryam + Mommy + Daddy. i thought of going somewhere for a short trip this end of year but thinking back, i think it would be nice to share our happiness by having at  least a small gathering of children and mothers, eat, chat, camwhore, eat lagi and stuff like that... it doesn't have to be a big party. Cos i really don't have any intention to spend like mad over Maryam's birthday celebration.

Anyways, i have a few themes in mind to begin with. at first i couldn't really decide. i wish i could just ask Maryam what she would like for her birthday celebration. hahaha...

We had ( i mean i had 4 favorite theme of my own that i always saved in my memory.) ok fine, these are basically what i wished for if i were a kid! LOL. 

* Strawberry short cake theme
* Mickey mouse or Baby Minnie theme
* Snow white and the 7 dwarfs theme
 * Rainbow theme

i wish i had the creativity and the budget to realize everything that i wish to have for my girl la..seriously.. i have all the creative imaginations but i am just not as creative to do it all on my own. silap2 jadi benda lain lak..but when i think carefully again, i want to take the effort to do the planning and see how it turns like. and i hope when Maryam grows up she would look at the pictures of her first birthday and happy la... that's the most important thing for me. and i just want everybody to enjoy together with us. plan for something enjoying is a challenge nih!

i just hope that i won't get carried away as if i am planning for my own birthday pulak. yang tu haru should be allowed to be kids. and YES i would let Maryam eat her birthday cake by ignoring the sugar content and such... well, once in a while, no harm kan~ let the kid enjoy.

Anyway, i am just wondering could somebody custom made this flags for me in Penang? i mean i 'd like to have flags with HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARYAM wordings. but i just don't have the idea where can i get it. NO i am not DIYing ok. cos, i'm just horrible at it. hahaha... where hah???

okay what is the theme??? well, should i say here? i still have 2 months and maybe i might change...who knows... ;p

so far, the rainbow theme fascinates me. i mean, i love to see colors during this kind of party. we'll wee how lahh~  wish me good luck! LOL.

all pictures credit to hostess with the mostess site.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Maryam & her sleep pattern

Having a growing  up infant can be a little bit challenging for a first time mom like me. i am not gonna say that for the past almost 10 months of taking care of my child has been all beautiful journey. i love my baby too much but, hell no to the waking up like 2-3 times at nite is a beautiful moment... baby still wakes up at least 2 times at nite for her milk time. and NO, not because she is not enough fed. she eats 3 normal meals a day, and frequent snacking in between. still she would be waking  up at nite wanting  for milk. i think it is normal. she is just a baby... ;)

i just envy those mothers who said that their babies from the first day has no problem with sleeping all nite. i'm like,... whattt??? bestnya~ my baby from her first day at home until she turned 3 months ++ would only sleep during the day and spent the whole nite "burning  the  midnite oild" hahahaa... 

as she gets older she switched her sleeping time gradually to nite but i guess her sleep patterns only stable ( i mean, when i could finally adjust to her style) after she turned 7 months. that explains why i am fat! cos i would be munching away at the wee hours. hahahah...

Did i mention that my baby has a very very VERY sensitive auditory sense?? yeah...bunyi sikit pon boleh terjaga. bunyi cicak pon dia jaga. lagi la kalau bunyi TV. sikit pon dah jaga. aduiii....i think she got that from me. i am a person who would be wide awake if i hear something during my sleep. i am alert to any sound even if i'm in a deep sleep. now, Maryam seems to "inherit" that as well. hahaha...

there are times when i consider the lucky times or unlucky times associating to her sleep pattern.

a) Lucky Times

Okay, these are the  most relaxing and happy times when she would wake up at nite to drink her milk and then fall into sleep after she is full. and i could continue with my sleep or whatever things that i need to do while the baby is sleeping. Usually i would sleep or be doing some office works or house chores. (kemas mengemas time pukul 1-2 pagi oi)

Also considered as lucky times because she would only wake up 1 or 2 times only and then back to sleep. legaa...

b) Unlucky times

The most painful things i would say. when she wakes up asking for milk and then starts to crawl and climb around the house and explore everything she feels like to. usually starts at 1 am until around 4-5 am!! and just imagine u have to go to work too the next morning...goshhh.... i have to say that she still does this at least once or twice a month until now. painful~

 there was one occasion when my husband and i had to take Maryam out and drove the car at 3AM just to get her sleep because we ran out of ideas on how to put her to sleep. and it worked!! masuk keta start enjin, jalan tak sampai 2 minit dia pengsan...

Unlucky time number 2 pulak usually occurs almost ever morning when i get up to take my bath and get ready to work and there she is with her eyes wide open going around the house, again! pheww.... usually if my husband is around he would be looking out for Maryam until i finish my bath and dia pulak ambik turn mandi  and get ready for work.

that is IF my husband is around (remember he still has not gotten his tranfer yet). 

but the usual days where only Maryam and i sahaja bedua. imagine that! nak mandi pon sambil bukak pintu tau.sambil menjerit-jerit "Maryam!Maryam! what are you doing??? MARYAMMMM" haaa boleh bayang??

i am not gonna say i am a perfect mom. i have never lost my temper. It is impossible. i did lose my temper and scold my poor baby. and trust me. i would regret that later BIG TIME. and cry later because i scold my baby... kesian kat dia...tak pasai2 mak dia menjerit kat dia.

i guess being away from the husband really takes its toll on me. it is  hard to handle the baby all by myself. and when u are tired after a long day at work all u wish for when u reach home is to rest. but when the unlucky times happens, it is hard not to lose the temper. 

Nowadays, i spend most of my nite at my mother's place and i have to ask my mak's help if i really really has to sleep to take over jaga Maryam at nite. Besalah sangat bila menyusahkan mak sendiri but what to do?

i am an indipendent person. i tak biasa duduk rumah mak i lama2 macam ni since i started working right after finishing my studies... cos i am more comfortable to have my own life or my own place. but since my husband is not with us and i think i could not handle Maryam alone at nite, so i tepaksa tumpang mak i and my rented house now we bayar every month but jarang balik. MEMBAZIR but i guess this is the sacrifice we have to make for some time. at least until my husband and i leave together again. i really hope for that to happen soon. but none of us know when exactly the time. hukhukhuk.... 

as for Maryam sleeping pattern i don't know when will she be sleeping all through the nite like other infants. but i am wondering, betul ka some babies at Maryam's age tidur tak  bangun2 sampai siang???

but one thing for sure, seeing my baby in her sleep is a beautiful and priceless moment. it's the moment when my heart melts and feeling like kissing her without stopping! and usually i would take that opportunity to say sorry i scolded her (with my eyes all teary) and say Mommy Loves You Maryam.... mmmmuahh! a big kiss on her face~