Thursday, September 13, 2012

an over excited mom

My baby is turning 1 year in about 2 months time. and being a person who loves to attend makan2 events i think i would love to throw my baby her very FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! InsyaAllah. if everything goes well, we might have her birthday celebration not on November but December la instead. because i would be glued to exam papers doing my usual routine, marking, keying in marks, and all the headaches with my students's affair  la. Zaman la ni i think budak2 exam, pensyarah yang big headaches! hui.. and because of that i don't think i could focus doing the planning or arranging things related to party.. i think December is good time to have a party and ada school holidays some more, so boleh la sepupu2 and kawan2 seangkatan Maryam datang her birthday party sebab mak2 cuti kan. ;)

Back to the story. i am now almost confirmed with the birthday theme and i think i could slowly plan the party kot. remember it took us (the ex-brides) years to plan our wedding kan?? now i am planning for my baby's party pulak...the feeling is...overwhelming kot? hahhaha... biasa lah...bab2 anak ni memang mak2 yang selalu over the top kan...

And for the record NO... i am not throwing a big party. i actually planned to have a very small celebration. just the three of us. Maryam + Mommy + Daddy. i thought of going somewhere for a short trip this end of year but thinking back, i think it would be nice to share our happiness by having at  least a small gathering of children and mothers, eat, chat, camwhore, eat lagi and stuff like that... it doesn't have to be a big party. Cos i really don't have any intention to spend like mad over Maryam's birthday celebration.

Anyways, i have a few themes in mind to begin with. at first i couldn't really decide. i wish i could just ask Maryam what she would like for her birthday celebration. hahaha...

We had ( i mean i had 4 favorite theme of my own that i always saved in my memory.) ok fine, these are basically what i wished for if i were a kid! LOL. 

* Strawberry short cake theme
* Mickey mouse or Baby Minnie theme
* Snow white and the 7 dwarfs theme
 * Rainbow theme

i wish i had the creativity and the budget to realize everything that i wish to have for my girl la..seriously.. i have all the creative imaginations but i am just not as creative to do it all on my own. silap2 jadi benda lain lak..but when i think carefully again, i want to take the effort to do the planning and see how it turns like. and i hope when Maryam grows up she would look at the pictures of her first birthday and happy la... that's the most important thing for me. and i just want everybody to enjoy together with us. plan for something enjoying is a challenge nih!

i just hope that i won't get carried away as if i am planning for my own birthday pulak. yang tu haru should be allowed to be kids. and YES i would let Maryam eat her birthday cake by ignoring the sugar content and such... well, once in a while, no harm kan~ let the kid enjoy.

Anyway, i am just wondering could somebody custom made this flags for me in Penang? i mean i 'd like to have flags with HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARYAM wordings. but i just don't have the idea where can i get it. NO i am not DIYing ok. cos, i'm just horrible at it. hahaha... where hah???

okay what is the theme??? well, should i say here? i still have 2 months and maybe i might change...who knows... ;p

so far, the rainbow theme fascinates me. i mean, i love to see colors during this kind of party. we'll wee how lahh~  wish me good luck! LOL.

all pictures credit to hostess with the mostess site.

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narz naz said...

dear, flag happy birthday tu u x try crik kt kedai brg party ke? im pretty sure u can hv it there =)