Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Of Postgrad Studies

Sekarang ni mood baru lepas Convocation kat univeristies in Malaysia, so i heard that this time around many universities had their Convo within the same dates with other Uni... so, ambik mood skit nak bercerita. i think i have not specifically made a significant entry related to my postgrad studies so far, err, i'm not saying this particular entry will be a significant one. heheh.. hari ni rasa macam nak write something about my study which is done part timely

ok. let's start with the real reason i decided to continue my Master. honestly, deep inside my heart i have always believed that i am a kind of person who loves to study. yeah, i did not study  hard but, i do love study. i love being in a classroom environment. just to by sitting in a lecture hall and listening to a lecture by good lecturers make my day. i mean i feel fresher. i remembered the day i decided to fill up my application last year, it was not a good day. i had some frustrations at the office especially with my ex-boss (thank goodness, now she is a history), i felt that i need something to improve my value if i cannot really perform at that kind of office environment, i better perform in other aspects, such as upgrading my knowledge.having a master is also some of my wishes in life. and i wanted to continue if i had already gotten my transfer from perlis a few years back. so, no excuse, dah balik Penang, so silalah sambung Master turr.. so that was basically how i think i started. being frustrated and felt that it was time to do it. hehe...

i can honestly say that this has been the best decision in life so far, well aside from decided to start a family of course. ;) i think being a student again make me feel fresher. make me feel happier. i was not really happy with the way things were at the office previously, u know when u are under a lady boss, and u become her secretary pulak at the same time, rasa seperti kuli batak tahap atasan. balik rumah, stress tak habis2 pikir karenah boss, karenah officemates yang tak matang2, so how could i escape that for a short period? well, masuk lah kelas Master balik, jadi student, boleh jadi diri sendiri, and i think that's all i need to be a happier person dalam kehidupan yang singkat ini. cewah... lagipun orang ada Master dah bersepah sekarang ni. so, i'm just following the flow.

i'm blessed with great friends at Master class. Alhamdulillah... seronok rasa, memang bukan calang2 dapat kawan2 sekepala, undertstanding and kita nampak keikhlasan diri masing2 maybe sebab masing2 sekapal.masing2 stress kat tempat kerja, masing2 rasa perlu upgrade value diri masing, dan masing2 rasa lepas selesai Master ni, Inshaa Allah, nak keluar dari system pekerjaan masing..mencari yang lebih baik, hopefully. so.. bab kawan2, selesai. terbaik semuanya. best friends forever gitu. hahaha..

bab kerja2 Master? ohh well, memang HAZAB. hahaha... gila tak tension? one thing after another kadang2 tu. kalau tak kuat fizikal mental ni, i think memang kita akan easily give up, succumb to pressures. because we have to remember, we are doing this PART TIMELY. so, paham-paham lah maknanya ada benda lain yang jadi our main focus as well. i always put myself as  MOTHER and a WIFE first before a WORKER. so,being a STUDENT is after all that statuses. so, bukan senang nak juggle. i'm just a human being. i do feel stress, i do feel sad, i feel give up thing i try to maintain the professionalism as worker as much as i can. i try to do my Master works outside my office hour or at least i try to find suitable time during the office hour to squeeze my Master works in between. not wanting people to notice that i am doing my part time work during the formal office hour. sebab kita kita kena paham, mulut manusia ni, kita tak boleh kawal. perceptions manuasia ni selalunya ke atas apa yang depa nampak. orang2 yang tak reti bersangka baik ni kita kena jaga sikit image depan depa. tu ja konsep i.hahahah... i just want to maintain the professionalism tu. so,pandai2 lah nak hidup.

so apa i buat bila banyak sangat keja master ni?? AMBIK CUTI 2-3 hari. yes, i think it works wonder on me. hasilnya, rasa bolehla nak hasilkan assgnment yang munasabah skit. hahahah....

time buat assignment i memang akan buat kat rumah. at the comfort of my small home. ;) 

i am the type of person tak berapa suka buat study group, or in other words, i need my own time and space to finish my revisions and to do my assignments. tak reti beramai2 sangat buat sesuatu kerja tu kecuali group discussion. yes, kita akan contribute. tapi yang paling sempoi my friends and i punya groupd discussion selalunya tak sampai setengah jam selesai.hahahahha... kitorang lagi pikir nak makan apa lepas kelas dari cemana nak selesaikan kerja2..hahahaha sempoi habis ok. i think, kami jenis tahu buat kerja masing,.tahu apa masing2 kena buat. jenis tak suka spend too long bincang2 ni unless, there was anything unclear. cukup.

kalau ambik gamabaq selalu kena menyorok. tak mau bagi obvious sangat kebesaran badan tu. hahaa. gigih i menyorok dalam belon 0 tu bagi nampak muka saja.

bab, ponteng kelas well, i'm not perfect..there are times i would cut the class. especially if i am too tired. lumrah alam.heheh... ada jugak classes yang kadang i think masuk duduk, tumpuan 100% dah tapi bila selesai, adoi la... apa kebenda aku belajaq tadi hoi?? ZERO. TAK PAHAM or BERTAMBAH CONFUSED. tu i think, normal lah among students. so chill. lumrah alam lagi... hehh.

tu lah, i think generally, i enjoy being a student again. and soon Inshaa Allah, this tittle will change. im in the mid of starting my thesis. so, Inshaa Allah akan lalui mini viva on May 2015 to complete my candidature as a Master student. So, the challenges will get even more interesting after this kot? *lap peluh*

for the reader of this blog, (if any) i just wish that you will somehow doakan i and all my friends to successfully finish our journey. and Inshaa Allah, i hope to contribute somehow, someway for the benefit of education. Amin...

ha, menyorok lagi aku.menyorok di sebalik beg for slimming effect. phuii..

ok, till i write again. have a great day ladies~

P.S. Tu belum i talk about financial challenges and few other things yang memang betul2 mencabar kekuatan seorang insan yang lemah ni lagi.huhu...

Friday, November 7, 2014


Maryam Bahyraa is

birth day~

1 year

1 year ++

2 years~

2 years +



 Happy Birthday Maryam. Mommy loves you so much and so proud of you. Thank you for being the the most understanding girl and the easiest to take care girl for all these while. I LOVE YOU and no enough words to express here. Looking back, since the day you were born, mommy has learnt a lot of things from you. Mommy and daddy will always love you, cherish you, take care of you. Please know that you are always my special little girl no matter what you become when you grow up later.. i do not know whether you will grow up to be a teacher, or professional athlete (what?? please no) or even a Prime Minister, and i know it is tiring for being a three year old like you, you have to pose for pictures that mommy always asks for,even though you hate taking pictures... ;) you have to show the sweetest smile all the time, we always ask for your kisses and hugs too and mommy always asks you to say thank you... phew, it is tiring. for all the efforts, i just want to wish you HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY MARYAM! Mommy and daddy hope that we're doing find raising you so far.

and no, we cannot keep rabbits at our home

i hope you enjoy your red velvet birthday cake.