Friday, September 19, 2014

experience with international friends so far.

ehh, apahal rajin semacam pulak type blog selang sehari nihh? hehehe... i'm waiting for my students to come to my office at this moment.. bosan pulak mengadap kerja yang tak habis2.. stop lah sat kan.

today i will share the experience i have with my international friends who have now becoming very good friends already. in fact, we had arranged some private makan2 during last hari raya just us and the kids. well, i must say that i have learn a lot of things by having 2 good friends who are from Jordan and Iraq respectively. occasionally we had palestinian students in our classes who i actually made friends too. but the two ladies who are now become close to me are just wonderful people sent by Allah. ;) and pretty soon these two friends are going back to their country or to another country to start their work. most probably last raya was the first and last makan2 gathering that we had ever done because they are going back home by next Ramadhan, Inshaa Allah.

previously i have heard stories how arab women won't be involved in any social gathering with the presence of men. but, my interpretation was that, well, maybe only in the arab country that these people will practice it. but, to my surprise, even though they are thousands away from their motherland, they do keep their culture and belief in tact. at lest with these 2 best friends i have now. i had the oportunity to join the makan2 events at their homes where they would send their husbands out ( bukan halau la..hahaaa) for a few hours and we would be in their house having fun, makan2 and chit chatting. 

the hospitality, Mashaa Allah... so nice... the foods and everything was fabulous. i got to taste some authentic arab foods which not known to many. and the best part lepas tu boleh tapau. hahahha... minah2 arab ni tak makan pedas, tapi herannya, cili depa lagi pedas gila kot dr cili kita. berasap telinga skali kena.hahaha... but it was fantastic though. truly enjoyed the experience. i secretly wish they would extend their studies so we get to do the mak2 and anak2 gatherings more...hahahha... memang tak lah kan.. orang nak balik negara masing2 dah pon...

yang baby tu lahir kat Penang, mak dia Jordanian, yang dah besar2 tu mak dia dari Iraq. yang budak mata tak tengok kamera tu mak dia orang Malaysia. hahahaha...

contrary to what many people said that arabs are arrogant etc, etc, i find my two friends are very humble and down to earth people. very helpful, very generous and very religious people. i mean i do have concerns regarding certain things related to being a muslim and they would always have good answer for me. Mashaa Allah, how they preserve Islam so dearly in their lives. not even an inch would they tolarate to anything that not put Islam first. malu i dengan cara pakaian i yang masih kurang sempurna ni walaupun berhijab. as compared to them, they are fashionable too. but they only be fashionable in front of their husband at home. they wear branded clothes too, but only at home. nampak tahap tawaduk depa ni lain dari kita. kita ni kalau pakaian branded inagt nak ka pakai kat rumah sambil memasak?? *pengsan*

they are truly sexy in their home. seriously wey... baju ketat, sluar ketat, rambut mayang megurai..make up etc.. complete! but they are very modest outside their fact, pintu pagar apartment depa pon depa cover dengan kain curtain so that anytime ada ousider ketuk pintu at least tak nampak lah aurat. they are covered and look normal without any make up on ouside their homes. berapa ramai antara kita mampu camtu, i always wonder. a lot of times, they would try to tell me that i need to improve my dressing. we should impress Allah first and not people. well, very true. harap2 boleh lah i improve seperti yang depa bagitau dulu. and they even checked me on my reading of the holy Quran. they would offer help. Subhanallah... sangat terasa that they are sent by Allah to me. to help me actually. ;)

selain tu, and a lot tips i got from these two sisters on how to take care of my hair so it would shine bright just like theirs. .hahahha... i kalau tanya tahap i siasat habis ok. huhu..segala tip kecantikan i tanya.

ok lah.. tu ja teringat nak update. hihi... ;))

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#life as of now

Blog ni dah boleh masuk kategori blog hidup segan mati tak mahu... tuan tanah jenis tak update2. kalau update pun bagai melepas batuk di tangga gituw... huuhuu...

alasan busy memanjang. *eyes rolling*

well, i suddenly realized how much i missed blogging... every time i have something to write it is either it was already late at night or it was no more fun to update an outdated story. hahaha...

my life as of now, well let me start with myself first, aside from busy with work and tired of it, my postgraduate studies has also progressing well. i must say that the decision to go back and start my Master was the best decision ever. i enjoy my classes. i enjoy doing my assignments and everything that revolves around my studies. so very much. lillahi ta'alaa... in fact i would be very excited to talk about my studies every time i get people asking how is it going so far. Alhamdulillah... it makes me the happiest girl when talking about it. i am right now in my 2nd yr, which considered as the final year. my research is going to start soon. and i am nervous about it as well. but i guess, this is a good kind of nervous. heheh...

in the 1st class for  new semester last week. ;) heheh...

2 more papers to go and i'm done by next semester with all the classes, Inshaa Allah.

i will most probably extend my study for 1 semester because i will be focussing on my research without the interfering with classes at uni. i must confess that i am not much of a multi tasker. i do things slow and bits by bits most of the time. and i'm pretty happy with my way of doing things. the best thing about going back to uni is that i feel fresher. i feel content.. i feel alive kot mostly... imagine being in teaching line for almost 7 yrs, terasa sungguh letih. tired of the job.. hate the boss... hate the attitude of some co-workers, etc..etc.. i was afraid i would be burnt out before i hit 10 yrs of teaching experience. i'm only 31 yrs old... i have long way to go in this business, if Allah will. so i don't want to be upset with my job. 

The only way to rejuvenate myself i think, i need to back and study. i need to upgrade myself professionally. forget about naik pangkat dalam sistem politeknik yang sunggh merapu... i hate it. in fact i have heard so many cases of polytechnic lecturers blah and join other institution after they get their Master and Ph.D because of the frustrations. and i don't understand why some people still terhegeh-hegeh nak jadi pensyarah poli?? seriously, tak paham.As for me, i also have my own mission after finishing my studies too. Inshaa Allah.

Anyways, my point is, going back to study is the best thing ever. i truly enjoy. Alhamdulillah. i find new great friends, locals and internationals too. things have been fun so far. and when u truly enjoy something then only u can deliver well and perform well too. i can feel that this is happening to me. Syukur.. my semester results have been good. i get A and A- only. this kind of thing motivates me more. ;)

as for family, i try my level best to spend lots of time with my baby. i am not gonna say that everything has been perfect. no, sometimes when u are tired all u need is just rest and sleep and the guilty feelings about not having longer time with your baby is always there. but, i will try to make up the loss. we try to bring Maryam to her favorite places. bawak pegi main, pegi playground, etc. 

yesterday we were back on horse stable. her favorite place ever kot.

sayang pony... dia kata masa ni.
 ever since she was 1 yr ++ we have exposed her with horseback riding. but not  joining any classes like that, tak mampu la i suami isteri.. huhu.. but more on  spend time with horses only. she loves it. she likes cats, rabbit and horses. but i can see that she is much more natural with horses. yesterday we went to a stables in Balik Pulau, Penang. the ususal place, and boleh dikatakan the owner pun happy having Maryam there too. they would snap pictures of her with their horses. and they were amazed to see how natural Maryam was everytime she approaced horses or rode them. tak payah ajar, she basically aquire the skill on her own i guess. the best moment when she actually played peek-a-boo with the pony. Masha Allah, cute sungguh. she would stroke the pony so gently, hugged and even kissed the pony. kita yang tengok ni pulak seriau.

muka paling tak boleh sabaq... kept telling she wanted to be on the horse for hundreds of time. letih menjawab!

she's gonna turn 3 yrs pretty soon. in november to be exact. how time flies kan... yes, we do want more children but let me finish my study first and see how it goes. ada rezeki, ada lah kan... Maryam pun dah semakin membesar and semakin memahami that she is alone. kesian jugak tak ada adik. heheh... 

ok, that's all...

ohh husband. still the same husband. hahahha...

biasa lah... dah kawen almost 4 yrs ni, semakin banyak kita cuba memahami pasangan. he's been helpful. alot helpful these days. hahaha... i think i have to let go certain things too... biar husband yang buat jugak. especially berkaitan Maryam. dulu masa awal2 sem i sambung belajar, i would station Maryam at my mak's place, tapi nowadays, i trust him.. lantak lah dua beranak ni nak bedal ice cream and coklat banyak mana pun sepanjang i tak dak umah, dan rumah in one big mess pun.. i'm fine with it.janji hepi.

ok, till i write again.