Friday, September 19, 2014

experience with international friends so far.

ehh, apahal rajin semacam pulak type blog selang sehari nihh? hehehe... i'm waiting for my students to come to my office at this moment.. bosan pulak mengadap kerja yang tak habis2.. stop lah sat kan.

today i will share the experience i have with my international friends who have now becoming very good friends already. in fact, we had arranged some private makan2 during last hari raya just us and the kids. well, i must say that i have learn a lot of things by having 2 good friends who are from Jordan and Iraq respectively. occasionally we had palestinian students in our classes who i actually made friends too. but the two ladies who are now become close to me are just wonderful people sent by Allah. ;) and pretty soon these two friends are going back to their country or to another country to start their work. most probably last raya was the first and last makan2 gathering that we had ever done because they are going back home by next Ramadhan, Inshaa Allah.

previously i have heard stories how arab women won't be involved in any social gathering with the presence of men. but, my interpretation was that, well, maybe only in the arab country that these people will practice it. but, to my surprise, even though they are thousands away from their motherland, they do keep their culture and belief in tact. at lest with these 2 best friends i have now. i had the oportunity to join the makan2 events at their homes where they would send their husbands out ( bukan halau la..hahaaa) for a few hours and we would be in their house having fun, makan2 and chit chatting. 

the hospitality, Mashaa Allah... so nice... the foods and everything was fabulous. i got to taste some authentic arab foods which not known to many. and the best part lepas tu boleh tapau. hahahha... minah2 arab ni tak makan pedas, tapi herannya, cili depa lagi pedas gila kot dr cili kita. berasap telinga skali kena.hahaha... but it was fantastic though. truly enjoyed the experience. i secretly wish they would extend their studies so we get to do the mak2 and anak2 gatherings more...hahahha... memang tak lah kan.. orang nak balik negara masing2 dah pon...

yang baby tu lahir kat Penang, mak dia Jordanian, yang dah besar2 tu mak dia dari Iraq. yang budak mata tak tengok kamera tu mak dia orang Malaysia. hahahaha...

contrary to what many people said that arabs are arrogant etc, etc, i find my two friends are very humble and down to earth people. very helpful, very generous and very religious people. i mean i do have concerns regarding certain things related to being a muslim and they would always have good answer for me. Mashaa Allah, how they preserve Islam so dearly in their lives. not even an inch would they tolarate to anything that not put Islam first. malu i dengan cara pakaian i yang masih kurang sempurna ni walaupun berhijab. as compared to them, they are fashionable too. but they only be fashionable in front of their husband at home. they wear branded clothes too, but only at home. nampak tahap tawaduk depa ni lain dari kita. kita ni kalau pakaian branded inagt nak ka pakai kat rumah sambil memasak?? *pengsan*

they are truly sexy in their home. seriously wey... baju ketat, sluar ketat, rambut mayang megurai..make up etc.. complete! but they are very modest outside their fact, pintu pagar apartment depa pon depa cover dengan kain curtain so that anytime ada ousider ketuk pintu at least tak nampak lah aurat. they are covered and look normal without any make up on ouside their homes. berapa ramai antara kita mampu camtu, i always wonder. a lot of times, they would try to tell me that i need to improve my dressing. we should impress Allah first and not people. well, very true. harap2 boleh lah i improve seperti yang depa bagitau dulu. and they even checked me on my reading of the holy Quran. they would offer help. Subhanallah... sangat terasa that they are sent by Allah to me. to help me actually. ;)

selain tu, and a lot tips i got from these two sisters on how to take care of my hair so it would shine bright just like theirs. .hahahha... i kalau tanya tahap i siasat habis ok. huhu..segala tip kecantikan i tanya.

ok lah.. tu ja teringat nak update. hihi... ;))

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