Friday, October 30, 2009


how fast time flies..tomorrow is already weekend..hmm,'ll be another boring saturday & sunday for me. being alone in the house,sleep all i want,..glue my face to the TV all day,ohh..i need to mop the floor...gosh! i wish i won't have to be alone anymore...i have stayed in that house all by myself since i first started working here..and the idea of staying on my own seemed so cool at first but recently i'm beginning to re-evaluate the idea...and i'm actually felling so damn lonely...if i think about it i cry...

i want to fill my time by doing lotsa things so i won't be thinking how pathetic it is to be alone with nobody around...but the place that i'm currently located is very remote and small...there's nothing much i can do here..i want to go back to penang every week but then again, could i start saving if i go back a lot..hmm,..i wish i could meet him every weekend but that is impossible also...sedeynyaaaa...but i know how to spend my weekend tomorrow...marking my students' assignments!! yikessss....

anyways, have a great weekend my friends!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


i went to class in the spirit of teaching my students...somehow i'm quite worried about them esspecially the final semester students... i have 154 final sem students under my wings this time around...well, u know lah kan final sem students are definitely older then the rest and there are a few who are much much older than i am...yang dah kahwin pun ada..hmm...well, i entered their class and did my job...while i was going around the class there was one student slowly whispered " Miss, why uhh u look different??" and i smiled and said, " well, i gained 100 kg! stop asking and do your work" and he kept asking " did u get married over the weekend?" and right at that moment i said...NO i did not...and why u asking?? he said " Miss u look different...macam darah manis tu" i just smiled and walked away...

well, i'm not sure what it means by the term "darah manis" (sweet blood) cos apparently it never crosssed my brain cell before... but all i know is that it refers to the person that just got engaged kot... i dun't understand it cos for me the term was widely used in the olden days but still, is it still relevant today?? when i got back to work last tuesday, a few of my office mates kept teasing me and still keep teasing me until this morning about darah manis thingy...i mean, do i look any different??? i don't feel different at all...honestly i don't blood is not the sweet type but it's actually type B positive lahh...adoi!

hmm,.. i guess i'm not used to the new me just yet.. only when many of my friends keep giving me the full of meaning's smlie then only i realise i better get used to the title... i mean i still call him my boyfriend not fiance and i feel a bit funny to call him fiance...hahah...we're still 2 individuals yang sama...nothing much different... and ohh, i think that student was not the only one asked me wheter i got married last weekend or not but many of my previous students that i bumped into kept asking the same thing.. i mean what the heck...i thought i was really quite about my engagement but apparently,..the news spread even amongst students too..hahah...i thought nobody gave a damn about it...but they did...hahah.. rasa macam disayangi pulak bila orang amik tahu tentang kita,kan!! *wink*

apa pun kan...i feel so happy now..happy sangat..Alhamdulilah...TQ to all of friends who wrote me a lot of personal message on my facebook and the well wishes and all,..i really appreciate that ok..

yours truly,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leisure Affair

yesterday was the first time me and my BFF Anna went out since she gave birth to a sweet baby boy awish...we have been waiting for our "date" cos everytime we planned to go out there was always something came up.. i free anna busy and bila she free i was not yesterday before i came back here, we decided to go out jap and did the cathing up...her baby was sooooo baik and never a grumpy boy at all...sweet sangat... and one thing that struck me was that ,how much things have changed... we used to go out melepak like this all the time during our university years also masa sekolah2...syok gila lah..but now looking back, those were the days kan...skang ni we all have different agendas and commitments... but sekali sekala dapat keluar macam ni best jugak tapi tak boleh jalan banyak sgt la..just lepak2 and makan2 and's different now,.. a good kind of different i mean...dulu bawak sling bag ala2 remaja tapi skang beg sampai 2 dia bawak..susu anak,pampers and cute...she kept saying that my time will come and i better be ready for it..haha..anyways,..i'm so glad that we still maintain our friendship up until now and though we won't be able to go out all the time...i'm happy to have her as my bestest friend! Anna, nnt roger aku k..let's hang out some more and bring baby awish along...xoxo

snap!! snap!! snap!!

The Engagement Day, 24 October 2009

yes!! i'm officially engaged to him... all i could say is that i feel so blessed & relieved that everything went well... malas la nak cita panjang lebar... layan ja la these pics.. insyaAllah the full version will be ready in hard copy by next month..i'm soooo sorry to all of you my friends who have been asking me to put them on my blog so that you guys could view but, i'd like to maintain my privecy a little bit lah... nanti boleh tengok yg printed version dlam album ya!! hihi..but meanwhile, layan ja la apa yang ada... :p

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it

wo oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh ooh oh oh oh ( by Beyonce : Single Lady)

well these lyrics seem to be on my head since i woke up today...hahah...well folks! it's getting near.. a few more days to go and i'm officially hold a title as someone's fiance..hihi... so far, i have recieved a word of advice from a really good office mate..she said that i should never keep it a secret about my engagement cos it's inappropriate sebab kak lin kata,.. in our religion it's a sin if kita ganggu tunang orang.. well not that i have always been disturbed by a lot of men here.. tapi ada la sikit cita lama yang quite amusing and i don't intend to share it here...and of couse recently there is a friend whom i know for a short period of time, suddently poured all his isi hati towards me and u can imagine i was shocked and speechless...i didn't know how to respond but at the same time i wanted that person to feel comfortable and it was okay to let it al out...hmm, i pretty satisfied of the way i handled the situation and kept my cool...i had to explain to that person that i'm single but not available...and though, i think i will lost the friendship with that person, yet again... i just hope that the friendship will never ends... tak pa lah...cemana pun kan..janji kita hepi!! ( macam lirik lagu Amy Mastura tu...)

i'm off to Penang today after work...i still have 2 days to prepare everything that i should for the day...hukhukhuk...sabar2...semuanya akan okay...

Monday, October 19, 2009


as much as i want to avoid discussing about my engagement, i just can't divert my mind of this topic especially when the count down up here shows that it's getting nearer every day and i can feel it already... i know i'm not perfect and i know i cannot be selfish... but how i wish i could have my engagement day like what i have in mind rite now but all these dreams of having a beautiful engagement day remains a dream...there's so much to do if i were to follow my plan but unfortunately, time constraining as well as budget contraining... i just keep myself calm and just hope that the day will be okay... though i won't be able to have my dream dress, my dream hantaran design, my dream mini pelamin, my dream engagement favor, my dream... they just some random thoughts that rule my mind sometimes and i tend to be upset thinking of not having all of my dreams...

i just want to get over with it already and move on by focussing on what i want to achieve for our wedding next... we have to work hard so that we get all that we want, rite! these days, we take matters in own hand.. and cannot be too dependent on others too much..and money is always the obsticle for many peole... but i don't want to blame money as the big issue for not achiving my goal cos i believe there's so many ways to overcome that aspect...i do not want to be a bride that relies 100% on my future husband to finance our wedding on his own.. and i definitely do not want to trouble anybody from my family also... so, i really have to plan the wedding as best as i can so that i can have my dream wedding...i want to have my dream wedding...i want it so bad if i give guys the gory details of it u might puke!! but i would like to make it clear that i do not have a dream of a lavish & extravagant wedding cos it's not me...i just want it to be beautiful..that's all

to my good friends Anna & CT i really appreciate your calming words and advise...i really need those!


well, i have been worried sick through out the weekend about too many things to do but there's only little time... last week n this week are considered very hectic week for most of us... for a start we had internal audit to finish until this thursday..i'm one of the internal auditor and also auditee at the same time...memang tak adil..dh la kena pi audit jabatan lain tp at the same time i pun kena audit tension gila la..but Alhamdulillah, all my worries were a waste of my precious time!!! DUHHHH... our jabatan dh pun selesai di audit and i was so grateful i managed to handle the job that was passed to me... and i just arrived back to my office just a few minutes ago after i finished my 4 hours class i straight away went to audit our unit teknologi maklumat with another internal auditor...i was so relieved that we managed to clear our task cos i'm gonna be on leave starting this thursday...penat gila hari ni...luckily masa audit tadi diorang jamu air..hihi...thought of asking kuih raya ada lagi ka tak...

i'm so very busy with classes and it's already towards the end of definitely banyak benda nak buat...rasa tak menang tangan...datelines after datelines and piles and piles of work load...arghhhhh...doremon help!!!

yet, i consider today is quite a good day cos i thought i was gonna be in mess...but everything seems to fall into place...lega sangat!

owh,. i just check my status as pembayar PTPTN wheter i'm under their blacklister or not...i thought i am 1 of the blacklistered person apparently, I AM NOT! yayyyy... i was worried about PTPTN especially i have missed my payment quite some time...biasa lah kita ni baru ja keja lagi gaji pun bukan la banyak macam org yg keja 5 tahun ke atas kadang2 sesak jugak la...owh, i found out about the site yg nak check PTPTN ni though reading another blogger blog...we all kinda gave comments about PTPTN ni, takot if they nak pegi bercuti or honeymoon luar negar takot lak tak lepas... i must admit i'm a little over paranoid jugak..sampai tahap nak pi bkt.kayu hitam pun takot kena tahan..hihi..

LEGA sgt hari ni walaupun it's still noon but everything seems to be ok compared to my original thought..i thought my day today was gonna be lintang pukang cos i have too many things to do..but, far 50% of what i wanted to accomplish today dh pun selesai dgn cepatnya with the help of few individuals... to aini, thanks cos share handouts for topic terakhir budak2 final sem...n to kak yam, tq cos making the audit session easy...and handled it like a PRO!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Online Shopping Obsession

I just received my parcel yesterday and I was in my pigeon hole when I went to check it..well this time around I bought a cute maxi from a dear friend of mine, Amy. She has her own online boutique that sells interesting stuffs. I soooo love the maxi dress and I got a good bargain too.thanks ya Amy… u know how much I love the dress kan Amy!I keep going on about it while I was MMSing her my pics wearing the dress.. she wanted to see it and thought,.. no big deal! So terus ja amik balik baju dlm baldi n pakai balik then snapped the pics for her.. hihi… luckily I didn’t pour water over it yet! To the lovely Amy, nice doin business with u …suka sgt bila u tunjuk kat I dulu before putting them on ur blog! Terharu…

I hav to admit that I have a bit of obsession towards online shopping nih..cos I’m currently located in a very remote place so it kinda hard to shop for the baju yg ok2 skit (according to my taste la.. ) thanks to the great technology ( internet) now I don’t really have to worry about being so out of modernization (oops!) no offence, this place is very beautiful though… lots of greenery…huhu! ermm, thanks to those people who have online boutiques or sell stuffs over the net…because of u…my life is easier..heheh.. I’m not really good at recommending what blog that sells great baju and stuffs cos I’m sure each and very one of us have our own preference.. as for me here are few blogs that I like :-

actually ada banyak lagi blog yg nak share tp lupa address.. i update later ya! =) and if anybody has list of interesting blogs to share, please do so ok!tq..

maybe some won’t agree with what I like..but it’s ok…=) after all, I’m no expert here…and jauh sekali untuk megajar org lain tentang dunia fasion ni…hehe.. just that I find online shopping is way easier n way way cheaper it seems compared to the price in shopping malls…nowadays, everytime I see something that I like at the mall I always have the idea that “ tak payah la beli kat kedai ni,..cari kat blog lagi murah” hihi.. u can bet that I buy most of things like shoes,baju raya, baju jalan2, baju kerja, cakes, and lot more, all through internet! Can’t help it,.. I’m soooo obsessed!!

p/s: currently listening to Mariah Carey entitled “obsessed” ( what a coincidence!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

with him...

Usually we meet up every 3 or 4 weeks once but this date was very special a bit cos gaji awal masuk bulan ni and I we missed each other too much la… last time we met during the hari raya masa both families 1st meeting…that time I was too busy in the kitchen and I was malu2 kucing with his family so we didn’t have the opportunity to talk much…but while he was at the living hall and I was in the kitchen all that we could do to connect to each other was just by SMSing…lawak kan... padahal he was kat living hall ja..

i still remember I tod him to taste the cake that I helped baking with my sis, then I asked him how was the drink cos I made them, was the vegetables…cos I cooked them too..and of course, being such a sweet guy that he is he replied all my SMSes saying that all the foods was marvellous… he did mention he liked my baju kurung and I looked stunning….awww …u’re so sweet…takdak sapa pun puji I but he did.. hihi

Ok back to our outing…it was beautiful as always…we spent the whole time talking…and enjoying great food at Manhattan Fish Market…lama tak makan seafood there. so kenyang after having that gala seafood platter…licin we bedal…


some of the foods that taste so good....Manhattan Gala Platter & my classic favorite... Chocolate
Bronies with Ice Cream..yumm!

waiting impatiently to attack the foods!
Then we headed off to buy some stuffs for the engagement day…that day Gurney was crowded tapi normal la..weekend…after dh puas kaki melangkah… we decided to watch movie ja..sebab dh lengoh kaki…so sempat jugak catch SURROGATE.. it was great cos for me as long as there’s Bruce Willis all movies will be great to watch…heheh.. then we jalan2 again to Queensbay and bought stuffs some more and in evening we stopped at the sea side to enjoy some snack cos I dh lapaq sgt…while he was operating the new gadget that we bought I eat the whole sotong goreng jusco tu…walaupun keras ku telan jugak sbb lapaq..

Then at night we stopped at key’s char koey teow in seberang jaya, the best place to have char koew teow for us…but that night as always,..a lot of people..luckily we arrived early.

datang lah ke Key's Char Koew Teow!!

We headed home later and arrived almost 12 midnight…and he had to go back to his home pulak after sending me…sian kat dia…he must be tired dh la the next morning keja …but this has been like a routine for us every once or twice a month…what to do…kahwin takpa la bagi dia singgah masuk umah I kan..hahah…*sigh* I wish we don’t have to go to separate houses anymore…sooon…but I guess kena banyak bersabar… we’re working on that,.. insyaAllah the day will eventually come… *wink*


As planned,.. shyam & I finally managed to find the suitable day to go the free duty zone in Bkt. Kayu hitam. So yesterday right after work we quickly went there and quickly came home cos shyam had to go somewhere at 8pm.. at first, I talked to her into cancelling our duty free zone gateaway tu but she assured me that it was okay to go jugak....erm,.. if not, dunno when pulak nak pegi.. I definitely won’t go on my own cos’ scary place… to get there ada 1 big kastam place that we must go through..they will do some checkings on us by issuing our IC…and then to come back pulak we must go through anther 2 katam checking which for I find very2 uncomfortable.

nama ja duty free zone tapi kastam Malaysia dgn Thailand all over the place..asking what we bought, what do we have in the car boot & most of the time they’ll ask to open the car boot… tak suka if I ni criminal or tukang seludup manusia or something,..huh….and being me, everytime we have to issue our IC and while waiting for the screening, my mind will think of all possible horrible things that could happen to me like…
- I won’t be allowed to enter the zone cos PTPTN I tak abeh bayar..since our government is hunting down those who have not paid yet…( well I pay sometimes I fail to pay,..mana tau kan ttiba ja kena tahan..malu)
- Another thing mana la tahu, my face looks like 1 of the people dalam wated list by malaysian or Thailand police ka..takotnya…

Everytime I go there these 2 things always dance across my brain making my heart pumping hard n of course I admit I am paranoid person ok…padahal there is nothing to worry pun..bukan nak cross the border..huh, sabar ja la.

Anyway, our trip to the free duty zone was just 15 minutes drive from our office..and as we arrived I felt like running towards the chocolate store… hihi..I always feel like a little kid everytime I enter the shop..they have all kinds of chocolate u could possibly imagine…and the price are soooooo cheap! Tahap tak masuk akal kadang2.. since I was in the mood of hunting the hantaran items so I bought a few things there la..and maybe my luck yesterday, they had promotion for all the chocolates..huhu…

Check out some of the pics I managed to snap while doing the chocolate hunting…

This is just half of the store…I mean the whole place is filled with chocolates… those who love Hershey's & Kisses tu, the whole aisle is dedicated to Hersye's & kisses… with all types of flavours… very cheap ok… the types and brands of chocolate that this place has to offer are myriads… from budget- concern- costomer to doesn’t -care- about -the price -as long as they taste heavenly -type of costomer…memang syok..

Hmm, what did I buy then?? Ala… biasa ja la… cos I don’t plan to spend like crazy to for my engagement…hihi… but I’m so satisfied with my choice for him…ohh, as for me…this is just what I bought for myself to enjoy after a long day at work…after all, a girl can’t overindulge in lots of chocolates like this… I have more than enough fat to burn already…but this…taste…erm..A quiet taste..hahah…pahit gila!

Monday, October 12, 2009



quiz 2 not- done yet
final test -question - not done yet
presentation question - not done yet


ohh,..can't wait to buy the chocolates for hantaran after work! weeeeeee.....

tq to shyam for accompany me ya!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday is here!!

yayy.... i loooovvve FRIDAY! i bet everyone loves it to... after a whole 5 days of membanting tulang,.. i always look forwad to have a lazy and lay back weekend... particularly this weekend...hihi...why?? BECAUSE... i'm goin out with him this coming sunday...*grin*
for somebody like us who only spend twice a month seeing eah other i think i deserve to feel extra excited this week... i mean i have been waiting for this week n hoping that friday will quickly come so i can look forwad to our "dating day.." hihi...i would like to make it clear here that we are not the normal type of couple.we can't date all the time and see each other as often s wish cos there's the obsticle which is we live quite far from each other...and it kills me some time cos staying alone in the house without no housemate can be horrible at times and being away and apart from your love ones is completely 1 sad sad story... i don't have friends to share all my ups and down over here.. all my office mates remain my offimates...we work togeteher everyday and we go back to out respective house after work...i mean that's it!!boring giler this place and the people too... =( but what to do...terima seadanya la kan... and frankly speaking, i really miss all my friends back in university... we really had fun back then...but things change now... we all do have responsibles and commitments and i guess as we grow older...this is how things will be...we can't expect to have what we use to have...hmm... to all my friends,.. i miss you guys so much!!

where do i go on our date this time huh?? like always, this ulu place is not a suitable place to be on a date...the culture here is different...too many eyes are peeping...and those vicious eyes will definitely talk and create a whole lot of missconceptins which i really want to stay away me and him we always go away from here... 2 hours drive to penang...hihi... he would come and pick me up early morning...we would enjoy the long journey and talk about everything...and the next thing we know we have already arrived!time flies when you are with your love one...hihi

so, ourdate is always from morning till night...cos we don't see each other often that's why we use the whole day to spend our quality time togeteher. like any normal couple, we watch movie,shopping,eating, and talk and talk and talk for hours...that's why we love to eat at places that are more private and cozy...bukan hotel ye...heheh...but of course la if we have more budget we do try some of the buffet spreads at the hotel..usually time bulan puasa,velentines or depends on situation jugak la...some hotels tak payah tunggu special occation pun ada buat promotion we love trying out the foods...can't help it...we love foods...and further more it's not that we see each other all the time when we finally have the time to meet up..we like to make each date special and memorable one by stuffing ouf faces at great places.hahah makan ja tawu...cemana nak kurus ntah...

to him,..i'm so excited to see you babe...cepat la Ahad...*sigh* winduuuu...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adam & Hakim, Jet Lag

don't mess with us!!

Check out these cute pics of Hakim and his baby brother Adam…this pics were taken in the middle of the night around 1am something…that time I was already doozing off cos dh lewat but these cuties couldn’t sleep at all…JET LAG…they are physically in Malaysia but biologically maybe in UK lagi…the worst part was for Adam…org lain 3-4 hari dh tidur secara normal but for him…malam dia jaga…siang dia tidoq…cian dia…alhamdulillah after a week Adam “recovered” dah tidur secara normal mengikut waktu siang dan malam di Malaysia..kalau tak…my mak was soooo concerned…bising ja mak bebel for a few days saying that “haru la si Adam…org tidoq dia jaga malam…jenuh mummy dgn abah dia”

I still remember very well when these two cuties mintak I snap their pics…that time I was way passing my beauty sleep (chehhh…) hakim said “acu cepat snap pic kite” and being a loving aunty of course I did as told to… lawak la they could pose like this in the middle of the silent night…buat gaya ultraman…I could not stop myself from smiling verytime I see these pictures….and it turned out I was the one who couldn’t sleep as well..hihi…tak kesal lah..i have missed them so much and I was so happy to finally be with them…we had a great time celebrating the hari raya…and this year our raya was very special *grin* why uhh?? Hehe

1. Because all of our family members are reunited…last year my mak nangis masa pagi raya tu and kept thinking of my bro n sis dgn anak2 kat UK..tak lekang dari mulut dia cakap " macammana la depa kat sana..." so it was very dull raya la sebab tak cukup qorum.

2. Because I was officially dirisik by my bf family…unexpectedly..(1 citer kartun yang tak perlu didedahkan di sini…cos a few funny moments happened during the merisik thing…*phewwww*
Anyway,..To my beloved brother,sis and nephews….WELCOME HOME, from yours truly, adik nor… =)

All The Way from England

This is what I received from my brother who just came back from UK recently…it never occurred to me that I would get this very lovely perfume set. I guess it’s his way of saying thank you kot cos I did a small favor by doing the proof reading of his assignments n thesis…ala kecik punya hal la bro…ntah betul ka tak I buat tu..hihih..anyways,I thought I’d get nothing cos my sis in law kept telling us if we wanted anything just bank in the money and she would get the stuffs there for us…but being me…a blur me I didn’t know what to buy although my sis told me that most of the stuffs that they sell in UK are way cheaper than what we buy in Malaysia…and get this, she actually rent a whole kontena ( I mean they shared la 1 kontena with their friends yg nak balik Malaysia) to ship their things from UK to Malaysia.still their kontena barang is not here yet…atas laut lagi… i’m excited to know what actually they brought back.. bawak balik 1 umah gaknyer…giler ahh..1 kontena tu…I’m very very certain that they have something for everyone…untuk mak,kakak,kak cik,abg me,kak tie,abg mat,..senang cita untuk both families and their friends to enjoy…syoknya kami semua…thank you so much abg jai n kak dilla…xoxo!!
p/s: tq kak dilla for that Prada perfume too...i'm so touch..hihi


Hmm…as u can see up here,.. it’s just 2 weeks left before I am finally become his fiancĂ© far as I’m concerned, what I can say here is that, the preparation is going on…I’m a bit stressed out of the whole thing cos I’m a veryyyyyy fussy person when it comes to big thing like this…to make matter worst I’m currently busy working…my hometown is in Penang..although the journey back to penang is just 2 hours drive but still, I could not afford to go back and forth all the time…tiring indeed.. :’(

But Alhamdullillah I could count on my mak to handle the process…kesian la my mak..she has to go and invite the Masjid people over..because my family is a small company…my dad had passed away when I was 2..we don’t have many relatives…so there’s just us…I mean my mak n my siblings ja..we don’t have older man to handle such event..i brothers are cluless when it comes to adat2 meminang and we need to have older and wiser men to represent our family during the occasion…so my mak has invited the imam and their geng, canopy for the kenduri also been settled by mak..she made a call to rent the canopy,she asked for a helping hands from our neighbours to help her to prepare the feast…I mean kesian la…I wish I could do all of that on my own,..tapi payah la…we plan for small feast je and Doa Selamat to bless the event…I hope everthing will go well and if there is a few bumps here and there…normal la kan…
Another frustrating thing is that being here...i mean sorry to say but this place is so ulu and doesn't have a proper bridal boutique like what we have in Penang. Kat Penang needless to say la...belambak! and definitely more choices in terms of designs for hantaran,dress,and so it's very convenient for those who have no enough time to prepare for the engagemen and wedding. apa pun I redha ja la for my majlis tu nanti...we'll see how it turns ya!

So maybe I can share here a few updates on my humble event…=) especially the hantaran that the both parties will receive…

For Him:-
Sirih Junjung

1. cupcake ( from
2. chocolate
3. fruits basket
4. kuih
5. dessert
6. 2nd dessert
7. shirt ( tetiba sesat bagi kemeja)

From Him:-
Engagement Ring of course

1. cake ( ordered from Secret Recipe)
2. chocolates
3. fruits basket
4. dessert
5. perfume set ( ni pun tetiba sesat)

Looking at those hantaran list some people might disapprove of giving other than foods as items for hantaran tunang. As for my case my mak being a traditional malay mother…she finds it odds to give the shirt n perfume for hantaran tunang…at first I had a bit of difficulty of explaining to her that modern pengantin-to-be nowadays give whatever they wish for the hantaran eventhough it’s only an engagement hantaran…but later she understood my point..besides, kak dilla said that the perfume set was actually my bro intention for me to include as one of the items for my hantaran…I like the idea too..

I have been blog hopping to get the ideas of what the other brides to be n previous brides has done for their preparations of their repective engagement n wedding day…so far, I find their ideas are awesome…I couldn’t do better…(ughhh!stress and jealous gila)

Looking at the time and other limitations, I curretly berserah ja la pada takdir for the event…I mean I'm having troble of putting things together and organise my engagement ALL BY MYSELF. I don't know where and how to begin...I feel like a headless chicken trying to find my direction...serabut rasa... I really wish for a miracle.But then again, i'm optimistic. I mean I still have a wedding to look forward to…and I want to take my own sweet time doing all the preparations from A to Z with my own touch n taste for my wedding! As for the engagement, takpe lah…buat yg biasa2 ja yang termampu asalkan semuanya selamat!! *keep my finggers crossed*

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Nothing to write about, nothin' to say... i guess this blog is created out of my boredomness just to fill up my times of doing nothing...( i could be in trouble if my boss caught me doing nothing, it's better to be busy typing, rite?ngehehe..)
i never used of writing stuffs let alone publishing them like this but i love reading stufss...maybe i read too much (yeah rite...) and it triggers to me out of the sudden that maybe i should write also!! *tinggggg~*
so, here i go people...i'm finally typing something with no specific story to tell. but with the hope that this blog won't be silent from now on...
gosh! i'm beginning to stress out cos' from now on my mind will have to ponder over things to write since i am a blog owner....good luck to me...hiks!!
with all my love...i declare this blog is now officially open!huhu...(bayangkan tengah potong reben with people clapping hands..wahh! sungguh perasan... *grin*)