Wednesday, October 14, 2009

with him...

Usually we meet up every 3 or 4 weeks once but this date was very special a bit cos gaji awal masuk bulan ni and I we missed each other too much la… last time we met during the hari raya masa both families 1st meeting…that time I was too busy in the kitchen and I was malu2 kucing with his family so we didn’t have the opportunity to talk much…but while he was at the living hall and I was in the kitchen all that we could do to connect to each other was just by SMSing…lawak kan... padahal he was kat living hall ja..

i still remember I tod him to taste the cake that I helped baking with my sis, then I asked him how was the drink cos I made them, was the vegetables…cos I cooked them too..and of course, being such a sweet guy that he is he replied all my SMSes saying that all the foods was marvellous… he did mention he liked my baju kurung and I looked stunning….awww …u’re so sweet…takdak sapa pun puji I but he did.. hihi

Ok back to our outing…it was beautiful as always…we spent the whole time talking…and enjoying great food at Manhattan Fish Market…lama tak makan seafood there. so kenyang after having that gala seafood platter…licin we bedal…


some of the foods that taste so good....Manhattan Gala Platter & my classic favorite... Chocolate
Bronies with Ice Cream..yumm!

waiting impatiently to attack the foods!
Then we headed off to buy some stuffs for the engagement day…that day Gurney was crowded tapi normal la..weekend…after dh puas kaki melangkah… we decided to watch movie ja..sebab dh lengoh kaki…so sempat jugak catch SURROGATE.. it was great cos for me as long as there’s Bruce Willis all movies will be great to watch…heheh.. then we jalan2 again to Queensbay and bought stuffs some more and in evening we stopped at the sea side to enjoy some snack cos I dh lapaq sgt…while he was operating the new gadget that we bought I eat the whole sotong goreng jusco tu…walaupun keras ku telan jugak sbb lapaq..

Then at night we stopped at key’s char koey teow in seberang jaya, the best place to have char koew teow for us…but that night as always,..a lot of people..luckily we arrived early.

datang lah ke Key's Char Koew Teow!!

We headed home later and arrived almost 12 midnight…and he had to go back to his home pulak after sending me…sian kat dia…he must be tired dh la the next morning keja …but this has been like a routine for us every once or twice a month…what to do…kahwin takpa la bagi dia singgah masuk umah I kan..hahah…*sigh* I wish we don’t have to go to separate houses anymore…sooon…but I guess kena banyak bersabar… we’re working on that,.. insyaAllah the day will eventually come… *wink*

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