Friday, August 30, 2013


Im gonna start my master class real soon. Like any concern mom i would always have a concern on my daughter's well being. Im afraid i won't really have quality time for her. That is the main concern i have basically. Cos i am very protective mom and veryy sensitive as well. I am afraid she would not be as close as now to me. Ohh i can't bear to see her being soo manja with anyone else more than with me. Seriously... But, i guess i need to be calm and let it go lah kan.. She's a big girl now...kalau umur 1 tahun lebeh macam Maryam ni mak2 lain dah bagi adik tapi i? Hahahaha....

Back to my main objective of coming back to penang after almost 6 years of living my life in Perlis, which is to achieve my gold. To improve myself by going back to uni and study. - so CHECKED!

I waited 6 years for this and now it has meterialised. So syukur Alhamdulillah. I am actually quite excited too. meeting new friends at class is the best. i mean i love meeting new people and exchange ideas and stuffs. and one thing about going back to study i guess because i miss studying after all these while. working has been very tiring, especially mentally. i need something to fresh my rusty brain. LOL! serious dah karat...


so last week, i went for a registration day for the postgraduate students. it was okay, met lots of new people with the same intension, love it! over the time, i do questions myself whether i can juggle my resposnibilities well or otherwise. but Alhamdulillah, i have a very postive and supportive husband. he is the one who would always make me think straight again. get my goals done. because this is why we come back to settle down here. heheh.. InsyaAllh, i think i can do it. it's not like i have to go to class every night. paling banyak pun 2 kali saja. so hopefully i can manage la kan.

one more thing that keeps my moral high is when i find that majority of my classmetes tinggal jauh dr USM, i met one from KL, from Ipoh, from Taiping and even from Perlis. these people are going to travel twice a week to penang and go back to their respective homes at night after the calsess finish. and they are WOMEN! seriously, kalau itu tak cukup menginsafkan i, tak tau la apa lg kan... tengok semangat orang, kita ambik la semangat tu sama...bukan being all negatives and full of excuses.. if there is a will, surely there be a way kan...tu ja la i percaya. hopefully, segalanya berjalan dengan baik.

i remeber one thing that a friend told me, "it might not be easy, but it will be worth it"

registration day! beratur laa dengan tabah berjam2 lamanya. susah2 dulu kan..

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

less wordy wednesday.

opportunity knocks, but only once in a while... don't let it pass us by~

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Assalamualaikum & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

masih mood raya kan... masuk office pun pikir weekend ni nak pi open house rumah sapa pulak? or at least kat office masing-masing there are still jamuan-jamuan Raya berlangsung kan? well, at least my office masih belum buat and akan buat next week...hehehe...

oh my baca people's updates on raya for us, kami beraya sakan tu tak la jugak,,tahun ni just like the previous years, we would visit all the relatives. the close ones. like usual, first Raya we would always be at my mak's. the second day would always be at my in-laws. sebab?? hahahha... PIL i selalunya 1st raya depa balik rumah tok wan. so ramai2 depa kumpul di Sanglang Kedah and celebrate raya. so Rizal always insists that we celebrate kat Penang dulu. lagi pun mak i pun tak ada sapa2. just us anak2. kesian pulak. tahun ni agak special, my PIL celebrated the Ramadhan & Raya terus kat Pahang rumah adik Rizal. lagi laa...kami beraya sakan di penang ni..kahkahkah...gelak jahat! hui..tak baik....

basically, our raya this year were ok...makan ja dah kena diet balik. seksa dah tengok scale. naik 1.6 kg. ntah mana datang angkat 1.6 kg terlebih tu...i makan macam biasa jugak...(i mean i had too many cheat days) choyyy!

so Maryam had a blast celebrating her Raya this year... she is now 1 year 9 months. so everything was all about her ja la...baju raya dia saja 7 pasang. mak bapak sorang sepasang saja. lain semua i recyle baju kerja pi beraya. hahahah...

tahun ni bawak anak beraya, mood anak dah pandai nak berkawan dan bermain dengan kawan2. so, it was a different experience.last year baby2 lagi kan...tahun ni..dah banyak akai~

one thing i noticed, tahun ni i pi beraya rumah kawan2 and relative tak ramai budak2 sangat. duit raya yang kami reserved asing untuk bagi kat budak2 ada balance lagi RM150. so, masuk tabung anak ja la semua tu.hehehe...ka kami yang tak banyak bejalan tahun ni?? i think we covered abeh dah rumah kawan2 and close relatives...cumanya budak2 sekolah ni tak banyak mai beraya gamaknya.

tengok rupa budak 1 tahun 9 bulan beraya di hari raya pertama,kerj kira sampul duit saja laa hari tu. dapat duit terus bukak sampul. keluarkan duit, bagi duit kat mak dia and dia main dengan sampul duit raya saja...kalau orang bagi sampul upin ipin lagi laa, dia request pulak lagi nak 1 lagi sampul duit raya..hhuuu anakku....

tengah kira keuntungan- busy day!

a true definition of Raya for her...

so on the afternoon, lepas salin baju, we headed to my bestie's house Anna. ini memang acara wajib la...tiap2 tahun. sebelum balik kami singgah playground kat situ bagi budak ni main puas2 dulu. hehhh...

the second day, we headed to Alor Star to my in laws' place. since tahun ni depa beraya di Pahang, so we went to my SIL and a visited a few friends there. tu ja la raya kami...actually to say that we had  finised the raya celebration macam tak jugak..ada ja orang jemput pi, i guess we are still celebrating. kuih raya pun ada lagi at my place, sapa nak datang habaq ja...ewahhh!

balik loq Staq. (Alor Setar) hehh..

Thank you to all of our relatives and friends who invited us to their places for makan2..we truly enjoyed that. and this year, i guess i tak sempat nak buat apa2 gathering raya for my friends because i could not find the most suitable time. so, i decided that this time i just nak pegi beraya rumah orang saja. hahahah...teruk dak?

and one more reason that i cancelled to do any makan2 at my house because of this thing below.....

 i'm going to start class soon. in fact i have a registration day to attend this coming weekend. gosh, i can't really explain how i feel about going back to university this time around. it's different i guess. i am not that excited like the first time. honestly, i have not done anything regarding registration day. medical check up and everything...i've done nothing!! ZERO. slamber kan! ni sambung blajar sebab tedesak ka apa ni? hahahah...

but, whatever it is, i have to really commit to this new life. being a mom and student and wife and daughter and worker...all at the same time... can i really handle the pressure?? i'm hoping for the best...May Allah S.W.T guide me all the time. i have to say this, i am not continuing my studies because i have to. no, it's because i feel that this is what i have always wanted. and to say that i have lots of money to pay for my education is such a wrong thing...i sacrifice. that's all i could say. and it's not fun to sacrifice. very hard. and i hope that all the hard work will be worthwhile laaa... InsyaAllah, kan!

i have always believed that, if u want to do more, develop more, u have to get the hell out of your comfort zone. or else u will stuck at the same place forever. u know what i mean...and i cannot be too comfortable with what i have now. i need to develop. and i hope the sacrifice i make will have a positive impact on my child one day. i hope i'm setting a good example to her too in future.

i don't come from a well off family, i myself don't have any possession to pass down to my child, but i always believe that if i have knowledge, i have everything. (homaigod...nak tegelak pulak baca ayat sendiri)

so, for those yang suka compare diri sendiri dengan orang lain tu, i just want to say, we are all almost the same. the sacrifice we have to make that makes us different.

if u want something, u sacrifice. don't complaint about other people having more or less. that is not the case.

 ok, apa i mengarut ni?? Master ja kot....besepah orang pakat buat..i ja yang slow!

Anyways, Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir dan Batin from the bottom of my all my family members and friends. i'm sure u all had a great time! ;)

raya 2012.

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