Friday, August 30, 2013


Im gonna start my master class real soon. Like any concern mom i would always have a concern on my daughter's well being. Im afraid i won't really have quality time for her. That is the main concern i have basically. Cos i am very protective mom and veryy sensitive as well. I am afraid she would not be as close as now to me. Ohh i can't bear to see her being soo manja with anyone else more than with me. Seriously... But, i guess i need to be calm and let it go lah kan.. She's a big girl now...kalau umur 1 tahun lebeh macam Maryam ni mak2 lain dah bagi adik tapi i? Hahahaha....

Back to my main objective of coming back to penang after almost 6 years of living my life in Perlis, which is to achieve my gold. To improve myself by going back to uni and study. - so CHECKED!

I waited 6 years for this and now it has meterialised. So syukur Alhamdulillah. I am actually quite excited too. meeting new friends at class is the best. i mean i love meeting new people and exchange ideas and stuffs. and one thing about going back to study i guess because i miss studying after all these while. working has been very tiring, especially mentally. i need something to fresh my rusty brain. LOL! serious dah karat...


so last week, i went for a registration day for the postgraduate students. it was okay, met lots of new people with the same intension, love it! over the time, i do questions myself whether i can juggle my resposnibilities well or otherwise. but Alhamdulillah, i have a very postive and supportive husband. he is the one who would always make me think straight again. get my goals done. because this is why we come back to settle down here. heheh.. InsyaAllh, i think i can do it. it's not like i have to go to class every night. paling banyak pun 2 kali saja. so hopefully i can manage la kan.

one more thing that keeps my moral high is when i find that majority of my classmetes tinggal jauh dr USM, i met one from KL, from Ipoh, from Taiping and even from Perlis. these people are going to travel twice a week to penang and go back to their respective homes at night after the calsess finish. and they are WOMEN! seriously, kalau itu tak cukup menginsafkan i, tak tau la apa lg kan... tengok semangat orang, kita ambik la semangat tu sama...bukan being all negatives and full of excuses.. if there is a will, surely there be a way kan...tu ja la i percaya. hopefully, segalanya berjalan dengan baik.

i remeber one thing that a friend told me, "it might not be easy, but it will be worth it"

registration day! beratur laa dengan tabah berjam2 lamanya. susah2 dulu kan..

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