Thursday, August 25, 2011


Dearest Family & Friends ( online and offline ),
as the Eid is fast approaching, i would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone including those who drop by at this humble blog, A VERY HAPPY EID MUBARAK EVERYONE!! hope that you guys will have a great and joyous time celebrating, eating, chatting, minggling, hehehe...


 with that, i announce that this blog will officially be "on leave" starting tomorrow and for the next 1 week as i will be leaving for hometown penang tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pregnancy Week 27

That's my baby bump at week 27. it actually bigger that it looks in the picture cos i asked rizal to snap the belly exactly from the side so i look i would smaller. hohhh!!tak sedar diri!

majority of the clothes can't fit me anymore. but never mind, baju2 untuk dipakai di rumah, i still wear and often i have to strecth them to make the bajus bigger. rosak baju.

ohh, surprisingly, last week check up, the doctor said i lost weight...but Alhamdulillah, the baby weight increase and almost 1kg already!! whatttt??? i can't imagine at week 40 how much weight would the baby gain?? takot la pulak if the baby would be too big and hard for me to push her out...but, InsyaAllah, i know pertolongan Allah sentiasa ada untuk hambaNya kan... just have to relax and leave it to Allah.

the most important part is that the baby is doing fine inside as what the doctor said. Syukur. hope she will continue to be strong and active as usual.. :)

At week 27, i decided to take neurogain PB vitamin. i know i kinda left out... i should have taken it earlier but i didn't know about it. even my doctor didn't prescribe me with any vitamins for the baby's brain development. so i decided to take my own initiative and bought it. a friend of mine said that this neurogain is not only for the development of baby's brain, but also for baby's skin and also to help us produce more milk after delivery. she said i should continus taking it after deliver as well.

let's see what week 27 has in store for me,..ohh...WELCOME STRECTHMARK!! i hope it won't be so bad. from the beginning of my pregnancy, i have used BIO OIL to avoid strecthmark but i guess i can't escape...redha ja la...luckily it's not that bad...just emerge sikit2 kat bawah perut.

i am so thankful to Allah for the good health granted to me so far and i can still get up every morning to go to work, going up and down to classes... :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

BOY OR GIRL- The anwer has been revealed~

For some parents-to-be- they decide to keep to themselves about their baby's gender and surprise everybody later. BUT i'm not gonna do that! i always wanted to know what baby am i having since the first day i discovered i was pregnant.

for the past 2 months during the routine check up we have not managed to find out the baby's gender as my baby is a shy type i reckon. it always frustrated me and hubs everytime we saw the ultrasound the baby would always asleep and kept the legs so closed together. so last tuesday we decided to go for 3D scan cos i wanted to know it so bad and also i didn't want to but baby's stuffs in all natural or unisex color.

so Ahamdulillah, before the check up, i did a small talk to the baby asking for baby to spread the legs so i could buy a blue or pink color baju. hahahah... guess what? the method worked! the baby was co-operating BUT this time, the baby decided to look away and not showing the face and was deep asleep! adoi..mak silap teknik la pulak....mak suruh buka kaki lupa suruh tunjuk muka skali...hahahah...tak pa la baby...

so InsyaAllah, both me and rizal will be having a baby.......

my doctor was 100% sure with his result by saying "CONFIRMED! baby girl~" hehe..but kuasa Allah kan...who knows if the doctor was wrong in his desicion.

i think the happiest person is Rizal, as he wanted so much that this baby to be a girl...i don't really bother as for me, girl or boy, it's my baby. but i am very happy cos i get to buy this baby most of HER stuffs in PINK cos it's my favourite color~ hahaha...

Syukur Alhamdulillah...the baby is getting stronger in terms of her kicks and movements these days...very active girl!

haaa....i can't wait to hold u baby girl! ;)

Monday, August 15, 2011

100 days to go!

I’m approximately 100 days to go before I start to PUSH this baby out! HOOOOO MY GOODNESS!!

I am scared to think of all the possibilities. No doubt about it, a very paranoid person like me can’t seem to think positively most of the time. I have started having dreams about going through labour which was a real nightmare. Then I also dreamt about my baby. The pathetic part was I dreamt about how careless I was taking care of the baby. The baby fell down, the baby hit the table and the baby would cry when I was handling. Adoi…Nampak sangat la semua kerisauan ni masuk dlm mimpi. Hopefully they won’t be a reality.

I am a person with zero experience when it comes to handling a child and stuff cos I’m the youngest in my family. My mak would do everything for me and my siblings. So, I guess for the first 30 days upon the baby arrival I would let my mak do everything and I would just observe and learn everything as much as I could before handling everything about the baby’s need on my own. I can’t imagine how it would be. I totally believe that when the time comes, things will also comes naturally for me, HOPEFULLY!

As for the mental preparation so far… I guess I try to not think too much about all my worries. I really don’t need to stress myself. My biggest worry is of course going through labour. What if I can’t stand the pain? What if I die??? But I always try to overcome these fears by asking a lot of help from Allah, to help me when the time comes. And insyaAllah, Allah will always help those in need kan?

I also find myself in tears when I read people’s experience of giving birth. I find all birthing stories very touching laa… and I admire those who manage to go through it successfully despite all the circumstances.

At this point, I really enjoy doing the shopping for baby. LOVE IT! (As if I’m doing the shopping for myself pulak…)hopefully next week we will complete all the major items for baby. Such as clothings, stroller, baby carseat, etc. we have ordered the playpen from Bumble Bee yesterday and I love, love,love it to the max~ they have too many cute designs I couldn’t make up my mind at first. I can’t wait for this Saturday to come, cos we’re going shopping for more. hubs doesn’t want to wait until I hit 7 or 8 months to complete our list of items to buy, cos obviously I think I’m going to be more tired or lazy to be walking up and down the shopping malls.

My doa is always about the baby. I hope everything will be ok, I will be ok. And I hope everybody will pray for me too ya! I’m scared…

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramadhan with a baby in the tummy~

At first memang agak sckeptical, boleh or tidak menunaikan ibadah puasa pada tahun ini. cos i would always get hungry...but Alhamdulillah, the first day of ramadhan, i was still energetic, going up and down the stairs to classes and felt ok! the hubs was a bit anxious and kept asking whether i was hungry or not...puasa memang la lapar but i could handle thumbs up to the baby inside for understanding and adjusting well with fasting. ;) hopefully the two of us manage to get through this ramadhan without any problem cos i'm planning to complete the 30days of fasting. Amin.

The changes i could feel this time around during the breaking of fast is that i would go for rice the first thing. dulu2 during buka puasa, i didn't eat rice, opted for bihun or kuih2 instead. now, tak boleh la..kena makan nasik! takot tak cukup zat~ hahaha..

Baby's progress: Hmm...the baby will be very active during night as compared to the day..time kita nk rest la dia paling banyak kicking and rolling...during the day, i think the baby sleeps kot..sometimes kena kejutkan dengan pat my tummy to make sure the baby is moving.risau lak. tapi after tepuk2 perut, dia memang moves but i think the baby hates when i do that. i guess betul la kot when my friend cakap, some babies are only very active at night or during our rest hour...time kita relax2 dia tak mau relax. :)

Mom's prgress: okeh despite the gain of weight which i don't want to explain ( baju semua xleh muat) i can't seem to calm down or stop being paranoid. i'm laways worried something would happen to the baby. i had a bad experience with the first pregnancy which resulting in miscarriage. so the worry is always there.i can only pray hard that Allah will protect my baby from anything bad this time around.

Beside that, hmm...the leg cramping is getting frequent. just last night i had like 3 attacks while i was deep into sleep...oohhh...sakit~ so kena always be prepared with minyak angin by the bed. luckily the hubs is good at dealing with my leg cramps. urut terus ilang~ but he has to put up with me la, kejap2 jerit mintak tolong sebab cramp...*sigh*

Husband: well, he's very kind and understanding. syukur Alhamdulillah..i couldn't ask for more. helping with the chores around the house and always trying to make me feel ok. but there are times he annoys me jugak...rasa mauhempukk ja~ hahaha...

First Ramadhan as husband & wife: we don't cook, we buy our foods! almost impossible to cook after a long day at work. insyaAllah, maybe i will try to prepare something during weekend.hari2 kumpul resepi but tak masak pun. :D

ok everyone~ Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa & Selamat Berbuka...