Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramadhan with a baby in the tummy~

At first memang agak sckeptical, boleh or tidak menunaikan ibadah puasa pada tahun ini. cos i would always get hungry...but Alhamdulillah, the first day of ramadhan, i was still energetic, going up and down the stairs to classes and felt ok! the hubs was a bit anxious and kept asking whether i was hungry or not...puasa memang la lapar but i could handle thumbs up to the baby inside for understanding and adjusting well with fasting. ;) hopefully the two of us manage to get through this ramadhan without any problem cos i'm planning to complete the 30days of fasting. Amin.

The changes i could feel this time around during the breaking of fast is that i would go for rice the first thing. dulu2 during buka puasa, i didn't eat rice, opted for bihun or kuih2 instead. now, tak boleh la..kena makan nasik! takot tak cukup zat~ hahaha..

Baby's progress: Hmm...the baby will be very active during night as compared to the day..time kita nk rest la dia paling banyak kicking and rolling...during the day, i think the baby sleeps kot..sometimes kena kejutkan dengan pat my tummy to make sure the baby is moving.risau lak. tapi after tepuk2 perut, dia memang moves but i think the baby hates when i do that. i guess betul la kot when my friend cakap, some babies are only very active at night or during our rest hour...time kita relax2 dia tak mau relax. :)

Mom's prgress: okeh despite the gain of weight which i don't want to explain ( baju semua xleh muat) i can't seem to calm down or stop being paranoid. i'm laways worried something would happen to the baby. i had a bad experience with the first pregnancy which resulting in miscarriage. so the worry is always there.i can only pray hard that Allah will protect my baby from anything bad this time around.

Beside that, hmm...the leg cramping is getting frequent. just last night i had like 3 attacks while i was deep into sleep...oohhh...sakit~ so kena always be prepared with minyak angin by the bed. luckily the hubs is good at dealing with my leg cramps. urut terus ilang~ but he has to put up with me la, kejap2 jerit mintak tolong sebab cramp...*sigh*

Husband: well, he's very kind and understanding. syukur Alhamdulillah..i couldn't ask for more. helping with the chores around the house and always trying to make me feel ok. but there are times he annoys me jugak...rasa mauhempukk ja~ hahaha...

First Ramadhan as husband & wife: we don't cook, we buy our foods! almost impossible to cook after a long day at work. insyaAllah, maybe i will try to prepare something during weekend.hari2 kumpul resepi but tak masak pun. :D

ok everyone~ Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa & Selamat Berbuka...

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