Wednesday, April 24, 2013

long hitus!

and i am back!! hahahha... macam laa ramai sangat baca blog hang norr oii... 

Well, i just did some "renovation" to this blog sebab dah bertahun layout yang sama. zaman tak kawen, dah kawen dan beranak....sama saja.

now, kasi improvement skit for the look...content tak tau laa ada improvement or not after sama ja...balik-balik cita tentang si Maryam..heheheh...

Anyways, i have nothing much to write just to say HELLO to the blogging world as i have been on a long hiatus for quite sometime...atas dasar kasihan kat blog ni,macam hidup segan mati tak mahu pulak sejak dua menjak tuan tanah tak dak idea nak tulih apa. tulis laa sepatah dua kata skit rasanya.

what am i currently been up to these days?? aside from endless workload, i am currently actively trying my best to lose weight.seriously. i mean i cannot be walking around with a plus size clothing anymore...i hate it and i want to be healthy and strong and active for my very active girl, Maryam too. i need to keep up with her running and jumping around.

 i am ashamed of being  fat and i am tired of being overweight already! seriously. i think i am doing this for myself basically. i am so lucky that my husband has never asked me to reduce my weight as he thinks i am just perfect the way i am and he actually assured me that.. but, i have been gaining too much weight since pregnancy and post, if i want to be pregnant again the next time, i think i better loose the weight first. i don't want to be pregnant fat. that's all. i think it is not healthy and definitely not cute... sorry, that's my opinion. ;) so hard feeling please.

ok enough 'bout the fatty me. on the other note, i am a lil' bit busy with this

application for post-graduate studies.

i have a few dreams in my life, and this particular one has been slipping away a few times already. i cannot let it slip again this time. you know, to continue my studies at this time with a growing up child, i have a lot to think and to sacrifice. but, if others can do, why can't i? so, all i need is to be positive and remind myself to stay positive all the time as the road to this particular dream is not going to be easy. and i know it will be all worthwhile, Insyaa Allah.

if i ada post graduate degree pun it would not guarantee me a high position or stuff like that. this is just for my own satisfaction and for my child to have a person who she could at least look up to one day hopefully.

and i have to make sure that while i am busy juggling my work and my studies, Maryam would still be the  first priority and family comes first before anything else. so, dear God please help me with this. Ameeen.

sekali sekala pegi belajar balik akan buka lebih luas pemandangan kita kan. our Prophet pun encourage us to never stop learning until the end.