Monday, March 19, 2012

Post-Pregnancy Syndrome: Bad Hair Days Have Started ya'll~

semenjak dua menjak ni, i'm having a really bad bad hair fall...adoih..masuk umah boleh tgk lantai merata2 ada saja rambutku... seriously, it scares me to have this new experience. i am so worried i might go bald soon. i have changed my shampoo type to hair fall control shampoo but nothing seems to work. i'm still having to deal with the hair fall everyday. "guna jari pun boleh tecabut" ni motto baru bulan ini. hahahah..

i cannot stand this anymore, i need to do something about it, i have never had any problem with my hair before. i can safely say my hair WAS in excellent condition, until a few weeks ago i noticed the hair fall bacame a bit serious...

hahahah.. i though i would never have to deal with this problem after giving birth cos, during my 3 months confinement, i had no hair loss at all. so,masa tu dok besuka ria dalam hati lah.."wahhh rambutku tidak gugur nampaknya!" WRONG!!! now i have to deal with this matter.

aparently, i read online, for a woman who has recently given birth, the hair fall might occur within 3-9 months after. it happens because our hormone is starting to stablize to its normal state. our hair grows much much faster during the prengancy due to the high increase of astrogent hormones. it will be back to its normal condition like before pregnancy in a few months. so..i just have to bear with it lahhh!! sabar banyak2 sapu lantai tu...huwaaaaa~

what to do to to control this hair fall problem?? well, basically cutting the hair would be the best way aside from taking the prenatal vitamins. aduhhh!! dah lama tak potong rambut.... and a big challenge for me to find a mulimah hair cut salon here.... hmmm, kena balik Penang laaagi! hehehehh... *alasan*

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maryam's 4th Month check up

muka cuak abeh nak kena cucuk. *daddy please  help me*

at 4 months, she is now 5.9kg and 65cm long! yep...she's a long girl.hahahha.... Alhamdulillah. ;) slim & slander with great health!!hehehe..

Her Paeditrition is Doctor Francis Lau in KPJ Specialist, Penang since Maryam was 5 days old. and we decided to have all her check ups every month in Penang since we would go back to Penang almost every week or every other week. ohh, NO MEDICAL CENTER can be found in Perlis ya. NO SPECIALIST HOSPITAL is in Perlis. so, hopefully, 1 day there will be one. kesian rakyat Perlis nih, everything must be referred to Alor Star or Penang.

Back to Maryam's Progress... well, according to her Paed, everything about her is GREAT! and during this 4th visit, the doctor had given her the Rotavirus & Pneumococcals vaccines as planned last month.

First, she was given the Rotavirus vaccines. she seemed to love it because no signs of rejecting the vaccines by her. they gave it through a special looking syringe. and the doctor said the vaccines tastes good and most babies won't have the problem to swallow it and so did Maryam. well done baby!! when the doctor put the syringe into her mouth, she was ok, and trying to figure out what was it that she was tasting kot...hahaaa... AND THEN CAME THE NERVE RECKING PART, INJECTION!!! aduh.... unlike any normal injection, Pneumococals is rather painful sebab Maryam was screaming so loud and we had to soothe her for quite some time. her eyes were all teary and her face was burning red. Kesian sangat2. and for a moment i felt soooo bad and hopeless seeing my baby crying that hard.


Hmm, we decided to agree to the suggestion to give Maryam these vaccines after discuccing its pros and cons. And these 2 vaccines are considered important these days. Hopefully, i am giving my baby the best for her protection against deseases. Amin.

ooh, the doctor explained to us that the Rotavirus vaccines that she was taking was only scheduled for 2 times not 3 time anymore because he said that it is a new kind. i guess, after the Rotavirus outbreak recently, the government has a new and improved version vaccine kot? xtau la..lupa nk tanya. or maybe because the vaccines won't work anymore if the baby is above 6 months.but the the doctor said to me it's a new kind.
and i guess it costs us more la kan after seing the bil later. we paid for both vaccines RM412.90 including the specialist consultant.

again, i can only hope that what i am giving my baby is the best.because i am not able to provide her with the best milk - susu ibu.

i couldn't direct breast feed Maryam and she was only fully on breast milk for the first 3 months and i dedicated my 24 hours during my confinement to pumping milk and i was happy. since i have started working, with stress and work loads, also with my teaching job,i have started to mix with formula. i cannot comply to 3 hour pumping anymore. as a result of it, the milk supply has tremendously slumped! and i knew this time would come and i have told myself over and over again, giving her a formula is not a bad thing. she's happy, and she's healthy so far...that's all that matters.

i refuse to feel like a loser because i know, i have tried my very best and i know that Maryam will onle be given the best of everything. so, i want to look forwad now and stop feeling sad.. and i don't get it, why some fully breasfeed mothers seems so mean and arrogant because of their ability to fully brestfeed the baby. but, it's ok..they are not in my shoe, so they cannot fully comprehend what mothers like me are going through. enough said, time to look forwad! hehehe...

masa ni relax lagi, bila jarum menusuk... uwaaaaaaa!!!!
next injection is at 6 months and the final one at 8 months. soo... tabahkan lah hati wahai Maryam, it's for your own good. ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bila Mommy Maryam dapat gaji apa dia buat?

SHOPPPPINGGGG!!! which is my favorite excersice. hahahaha... so, last 2 weeks we decided to take Maryam to Mothercare for the first time. usually, i would go there without bringging my baby. but the last time we when, the sales girl actually requested me to bring maryam cos they wanted to meet her!! haaa...friendly dak depa?? hehehhe... actually, i am a regular customer & i know almost every sales assitant there. seriously. ;p. during my pregnancy, i must say almost every 2 weeks i would go to mothercare penang sebab  gurney tu was my favourite hang out with my husaband masa i pregnant. so bila dah pi sana, wajib lah terjah mothercare tanpa motive pun xpa..masuk dan blah... sampai 1 tahap, i masuk just sembang2 dengan the sales assistants saja. heheheheh... so that's how we know the people there aside from being a member of mothercare. ;)

Hasil tawanan kali ni tak lah banyak sebab masa i pi tu, belom ada grand prix sale yg baru2 ni buat tu.  this time around i wanted to buy Maryam some t-shirts & tights. no more skirts or girlish outfits. so we took la 1 set, baju, seluar. then masa nak bayar tu jatuh hati kat leggings yg harga rm9 longgok2 tu, so ambik lah 2 pairs. perasan tak baby tights Maryam is 6-9 months punya? sebab she is a long girl, the one 3-6 months was a bit short. so...that's why...

while i was busy at mothercare, Rizal took Maryam around. and they came back with a sport shoe for Maryam!! adoi... i don't really approve of it actually..but since her daddy bought it, pasrah saja la... no picture of the shoe here. lupa snap. (nampak sungguh tahap tak approve sampai tak amik pun gambaq)

mothercare is well known dengan baju2 yang dijual per set, kan! i love it~

then i walked around guney, i saw 1 booth selling GYMBOREE brands. wahhh rambang mata mak maryam oi... rasa nak angkut semua, tapi apa kan daya.. mak Maryam rakyat biasa... but, i guess beli GYMBOREE nih boleh botak sikit kepala. the green shirt alone had cost me RM59.90.  the other 2 tak yah reveal la the price... rahsia.  *gedik*

later that nite, i was doing my favourite "excersice" - blogshop. then i saw this simple & sweet romper by BABY PLACE. terus tangkap 1. murah ja, RM12 hehhh...

but Maryam is so not a drama queen. ;)

baby tight by Carter.

ohh, apa ni?? well, since Maryam is going to nursery, i was so frustrated with the way they wrote my baby's name on her stuffs. sangat tak kemas & worst part, the spell her name WRONG! so i got the idea to make things look nicer. get a set of sticker with her name on in and paste them all over her stuffs - bottle,tool box,bag,shower cream,etc & sometimes suka2 buat cam lencana sekolah lekat kat baju dia! hahahahha....and it's waterproof too! 

cute isn't it? ;) 1 set consists of 100 stickers. RM12.

see?? this is the sample how the wrote MARYAM's name. rimas tengok

not much different -i still look like a pregnant woman! aisehhh...

haa... ni masa orang sibuk shop for her stuffs, dia sebuk nak poo poo... luckily gurney is well equipped with baby's changing room & feeding room. selesa. lepas berak, minum susu skali...

well, i guess after having a baby, my obsessions towards buying things for myself has subsided. seriously... i dun mind wearing the same baju but i do mind if Maryam wears the same baju many times. and i think all mothers know that SHOPPING FOR THE LIL' ONE IS SOOOOO MUCH FUN! kan!! Also, buying things for ourselves dah jadi perkara terakhir on the list nowadays. dapat gaji ja, semua fikir beli apa2 untuk anak.

most of the time i shop for her unplannedly. Yes, I AM AN IMPULSE BUYER...and a worst one! Rizal would tell me to control my habbits, but can't help it. men won't really understand us kan? hehehhe..

Anyways, this entry is not meant to show off of anything, just to share with others who love shopping for baby. i also love reading other people's review on their shopping items.  ;)

Maryam was spotted wearing Gymboree romper to her 4th month check up. ;) (hahah cam fashion police lak)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maryam Bahyraa is a 4 Months old infant today!

again, i am so very Thankful to Allah for this beautiful 4 months journey as a mother, Masha Allah.... no words can ever describe how a mother feels every day looking at the beautiful creation that Allah has granted us - a baby. ;)

everyday is like a new day!

Maryam's current development i guess is normal. she is just like any 4 months old baby, loves to giggle, scream excitedly, and always look excited even if she just wakes up from her sleep. the first think she would give to me is her big smile! eeeeee.... happy saja!

her current daily routine has also changed in a big way too, i guess. because she has to wake up early  morning to go to the day care center. sometimes rasa sangat tak sampai hati kejutkan Maryam when she is so deep asleep... Alhamdulillah, so far she is the easiest baby to handle. and very healthy too. i can't wait to take her to her paed this coming weekend for her 4 months check up. excited telebeh...

at 4 months i think she is quite friendly baby. she has no problem to smile at anybody and she has no problem adapting to her day care center baby sitters. in fact, one of the baby sitter said "Maryam ni budak galak!" wahhh tekejut mak..ingat "galak" apa..rupanya she said, Maryam ni pantang diagah skit mesti terjerit2 excited... hehhhh...

she loves to play with her toys, grabbing things to put into her mouth, loves to suckle mommy's hand or fingger especially during bath time.

i still have to put her minttens on sometimes, because she always scratch her face. walaupun kuku dia pendek, tapi bila dia start grab her face, abeh merah2 or worst becalar. so, tepaksa pakai lagi. but i do take off whenever i am around her or during her play time. kalau tidur memang tepaksa pakai lagi.

masih belum boleh meniarap lah...baru belajar turning2 saja... never mind baby, take ur sweet rush. eheheh...

and last week for the first time i allow my sister to take her out without me coming along. i was a bit sceptical, boleh ka anak aku ni pi jalan2 without her mom...and Alhamdulillah, she was soooo relax, enjoying her outting with her aunty and cousins. sikit tak nangeh. tapi mak dia ni ha yg over risau anak stress lak without me. punya la bagi susu siap2 minum baru lepas keluar...hahaha...

anyways, Maryam Bahyraa, one day u are going to be reading mommy's blog, i just want to wish u A HAPPY 4 MONTHS OLD. mom loves u soooooo much and i hope u knowthat the love keeps increasing every day by simple looking at u! muahhh~

BE HEALTHY & HAPPY ok baby ;)

last weekend, Maryam went out to visit her cousin at Uitm without mommy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nursery issues : just my 2 cents...

To be honest, mana ada mak bapak yang akan hantar anak dia ke pusat2 penjagaan (taska/nursery) kalau kita tahu anak2 kita depa nak buat tak tentu hala, betoi dak??

tapi sebagai mak bapak yang punya tanggungjawab besar menjaga amanah Allah ni, kita patut melawat2 (survey) la dulu mana nak boh anak sebelum kita mula keja kan. Ramai yang prefer hantar anak ke Baby Sitter (BS) sebab maybe enviroment umah dan kita rasa nak kita lebeh terjamin di sana. tapi bagi i, ke mana saja kita hantar anak kita TIADA JAMINAN sebab apa saja boleh berlaku tak kira tempat. kadang anak di bawah jagaan kita pun boleh injured or kita misshandled kan...

Pusat2 jagaan or nursery ni dah lama wujud kat  M'sia ni, cuma baru2 ni saja issue tentang anak2 yang tidak dijaga or diurus dengan baik timbul. i memang tak sanggup tengok video yang depa dok upload. gambar muka depan metro tu pun tak sanggup dah nk tengok apa lagi nak baca. naluri mak2 dalam diri ni buat i tak sanggup nak baca. masa video tu tersebar luas, i was thinking " betoi ka ni kat M'sia? macam tak caya lak orang M'sia buat camtu kat anak2." serious tak pecaya langsung. Naseb baik la tuan punya nursery tampil betulkan keadaan. kalau dak, lepas tu mesti kuar berita pemilik taska dijumpai mati dibunuh di hadapan taska lak kemarin. hahahah..

Isu yang aku cuba address kat dini ialah, kita sebagai mak pak, sebelum hantar anak pastikan dulu taska dipilih mempunyai lesen yang diiktiraf oleh JKM. takkan la main hantar ja nak korang tak cek dulu tempat tu berlesen or tidak???

LOOK AROUND IT, bersih ka tak, CONDUSIVE ka tak, nampak selamat ka tak, pandai2 laa ushar keliling..

 Dah hantar anak, skali skala cuba la buat spot check. i mean do show up at the place unexpetedly during working hours just to check your baby or to check whether depa ni buat keja depa or dok kerjakan budak2 kat sana. PENTING sangat. jangan main tinggal saja waktu pagi and ambik waktu petang. skali skala datanglah. i think the care takers or the baby sitters there would be very happy to see us datang tengok anak kita jugak. cam tempat yang i hantar maryam, memang depa alu2kan mak pak pi lawat anak2. sama ada utk menyusu or untuk pantau keadaan anak. tapi jangan lah pulak kita pi hari2. baik keja saja kat situ...kan? but do maintain a good relationship with them ya! ;)

DO NOT EXPECT PERFECTION from the people who are not related to us to take care of the baby the way we take care our baby. biasalah dah hantar anak2 kat tempat2 macam tu, ada lah kekurangan di sana sini. the way they handle our baby memang almost completely DIFFERENT from us. so, kalau sikit2 hal tu tak yah nk serious sangat. cam Maryam kat sana depa suka laa bedakkan dia from top to toe. (rimas tengok anakku penuh bedak cam tepung)

Macam mana nak pastikan Taska tu mematuhi garis panduan or not, salah satunya kita tengok sajalah jumlah kakitangan dengan nisbah baby.  kalau ikot AKTA TASKA 1985, umur 0-3tahun 5:1 so silalah tengok2 keadaan sekeliling taska tu, cukup ka dak pengasuh. baca seniri lah akta tu. ;)

Kalau nak rajin lagi, pi la cek dokumen kat nursery yg kita hantar anak kita. boleh tau pihak JKM ada pantau or tak. i think since dh jadi big issue ni, sah2 la JKM will have a lot of works to do pasni nak pantau taska2 seluruh negara. bagus lah!! at least kita tau, anak2 kita selamat dan ada lah sedikat jaminan di situ.

Agak bengan hatiku ini bila terbaca komen2 negatif yang datangnya dari parents di FB yang TIDAK PERNAH HANTAR ANAK KE NURSERY tetapi ayatnya gaya seperti dh biasa hantar ank ke nursery penuh dengan negative remarks towards the day care center. HELLO, u should be grateful dapat duduk sahaja di rumah menjaga anak u seniri dengan kudrat n tangan seniri, God bless u.

BUT, the reality is, many of modern women like us go to work. And many of us have no place to send our dearest babies but to a nursery. so please don't make us feel like we are a bad mother cos only Allah knows how many times in our days we do feel like a bad mother when seeing our baby being handled by others.

Don't thinking all nurseries in M'sia ni tak jaga anak dengan betul. that is not fair for them as well.

i was saying to my friends just now, kalau ikot hati mau ja i bawak my Maryam ke office, masuk kelas mengajar pun usung anak skali, tapi what to do, many of  have no choice but to send our lilttle darlings to a nursery.

We are the parents. And InshaAllah, we do know what is best for our child, right? kita keluar membanting tulang bekerja from morning till evening or late nite and do multiple things all at once and by the end of the day we will go back to our children and be the parent pulak. this is the reality. normal lah hantar anak ke nursery tu, cuma pastikan saja anak kita di bawah jagaan orang yang bertanggungjawab. itu pun dah cukup bagus. jangan buat assumptions yang nursery tu sucks. that really shows how ignorant and stupid we are.

Setiap pagi i nak hantar Maryam, macam2 dalam otak ni fikir, tapi i tak mau layan semua negative thoughts sebab bukan i sorang hantar anak ke sana. but, berdoa lah sekuat hati to Allah dan tawakal sajalah.

Akhir kata ( oii tetiba cam ucapan pulak) it was all happy moments during prengancy, kalut prepare segala macam presiapan menyambut ahli baru, during labour, ehh sakit2 tapi happy tau nak beranak! it was all great during confinement, cuti 3 bulan - HEAVEN jaga anak, belek anak, bela badan. BUT as soon as we are back into the reality, time tu baru kenal erti susah payah menjadi ibu bapa...a lot of things need to be done, need to be looked at, need to be given attention to and need to be beared in mind especially if u are working mothers.

kita hantar anak nursery ka, baby sitter ka, jaga seniri ka masing2 ada risiko. cuma kita takdak la sampai bedung budak ketat2, pastu tape mulut depa..tu ja la nak kata. sekian, Wassalam...

i love you baby! ehh, 3 bulan still pakai mittens?hihi...