Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maryam's 4th Month check up

muka cuak abeh nak kena cucuk. *daddy please  help me*

at 4 months, she is now 5.9kg and 65cm long! yep...she's a long girl.hahahha.... Alhamdulillah. ;) slim & slander with great health!!hehehe..

Her Paeditrition is Doctor Francis Lau in KPJ Specialist, Penang since Maryam was 5 days old. and we decided to have all her check ups every month in Penang since we would go back to Penang almost every week or every other week. ohh, NO MEDICAL CENTER can be found in Perlis ya. NO SPECIALIST HOSPITAL is in Perlis. so, hopefully, 1 day there will be one. kesian rakyat Perlis nih, everything must be referred to Alor Star or Penang.

Back to Maryam's Progress... well, according to her Paed, everything about her is GREAT! and during this 4th visit, the doctor had given her the Rotavirus & Pneumococcals vaccines as planned last month.

First, she was given the Rotavirus vaccines. she seemed to love it because no signs of rejecting the vaccines by her. they gave it through a special looking syringe. and the doctor said the vaccines tastes good and most babies won't have the problem to swallow it and so did Maryam. well done baby!! when the doctor put the syringe into her mouth, she was ok, and trying to figure out what was it that she was tasting kot...hahaaa... AND THEN CAME THE NERVE RECKING PART, INJECTION!!! aduh.... unlike any normal injection, Pneumococals is rather painful sebab Maryam was screaming so loud and we had to soothe her for quite some time. her eyes were all teary and her face was burning red. Kesian sangat2. and for a moment i felt soooo bad and hopeless seeing my baby crying that hard.


Hmm, we decided to agree to the suggestion to give Maryam these vaccines after discuccing its pros and cons. And these 2 vaccines are considered important these days. Hopefully, i am giving my baby the best for her protection against deseases. Amin.

ooh, the doctor explained to us that the Rotavirus vaccines that she was taking was only scheduled for 2 times not 3 time anymore because he said that it is a new kind. i guess, after the Rotavirus outbreak recently, the government has a new and improved version vaccine kot? xtau la..lupa nk tanya. or maybe because the vaccines won't work anymore if the baby is above 6 months.but the the doctor said to me it's a new kind.
and i guess it costs us more la kan after seing the bil later. we paid for both vaccines RM412.90 including the specialist consultant.

again, i can only hope that what i am giving my baby is the best.because i am not able to provide her with the best milk - susu ibu.

i couldn't direct breast feed Maryam and she was only fully on breast milk for the first 3 months and i dedicated my 24 hours during my confinement to pumping milk and i was happy. since i have started working, with stress and work loads, also with my teaching job,i have started to mix with formula. i cannot comply to 3 hour pumping anymore. as a result of it, the milk supply has tremendously slumped! and i knew this time would come and i have told myself over and over again, giving her a formula is not a bad thing. she's happy, and she's healthy so far...that's all that matters.

i refuse to feel like a loser because i know, i have tried my very best and i know that Maryam will onle be given the best of everything. so, i want to look forwad now and stop feeling sad.. and i don't get it, why some fully breasfeed mothers seems so mean and arrogant because of their ability to fully brestfeed the baby. but, it's ok..they are not in my shoe, so they cannot fully comprehend what mothers like me are going through. enough said, time to look forwad! hehehe...

masa ni relax lagi, bila jarum menusuk... uwaaaaaaa!!!!
next injection is at 6 months and the final one at 8 months. soo... tabahkan lah hati wahai Maryam, it's for your own good. ;)


narz naz said...

Hi dear... jgn la down sgt psl formula milk, at least u berjaya gak fully bf die for 3 months tau... wlupun with all the challenges... insyaAllah, u have done ur best for her =)

NoRr said...

amin..TQ narz...i won't feel sad anymore..i rest my case...hahahah...