Thursday, August 18, 2011

BOY OR GIRL- The anwer has been revealed~

For some parents-to-be- they decide to keep to themselves about their baby's gender and surprise everybody later. BUT i'm not gonna do that! i always wanted to know what baby am i having since the first day i discovered i was pregnant.

for the past 2 months during the routine check up we have not managed to find out the baby's gender as my baby is a shy type i reckon. it always frustrated me and hubs everytime we saw the ultrasound the baby would always asleep and kept the legs so closed together. so last tuesday we decided to go for 3D scan cos i wanted to know it so bad and also i didn't want to but baby's stuffs in all natural or unisex color.

so Ahamdulillah, before the check up, i did a small talk to the baby asking for baby to spread the legs so i could buy a blue or pink color baju. hahahah... guess what? the method worked! the baby was co-operating BUT this time, the baby decided to look away and not showing the face and was deep asleep! adoi..mak silap teknik la pulak....mak suruh buka kaki lupa suruh tunjuk muka skali...hahahah...tak pa la baby...

so InsyaAllah, both me and rizal will be having a baby.......

my doctor was 100% sure with his result by saying "CONFIRMED! baby girl~" hehe..but kuasa Allah kan...who knows if the doctor was wrong in his desicion.

i think the happiest person is Rizal, as he wanted so much that this baby to be a girl...i don't really bother as for me, girl or boy, it's my baby. but i am very happy cos i get to buy this baby most of HER stuffs in PINK cos it's my favourite color~ hahaha...

Syukur Alhamdulillah...the baby is getting stronger in terms of her kicks and movements these days...very active girl!

haaa....i can't wait to hold u baby girl! ;)

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