Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pregnancy Week 27

That's my baby bump at week 27. it actually bigger that it looks in the picture cos i asked rizal to snap the belly exactly from the side so i look i would smaller. hohhh!!tak sedar diri!

majority of the clothes can't fit me anymore. but never mind, baju2 untuk dipakai di rumah, i still wear and often i have to strecth them to make the bajus bigger. rosak baju.

ohh, surprisingly, last week check up, the doctor said i lost weight...but Alhamdulillah, the baby weight increase and almost 1kg already!! whatttt??? i can't imagine at week 40 how much weight would the baby gain?? takot la pulak if the baby would be too big and hard for me to push her out...but, InsyaAllah, i know pertolongan Allah sentiasa ada untuk hambaNya kan... just have to relax and leave it to Allah.

the most important part is that the baby is doing fine inside as what the doctor said. Syukur. hope she will continue to be strong and active as usual.. :)

At week 27, i decided to take neurogain PB vitamin. i know i kinda left out... i should have taken it earlier but i didn't know about it. even my doctor didn't prescribe me with any vitamins for the baby's brain development. so i decided to take my own initiative and bought it. a friend of mine said that this neurogain is not only for the development of baby's brain, but also for baby's skin and also to help us produce more milk after delivery. she said i should continus taking it after deliver as well.

let's see what week 27 has in store for me,..ohh...WELCOME STRECTHMARK!! i hope it won't be so bad. from the beginning of my pregnancy, i have used BIO OIL to avoid strecthmark but i guess i can't escape...redha ja la...luckily it's not that bad...just emerge sikit2 kat bawah perut.

i am so thankful to Allah for the good health granted to me so far and i can still get up every morning to go to work, going up and down to classes... :)


Darling Aween said...

seronoknya baca...

i taktau nak cakap apa..nak cakap lg sekali, u take care tau!!

NoRr said...

TQ aween for the wishes..appreciate that a lot tau...soon it will be ur turn ok! ;)