Friday, October 16, 2009

Online Shopping Obsession

I just received my parcel yesterday and I was in my pigeon hole when I went to check it..well this time around I bought a cute maxi from a dear friend of mine, Amy. She has her own online boutique that sells interesting stuffs. I soooo love the maxi dress and I got a good bargain too.thanks ya Amy… u know how much I love the dress kan Amy!I keep going on about it while I was MMSing her my pics wearing the dress.. she wanted to see it and thought,.. no big deal! So terus ja amik balik baju dlm baldi n pakai balik then snapped the pics for her.. hihi… luckily I didn’t pour water over it yet! To the lovely Amy, nice doin business with u …suka sgt bila u tunjuk kat I dulu before putting them on ur blog! Terharu…

I hav to admit that I have a bit of obsession towards online shopping nih..cos I’m currently located in a very remote place so it kinda hard to shop for the baju yg ok2 skit (according to my taste la.. ) thanks to the great technology ( internet) now I don’t really have to worry about being so out of modernization (oops!) no offence, this place is very beautiful though… lots of greenery…huhu! ermm, thanks to those people who have online boutiques or sell stuffs over the net…because of u…my life is easier..heheh.. I’m not really good at recommending what blog that sells great baju and stuffs cos I’m sure each and very one of us have our own preference.. as for me here are few blogs that I like :-

actually ada banyak lagi blog yg nak share tp lupa address.. i update later ya! =) and if anybody has list of interesting blogs to share, please do so ok!tq..

maybe some won’t agree with what I like..but it’s ok…=) after all, I’m no expert here…and jauh sekali untuk megajar org lain tentang dunia fasion ni…hehe.. just that I find online shopping is way easier n way way cheaper it seems compared to the price in shopping malls…nowadays, everytime I see something that I like at the mall I always have the idea that “ tak payah la beli kat kedai ni,..cari kat blog lagi murah” hihi.. u can bet that I buy most of things like shoes,baju raya, baju jalan2, baju kerja, cakes, and lot more, all through internet! Can’t help it,.. I’m soooo obsessed!!

p/s: currently listening to Mariah Carey entitled “obsessed” ( what a coincidence!)


aimyboutique said...

i pun suke u enak ngan maxi tuh! thanks dear =*

NoRr said...

owhh..mmg enak sekali ibu amy...hahaha