Monday, October 19, 2009


well, i have been worried sick through out the weekend about too many things to do but there's only little time... last week n this week are considered very hectic week for most of us... for a start we had internal audit to finish until this thursday..i'm one of the internal auditor and also auditee at the same time...memang tak adil..dh la kena pi audit jabatan lain tp at the same time i pun kena audit tension gila la..but Alhamdulillah, all my worries were a waste of my precious time!!! DUHHHH... our jabatan dh pun selesai di audit and i was so grateful i managed to handle the job that was passed to me... and i just arrived back to my office just a few minutes ago after i finished my 4 hours class i straight away went to audit our unit teknologi maklumat with another internal auditor...i was so relieved that we managed to clear our task cos i'm gonna be on leave starting this thursday...penat gila hari ni...luckily masa audit tadi diorang jamu air..hihi...thought of asking kuih raya ada lagi ka tak...

i'm so very busy with classes and it's already towards the end of definitely banyak benda nak buat...rasa tak menang tangan...datelines after datelines and piles and piles of work load...arghhhhh...doremon help!!!

yet, i consider today is quite a good day cos i thought i was gonna be in mess...but everything seems to fall into place...lega sangat!

owh,. i just check my status as pembayar PTPTN wheter i'm under their blacklister or not...i thought i am 1 of the blacklistered person apparently, I AM NOT! yayyyy... i was worried about PTPTN especially i have missed my payment quite some time...biasa lah kita ni baru ja keja lagi gaji pun bukan la banyak macam org yg keja 5 tahun ke atas kadang2 sesak jugak la...owh, i found out about the site yg nak check PTPTN ni though reading another blogger blog...we all kinda gave comments about PTPTN ni, takot if they nak pegi bercuti or honeymoon luar negar takot lak tak lepas... i must admit i'm a little over paranoid jugak..sampai tahap nak pi bkt.kayu hitam pun takot kena tahan..hihi..

LEGA sgt hari ni walaupun it's still noon but everything seems to be ok compared to my original thought..i thought my day today was gonna be lintang pukang cos i have too many things to do..but, far 50% of what i wanted to accomplish today dh pun selesai dgn cepatnya with the help of few individuals... to aini, thanks cos share handouts for topic terakhir budak2 final sem...n to kak yam, tq cos making the audit session easy...and handled it like a PRO!!

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