Thursday, October 8, 2009

All The Way from England

This is what I received from my brother who just came back from UK recently…it never occurred to me that I would get this very lovely perfume set. I guess it’s his way of saying thank you kot cos I did a small favor by doing the proof reading of his assignments n thesis…ala kecik punya hal la bro…ntah betul ka tak I buat tu..hihih..anyways,I thought I’d get nothing cos my sis in law kept telling us if we wanted anything just bank in the money and she would get the stuffs there for us…but being me…a blur me I didn’t know what to buy although my sis told me that most of the stuffs that they sell in UK are way cheaper than what we buy in Malaysia…and get this, she actually rent a whole kontena ( I mean they shared la 1 kontena with their friends yg nak balik Malaysia) to ship their things from UK to Malaysia.still their kontena barang is not here yet…atas laut lagi… i’m excited to know what actually they brought back.. bawak balik 1 umah gaknyer…giler ahh..1 kontena tu…I’m very very certain that they have something for everyone…untuk mak,kakak,kak cik,abg me,kak tie,abg mat,..senang cita untuk both families and their friends to enjoy…syoknya kami semua…thank you so much abg jai n kak dilla…xoxo!!
p/s: tq kak dilla for that Prada perfume too...i'm so touch..hihi

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