Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adam & Hakim, Jet Lag

don't mess with us!!

Check out these cute pics of Hakim and his baby brother Adam…this pics were taken in the middle of the night around 1am something…that time I was already doozing off cos dh lewat but these cuties couldn’t sleep at all…JET LAG…they are physically in Malaysia but biologically maybe in UK lagi…the worst part was for Adam…org lain 3-4 hari dh tidur secara normal but for him…malam dia jaga…siang dia tidoq…cian dia…alhamdulillah after a week Adam “recovered” dah tidur secara normal mengikut waktu siang dan malam di Malaysia..kalau tak…my mak was soooo concerned…bising ja mak bebel for a few days saying that “haru la si Adam…org tidoq dia jaga malam…jenuh mummy dgn abah dia”

I still remember very well when these two cuties mintak I snap their pics…that time I was way passing my beauty sleep (chehhh…) hakim said “acu cepat snap pic kite” and being a loving aunty of course I did as told to… lawak la they could pose like this in the middle of the silent night…buat gaya ultraman…I could not stop myself from smiling verytime I see these pictures….and it turned out I was the one who couldn’t sleep as well..hihi…tak kesal lah..i have missed them so much and I was so happy to finally be with them…we had a great time celebrating the hari raya…and this year our raya was very special *grin* why uhh?? Hehe

1. Because all of our family members are reunited…last year my mak nangis masa pagi raya tu and kept thinking of my bro n sis dgn anak2 kat UK..tak lekang dari mulut dia cakap " macammana la depa kat sana..." so it was very dull raya la sebab tak cukup qorum.

2. Because I was officially dirisik by my bf family…unexpectedly..(1 citer kartun yang tak perlu didedahkan di sini…cos a few funny moments happened during the merisik thing…*phewwww*
Anyway,..To my beloved brother,sis and nephews….WELCOME HOME, from yours truly, adik nor… =)

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