Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday is here!!

yayy.... i loooovvve FRIDAY! i bet everyone loves it to... after a whole 5 days of membanting tulang,.. i always look forwad to have a lazy and lay back weekend... particularly this weekend...hihi...why?? BECAUSE... i'm goin out with him this coming sunday...*grin*
for somebody like us who only spend twice a month seeing eah other i think i deserve to feel extra excited this week... i mean i have been waiting for this week n hoping that friday will quickly come so i can look forwad to our "dating day.." hihi...i would like to make it clear here that we are not the normal type of couple.we can't date all the time and see each other as often s wish cos there's the obsticle which is we live quite far from each other...and it kills me some time cos staying alone in the house without no housemate can be horrible at times and being away and apart from your love ones is completely 1 sad sad story... i don't have friends to share all my ups and down over here.. all my office mates remain my offimates...we work togeteher everyday and we go back to out respective house after work...i mean that's it!!boring giler this place and the people too... =( but what to do...terima seadanya la kan... and frankly speaking, i really miss all my friends back in university... we really had fun back then...but things change now... we all do have responsibles and commitments and i guess as we grow older...this is how things will be...we can't expect to have what we use to have...hmm... to all my friends,.. i miss you guys so much!!

where do i go on our date this time huh?? like always, this ulu place is not a suitable place to be on a date...the culture here is different...too many eyes are peeping...and those vicious eyes will definitely talk and create a whole lot of missconceptins which i really want to stay away me and him we always go away from here... 2 hours drive to penang...hihi... he would come and pick me up early morning...we would enjoy the long journey and talk about everything...and the next thing we know we have already arrived!time flies when you are with your love one...hihi

so, ourdate is always from morning till night...cos we don't see each other often that's why we use the whole day to spend our quality time togeteher. like any normal couple, we watch movie,shopping,eating, and talk and talk and talk for hours...that's why we love to eat at places that are more private and cozy...bukan hotel ye...heheh...but of course la if we have more budget we do try some of the buffet spreads at the hotel..usually time bulan puasa,velentines or depends on situation jugak la...some hotels tak payah tunggu special occation pun ada buat promotion we love trying out the foods...can't help it...we love foods...and further more it's not that we see each other all the time when we finally have the time to meet up..we like to make each date special and memorable one by stuffing ouf faces at great places.hahah makan ja tawu...cemana nak kurus ntah...

to him,..i'm so excited to see you babe...cepat la Ahad...*sigh* winduuuu...

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