Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hmm…as u can see up here,.. it’s just 2 weeks left before I am finally become his fiancé far as I’m concerned, what I can say here is that, the preparation is going on…I’m a bit stressed out of the whole thing cos I’m a veryyyyyy fussy person when it comes to big thing like this…to make matter worst I’m currently busy working…my hometown is in Penang..although the journey back to penang is just 2 hours drive but still, I could not afford to go back and forth all the time…tiring indeed.. :’(

But Alhamdullillah I could count on my mak to handle the process…kesian la my mak..she has to go and invite the Masjid people over..because my family is a small company…my dad had passed away when I was 2..we don’t have many relatives…so there’s just us…I mean my mak n my siblings ja..we don’t have older man to handle such event..i brothers are cluless when it comes to adat2 meminang and we need to have older and wiser men to represent our family during the occasion…so my mak has invited the imam and their geng, canopy for the kenduri also been settled by mak..she made a call to rent the canopy,she asked for a helping hands from our neighbours to help her to prepare the feast…I mean kesian la…I wish I could do all of that on my own,..tapi payah la…we plan for small feast je and Doa Selamat to bless the event…I hope everthing will go well and if there is a few bumps here and there…normal la kan…
Another frustrating thing is that being here...i mean sorry to say but this place is so ulu and doesn't have a proper bridal boutique like what we have in Penang. Kat Penang needless to say la...belambak! and definitely more choices in terms of designs for hantaran,dress,and so it's very convenient for those who have no enough time to prepare for the engagemen and wedding. apa pun I redha ja la for my majlis tu nanti...we'll see how it turns ya!

So maybe I can share here a few updates on my humble event…=) especially the hantaran that the both parties will receive…

For Him:-
Sirih Junjung

1. cupcake ( from
2. chocolate
3. fruits basket
4. kuih
5. dessert
6. 2nd dessert
7. shirt ( tetiba sesat bagi kemeja)

From Him:-
Engagement Ring of course

1. cake ( ordered from Secret Recipe)
2. chocolates
3. fruits basket
4. dessert
5. perfume set ( ni pun tetiba sesat)

Looking at those hantaran list some people might disapprove of giving other than foods as items for hantaran tunang. As for my case my mak being a traditional malay mother…she finds it odds to give the shirt n perfume for hantaran tunang…at first I had a bit of difficulty of explaining to her that modern pengantin-to-be nowadays give whatever they wish for the hantaran eventhough it’s only an engagement hantaran…but later she understood my point..besides, kak dilla said that the perfume set was actually my bro intention for me to include as one of the items for my hantaran…I like the idea too..

I have been blog hopping to get the ideas of what the other brides to be n previous brides has done for their preparations of their repective engagement n wedding day…so far, I find their ideas are awesome…I couldn’t do better…(ughhh!stress and jealous gila)

Looking at the time and other limitations, I curretly berserah ja la pada takdir for the event…I mean I'm having troble of putting things together and organise my engagement ALL BY MYSELF. I don't know where and how to begin...I feel like a headless chicken trying to find my direction...serabut rasa... I really wish for a miracle.But then again, i'm optimistic. I mean I still have a wedding to look forward to…and I want to take my own sweet time doing all the preparations from A to Z with my own touch n taste for my wedding! As for the engagement, takpe lah…buat yg biasa2 ja yang termampu asalkan semuanya selamat!! *keep my finggers crossed*

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