Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Nothing to write about, nothin' to say... i guess this blog is created out of my boredomness just to fill up my times of doing nothing...( i could be in trouble if my boss caught me doing nothing, it's better to be busy typing, rite?ngehehe..)
i never used of writing stuffs let alone publishing them like this but i love reading stufss...maybe i read too much (yeah rite...) and it triggers to me out of the sudden that maybe i should write also!! *tinggggg~*
so, here i go people...i'm finally typing something with no specific story to tell. but with the hope that this blog won't be silent from now on...
gosh! i'm beginning to stress out cos' from now on my mind will have to ponder over things to write since i am a blog owner....good luck to me...hiks!!
with all my love...i declare this blog is now officially open!huhu...(bayangkan tengah potong reben with people clapping hands..wahh! sungguh perasan... *grin*)

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