Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leisure Affair

yesterday was the first time me and my BFF Anna went out since she gave birth to a sweet baby boy awish...we have been waiting for our "date" cos everytime we planned to go out there was always something came up.. i free anna busy and bila she free i was not pulak..so yesterday before i came back here, we decided to go out jap and did the cathing up...her baby was sooooo baik and never a grumpy boy at all...sweet sangat... and one thing that struck me was that ,how much things have changed... we used to go out melepak like this all the time during our university years also masa sekolah2...syok gila lah..but now looking back, those were the days kan...skang ni we all have different agendas and commitments... but sekali sekala dapat keluar macam ni best jugak tapi tak boleh jalan banyak sgt la..just lepak2 and makan2 and talk...it's different now,.. a good kind of different i mean...dulu bawak sling bag ala2 remaja tapi skang beg sampai 2 dia bawak..susu anak,pampers and stuffs..so cute...she kept saying that my time will come and i better be ready for it..haha..anyways,..i'm so glad that we still maintain our friendship up until now and though we won't be able to go out all the time...i'm happy to have her as my bestest friend! Anna, nnt roger aku k..let's hang out some more and bring baby awish along...xoxo

snap!! snap!! snap!!


anna anwar said...

sweetla babe...nti hang out lagi taw...:p

NoRr said...

ya..ya..mesti!aku suka ok..muahhhh!