Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hunting for a perfume set was a job that i had to do on my own since i knew it all too well that i would take hours to decide which one i'd like to buy. that is the only reason i didn't go with fiance cos i didn't want him to stress out..hahah~susah gila nak cari yang berkenan di hati..

i remember i spent hours talking to the sales person and ended up paying a deposit for Daisy by Marc Jacobs too..ehh boleh deposit??? ya boleh! di Megamall Penang ya. i love the place for the variety of perfume sets..gila banyak..the whole of ground floor! and i didn't know they accepted deposit too. after i decided to put my deposit on Daisy, i went to my favourite hair saloon to cut my hair.. during the hair treatment session i was still thinking nak beli terus ka or nak datang lagi sekali...after a long and deep thinking i decided to just pay the whole thing....pakai kad ja la..BUT! suddenly, at the very last minutes of talking to the SA, i didn't know why...i switched to...

persenting LOLA by Marc Jacobs! phewww~

funny after a long discussion about something that i thought i really gonna buy, in just a split seconds i decided to buy something else...just after i saw a glimps of LOLA and tak bau lagi pun~ tgk botol ja terus tertarik..i must say i fall in love with the shape of the bottle that is sexy and flirty, i guess.. and it matches my hantaran theme - roses!
see the cap of the bottle is a shpe of a rose kan...very sweet looking to me indeed. the scent is what i always go for an EDP - floral + fruity = fresh ;)

so the perfume part is done...( actually many of my hantaran items are done. just a couple more) i think i made a really good customer that day since the SA gave me some free stuffs like YSL lipstic (soooo cool) and miniature Lola to be kept in my handbag so whenever i feel sexy n flirty i could just put it on..hehehe..

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anak_sateria said...

ehhhehe hunting for perfume memg rigid... but the best part my bf lg suke perfume than i...coz i stick to the one yg i suke je...satu tu je la x berubah yg lain though it smells good to me...coz for me perfume also a symbol of, klu i nk bli perfume, arini i gi try tester kat tangan, klu bau sedap gak till end of day, i will go for it =)

NoRr said...

agreed on perfume reflects am i sexy n flirtatious??hmm *thinking* hahaha

faratul said...

haaa...kalo fara la mmg slalu gitu.punye belek, tanye, pikir..tup2 beli yg len!

kite samela..mmg attracted kt bottle dlu..then baru bau dia..

NoRr said...

mmg kita ni pandang luaran kan..tak tgk dalaman~ eheheh..but the scent is vey nice..suka cos it's EDP tahan lama skit

MY said...

cantik design perfume tue.. nnt nak pi usha jugak tgk.. btw.. ur blog link kat my shoutbox takda *norr .. that's why keluar blog lain I think.. dah link urs jugak..

Thank you for the comment as well.. I really appreciate it..

NoRr said...

MY: ha pi la tgk2...rambang mata kalu u jenis i yg suka tgk botol n design dulu..bau no.2 then u mst in the end i akn tgk bau jugak..if tak sesuai, then keep on looking for that perfect one..bau n design botol seiring la kot..hihi