Monday, April 26, 2010

photographer - CHECKED!

if i had some extra budget in hand, i would want to have DANIEAL ZAIN to capture all moments during my wedding day..but knowing that i could not fork out more than what is within my budget i resolve to NASIR ZIN...eheheh...okay, please don't ever get me the wrong way...i'm not saying Nasir Zin is not the best or the second best..he is one of the earliest photographer that we met during our photoghrapher huntings...and seing his actual works is the only reason we have decided to book him...because we have met many stupid photographers during our surveys who are doing the job for the money only by not taking into account the art behind it.

but, maybe i was stubborn at first, i said to fiance that i wanted to survey more but all my hard works never really paid off..semuanya i tak berkenan. also i don't want to spend too much by hiring photographers that are not based in the north part...flight tickets & accomodations bukan free kan... =) plus i always come back to Nasir Zin punya work everytime i want to compare other photographers' works in finally, last Friday we reached to our final decision to not turning back anymore. so abg Nasir & the gang i really look forward to your great art work... =)

this is actually the first picture he showed us when we met him & the gang at the studio in Kulim, Kedah...time tu, they just finished this particular shooting and i was amazed by the foto...kalau nak macam ni dia kata kena shoot awal2 pagi to get the effect huh!

kalau i nak pose macamni...mesti i bantai gelak ( malu~)

camni okay kot...selalu dah berlatih...ngeeee

i think many of us hire our vendors based on the impressions they made during our meetings with them kan?? for me, personally i like the guys cos they are very funny bunch of people and they are willing to tolerate with our budget, kira dah ok la..but, apa2 pun bab wedding photo is now done...harap2 semuanya berjalan lancar nanti...* keep my fonggers crossed*

creadits to for the pictures

p/s: jerawat kat muka nampak ka haaa dalam gambar??? uwaaaaa~


faratul said...

wa..canteekkk the pics! serius!
xpe name pon dah dkat2 kan..tetap dibinkan 'zin'. hehe.. suke 1st pic tuh.

NoRr said...

tu la fara...kelakar pulak fikir2 fiance dok perli2 i ja keja dia sbb i cerewet sgt...mana ada kan

sk said...

hye norr, gambar yg 1st mmg serius cantik! :)

NoRr said...

hi SK,TQ for the comment! tu lah..i minat tgk pic tu..the first pic they showed us masa kitorang met them..hmm, harap2 my pics nanti turn out alright jgk lah..hihi