Friday, April 23, 2010


i know i could never look like Grace Kelly ( ahahah...keep dreamin') but sofi, if u happen to read my blog..please, please...make me look beautiful & graceful on my wedding! heeeeee~ ;p

so worried that i would never success to get rid of the fat!! i think i have only lost 3kg & it kinda stops there..that's it! and with workloads and stress instead of following my diet plan..i think i eat more & more... and so worry i won't have the confidents to face the guests like what i went through on my engagement when the make up had turned me into one of the actresses of opera cina and the baju was all wrong from head to toe...hadoii..i just want to look beautiful for my wedding..ehh, who doesn't?


Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

beautiful & graceful, i like!

NoRr said...

nurul, dunno la..sampai tak hajat too look beautiful & graceful tu...i ni semulajadi kasar rasanya...heeee~