Tuesday, July 20, 2010

updated version

huishh...seminggu tak jengok blog ni! as always, i have no better reasons but i blame my work loads aci kan? =)

while busy with teaching and million other stuffs, on top of that i have to settle a lot of things regarding the wedding since it's almost around the corner.Mashaallah..cepat sungguh masa berlalu i still wish i could have more time to prepare.nevertheless, a few important things have finally settled which is THE NIKAH DOCUMENTS! phew...now all that left is to submit them to the pejabat agama back in penang which is next week. on top of that i'm currently preparing myself for the INTERVIEW! yep...Penang pengantin wajib interview..tak lulus tak leh kawen depa kata...ehehhe. i'll share the questions that the pejabat agama attached in my forms later because i just realized that the questions are ralatively different according to daerah2 in penang.still, the questions are basic things that we as a Muslim should know of..nanti la i share. ;)

though, i said they are basic, tapi hatiku tetap nervous ok.hehe..ya la the last time i went on an interview was the interview untuk sahkan jawatan ja..ni interview untuk sahkan i boleh menikah ka dak...penting tuh! and i was so jealous that fiance is not going through it since he's not a penangites!! dia, isi borang and hantar ja..selesai! at first, i thought nak kawen kena sama2 interview..turned out to be i'm the only person yang kena interview.hihi.. on a lighter note, takkan la ustaz pejabat agama tu nak interogate i teruk2 kan? so keep a positive mind ja la..

WEDDING CARD! yeahhh...success!! berjaya di tempah dengan happy. i mean, fiance and i had the time to sit and select the one card that suit our need and budget. we went to Alor Star and glad that we found so many choices there compared to my place back in seberang perai. i was touched with my FFIL effort when he took the time to write us a qoute to be include in our wedding card. usually when we were to order the wedding card, we would just choose the Hadith strips that the card vendors prepared kan? i decided to replace the Hadith strip with the qoute written by FFIL. *happy* cos seriously, i felt that the saying couldn't be more perfect...suit us and fit us like a glove...cewah! hope he's happy when he found out.

so today, fiance will go to do the proof read ( wahh macam buat tesis MA lak) and tengok the master copy...i hate the fact that i can't do that on my own cos i admit i could be a bit of a control freak sometimes. i just dun want any mistake on the card. that's all...so i gave fiance a simple checklist for him to do while doing the proof read tu...i specifically told him, to follow my very simple checklist! so darling, no mistake ok. ;p

HIV test?? ohh, DONE!! but full of drama..also, i write about it later..just to share my not so good experience!

hmm...a lot of things have been settled but a whloe lot of other things that need to be settle~ i admit i'm actually on the verge of having melt down and such! but, apa2 pun...again I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY!!


PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

yes, my friend pon kte buat kad dkt alor setar pon lbih murah n moreeeeeee choices! invite i nnti taw... ;p

btw, swak bride pon spttnye kne interview b4 disahkn boley nikah.. tp sbb i dh terpegi kursus khwen during my uni time, jab agama kte, xyh lh interview.. hihi so penang kne ade sijil kursus kawen n interview jugak lh ek?

NoRr said...

aifa, card kat AS best la jugak i tengok...sbb banayk kedai and puas hati dapat tgk more choices...nanti i invite oke! u kawen orang utara jugak kan? =)

actually kitorang kat penang, sijil kursus kawen pun kena ada as well as interview pun kena undergo juga...my friend ada cakap, penang antara negeri yg agak banyak red tapes la.but, dunno la cemana..nnt will share my next experience pulak..hahah