Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HIV test - entry hampir basi

fiance and i did the test together cos we had the intention to do wedding stuffs hunting later. little that we knew, the HIV test took us almost 3 hours to complete.why?? cos we went to the wrong place which is the hospital lama Alor Star which turned into a clinic. i didn't know anything about it since i trusted my fiance would know best...the clinic was like a centralized clinic where all kind of illnesses are first consulted there..i mean kat situ la nak check sakit jantung, kat situ la nak check darah tinggi, kat situ la nak check kencing manis, ect and kat situ la nak buat HIV Test!! the same doctor pulak tu...
penat tunggu turn. i even lost my temper because i knew we way were behind schedule..but the most horrible thing for us was that the treatment given to us as if we were stupid! the staffs were sarcastic and the people at the counter were very rude.i don't want to elaborate cos it was 2 weeks ago..so it's in the past.

for me, i blame it to ourseleves cos the two of us were clueless about the places that we could go to do the test. since i'm not familiar with Kedah in general so i just followed what fiance had planned. he, on the other hand, didn't know much about it and we went there cos it was suggested by his friend..hmm, i still remember we had to wait for 103 people to finish their turns before we could go and get the freaking signature from the doctor!! goshhh...i was hungry and grumpy all at the same, that explained the long face.
the test took us less than 5 minutes but to get the doctor signature was a challenge...lama gila lah..menyesal buat kat situ.tapi dah selamat pun semuanya..just wanted to blog about it..ehehe
i think they should improve their system.they should separate the HIV Test from those who come to get treatments of their illnesses.it was totally a waste of time and energy.and i could see that they need more doctors to shorten the waiting time..tapi Malaysia ni memang kekurangan doctor kan? kesia la tengok doctor2 ni...when i was finally in the room, the doctor asked "ramai lagi ka kat luaq tu?" i said "raaaamai lagi!" and she was frustrated to hear that of course.kesian jugak.
our HIV test was done at the 2nd floor of the building the we had to go down to get the number, and after we got the number we had to go to another counter to get the stamping/cop apa tah then we had to que again at another section of the building to get the number to see the doctor! huhhhh...penat tau. 1 bangunan pusing abeh la~

masa isi borang ni boleh tesalah lak...aduhh kena marah

kaunter cucuk jari, 2nd floor

final result?? of course HIV -ve!!

earlier, on our way to the clinic fiance said to me if the result is positive, he would still marry me...awwww... he's such a sweetie.but i said to him on our way back from the clinic i would marry him too...sah2 la dah tahu result dia negative baru i cakap...tak baik kan!

p.s. tadi i cakap nak buat next entry esok..tapi tak tahan..dah gatal jari..nak jugak la type tumpang ada masa terluang ni...hihi


A W E E N N Y E said...

dear...awn buat tak sampai 15minit...klinik tu dekat je dengan tesco alor star =)

NoRr said...

ween..kami taktau...hukhukhuk

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

hooo susah gak nak queue up buat HIV test nie.. xpe2, dun worry. once everything settle, you guys akan teringat balik susah payah before marriage tu and more appreciate your marriage. hehe

NoRr said...

*aween* sowi

aifa: tu la..bila fikir balik rasa kelakar ingan saat i membebel sepanjan jalan kat my fiance "why the hell did u bring me here???!!" sepanjang jalan ayat tu la i bising..dia diam ja..besalah lak i..tapi segala yg terjadi i anggap ujian & dugaan ja la kan..kena banyak sabar maksudnya tu..heheh

saini1985 said...

salam..nor buat at klinik kesihatan a/star ke? klinik apa yg cik aween buat tu? sy pn tgh plan nk buat hiv test...tolon share2...tq..

NoRr said...

saini, yep kat Aloq Staq..hehe, tempat tu my fiance kata used to be hospital lama alor star.i ni clueless, main ikot ja. actually i don't suggest anybody to do the HIV test kat situ sbb nak buat test tu sekejap ja tapi nak dapat tandatangan doc la paling mencabar..lama sgt2..just go to other klinik kesihatan la.i'm sure banyak kat sana tu kan =)