Monday, March 1, 2010

Very Important People's gift & Best Friends' gift

let me just go straight to my point...i dun know what gift would suit the VIP guests as well my friends...i want to give these people something a lilttle extra just to show my appreciation towards them..but something extra doesn't have to mean something pricey and bombastic and over the top gifs..(sorry, i sound kedekut..hahah). we have been meaning to cut our cost by not giving out the goodie bag to all guests during the reception..i wish i could give away the goodie bags to everyone who attends my majlis =( but i hope the thught that counts kan.yang penting keikhlasan kita. we have made up our mind upon the door gift for the guests but not yet for the VIP and my best friends..

i really hope for any suggestion rite about now..though i do have some rough ideas but KIV la dulu kot unless i really have no idea anymore then i use that idea...i've seen some bloggers gave fruit jams to their guests and i really thought the idea was fantastic!and a friend of mine is also using the same idea for her guests during her reception a few weeks from now..hmm...what should i give??

i have the idea of giving shawl as part of the gift to my best friends as many of them are wearing it...shawl pun murah and lawa nowadays...with just around rm7 dh boleh dapat sehelai if i buy through pemborong la.but would it be too much??? after all my bestie pun bukan ramai mana kan..

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anak_sateria said...

norr, u prefer mknn ke brg?

ElyaElmo said...

dear, actually tgk budget u ..and benda yg u nak bg tu... kalau u prefer barang2 yg boleh org pakai, and u can proceed with shawl, shawl kalao u beli dekat shah alam, or jalan tar..mmg boleh beli murah klo beli bnyk. Kalau u nak bagi makanan, then u can order cupcakes..

A W E E N N Y E said...

u tengok ur budget..then u cari-cari something sweet n special yg masih berada dalam ur budget.. =)
sweet cupcake
mini mug (tulis ur name n couple)
Makanan tradisional kat tempat u, then letak dalam kotak cantik2.
dan mcm2 lagii
Good luck dear

NoRr said...

tq FRIENDS! i pun still belum tahu nak bagi apa kt besties...VIP maybe makanan la kot..kwn2 rapat ni maybe benda yg afforadable.. =) apa pun jasa bakal2 puan sekalian memberi buah fikiran amat dihargai =)