Friday, March 12, 2010

gone home for a relaxing break

i have only been teaching here in the polytechnic for almost 3 years and just got my letter of confirmation...the thing is...i am almost burnt out. i love teaching but nowadays i feel more like a labour then a teacher/lecturer.but on the brighter side i'm glad that i'm not the only person who feels this way but many of my co-worker too..maybe because we have to handle so many classes and a lot of tugas sampingn that need our immediate attention and the shortage of lecturer kinda influence our moods at work place...again...what to do~ sabar ja lah...

can't wait to go back to penang today after work..yeay!! i'm gonna be taking a long break since the students are off for their semester break as well,..tadi masuk kelas mengajar boleh tengok muka bebudak semua muka nak balik kampung!hihi..
just a quick one...a few things that i wish to settle during my break:
1. meeting my wedding planner/pelamin maker
2. meeting with the tailor for my baju nikah
3. discuss the menu with the caterer since i have paid the deposit but never had the time to sit
and discuss the menu yet so it's time to bring mak and let her decide the menu..yummyy...ada food tasting!! hihi pantang jumpa makanan
4. start hunting for hantaran deco...
okay friends, seems like this blog will be silent for the next 1 week..i will miss your blogs and reading your stories okay!


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